Musk at MIT: Tesla Gigafactories, Superchargers, Zombie Apocalypses (and wuuuut? w/video)

OCT 26 2014 BY TDILLARD 14

MIT (Cambridge, MA) hosted over an hour-long one-on-one discussion with a decidedly tired-looking, but still very compelling and coherent Elon Musk this past week.   Musk discussed a wide range of subjects, including, to our interest, some interesting details on the Gigafactory plans (mentioning that, to meet their production goals and their vision for electric vehicle demand in the future, over 200 gigafactories would be needed), comments on space elevators (in which he observed that it’d be much easier to build a 2,000-mile bridge between LA and Tokyo, and we should probably try that first), and in the Q/A session with students, talked a little about using renewable energy (primarily solar) and storage batteries for the Supercharger system (with observations about enabling us to “still drive around” post apocalyptically).

We also heard a “…wuuuuuUUUUT?”

Here’s the Gigafactory segment.  There’s some very interesting explanation of the broad range of processes and partners involved in this production, as well:

The Q/A segment about renewable energy and the Superchargers:

The MIT AeroAstro Symposium page is here. To hear the well-worthwhile complete discussion with Musk, click here.

…oh and wait… wuuuuTTT?

(Thanks to Adam for the tip, and to Charles Guan, the Director of MIT’s Department of Silly Go-Carts, for the offer to dub-step the above clip.  We’re still waiting.)

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“it’d be much easier to build a 2,000-mile bridge between LA and Tokyo,”

I am inclined to disagree.

Anything is easier than the impossible.

The distance between LA and Tokyo is 5471 miles

Maybe he intends to cut through the crust of the earth rather than follow its surface. That or SpaceX has discovered how to create worm holes on demand 😉

He did not go into details but if you do there is one major trouble that is associated to a space elevator, collision between the cable and satellites and space junk already in earth orbit. That is actually the biggest and single major problem with space elevators. The rest is hard and challenging but the collision problem has basically no solution but to remove everything in Earth orbit which is virtually impossible and also negate the usefulness of all the satellites that are out there.

There is no need to “get rid of all sattelites”. A lot of satellites have stable patway of travel and even more is geo stationary. The ones, that do need to change orbit are manuverable and so have no problem to avoid obstacle, like elevator.

It is 5500 miles between LA and Tokyo.

Plus, how many miles of that 5500-mile span would be subject to weather? All of them. Of a space elevator? A few tens. How many footings for a LA-Tokyo bridge would be subject to currents and tides? Virtually all of them. Of a space elevator? None. Sorry, Elon, good one-liner but [citation needed], I’m not convinced.

Not to say a space elevator would be easy or anything.

Actually space weather can be rather violent for such a megastructures. There are micrometeoroids and radiation as such can be harmful for nano-structures.

– Electric planes, actually jet, intercontinental.

I liked Musk’s response to the idea that we need 10 to 100 times the energy density in batteries to make electric airplanes feasible: “Whaaat? No.”

this guy needs a vacation more than me ,**** i need one badly.The deth money system is killing us all.

Alternatively, vacation can be substituted with at least to some degree with crack cocaine. Just thinking aloud…

pre-packaged, on pallets..

I think some sleep would be good too, somewhere Mr Musk said he sleeps only 5 or 6 hours per day.