Musk Releases First Image Of Boring Tunnel In LA




The Boring Company tunnel under LA

The Boring Company continues to move forward much quicker than anticipated.

It seems Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “pipe dream” is becoming more and more of a reality. Of course, we have no idea exactly how the tunnels will be utilized in the end, but just the fact that digging continues in multiple locations is surprising and promising.

A week ago, we reported that The Boring Company has begun its digging project in Baltimore, Maryland, which looks like the beginning of the Baltimore-DC underground Hyperloop. Prior to this, the company’s boring machine, Godot, had already been digging in Hawthorne, California. The initial project was a 160-ft. tunnel starting at the SpaceX parking lot.

Musk and company worked with the Hawthorne city council to push through an extension to the SpaceX tunnel that would continue two miles. The tunnel, which will progress beneath 120 street to Hawthorne Blvd., was approved by the council and is underway.

As Musk has stated in the past, the tunnel boring at this point is very slow. In fact, it’s slower than that of a snail (truth is the snail can bore very fast and has served as a mascot for the venture). Thus far, the company has completed about 500 feet of the tunnel. At this speed, Musk says this portion of the project will be finished in three to four months.

Eventually, the tunnel system will extend to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and beyond. The speed at which the digging will progress depends on whether the company continues to use the “old” technology and boring machines, or is able to upgrade to its electric/autonomous digging system. Musk has mentioned this being a future goal, but we have no idea when the transition may occur.


Godot – The Boring Company’s first digger. Now, the company has another by the name of Line-Storm, which will be digging at the East coast locations.

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I look forward to next week’s update about Elon’s giant airplane made of spruce wood and his super long finger nails…

Fun fact (or pedantic historical note, take your pick): The so-called “Spruce Goose” was made almost entirely of birch.

The Hughes H-4 Hercules was repeatedly delayed, partly because HH kept changing the control setup. If there was a Hercules II project, Elon would keep delaying it because he would insist on fully autonomous controls! 😉

Hmmm, looks like a subway tunnel, only smaller. I’ll try to contain my excitement. /snark

I don’t think anybody is going to be zipping along those rails at 125 MPH.

As I said in response to the last Boring Co. article: It still looks like a joke to me; only now it’s an expensive joke.

Tunnels are typically slow and expensive to build. The whole Boring Company idea was basically a daydream by Elon Musk, but since he’s got lots of money, he can try to make his dreams into reality.

I would really like to know how wide and tall the tunnel is to see if streetcars or subways could fit in it.

You can tell just by looking it’s too small. A subway tunnel has a flat bottom; it’s not entirely circular in cross-section as this tunnel is.

A Wired article says:

The tunnel will be a relatively trim 13.5 feet in diameter, just wide enough to test the electric skate—which appears to be the main point of digging this hole to begin with.

That first picture looks like the track wasn’t laid very straight. Makes me think of the expression about leaving some “wiggle room.”

I hope this works out for them in some fashion. It isn’t like I’ll ever live near one, but some folks may enjoy high speed runs through a pipe.

That track will not support high speed transportation! Heheh.

Jokes aside, very cool they’re making some progress here, looking forward to continued updates.

Progress towards what? What is the purpose of this little tunnel? Is it just to prove they can did a tunnel?

The idea is that if you can build a tunnel faster and cheaper, then all sorts of ideas may work that wouldn’t have worked with old, slow expensive to build tunnels.
So instead of a 24′ tunnel built for a fullsized subway, Elon wants to build a cheaper tunnel at almost 14′, for a lot less, and then put electric skates through it, each of which will carry an electric car at up to 125 mph.
Most people won’t have the car or the desire to use it , but if a large enough subset of the population pays to use it, you have a faster way to commute that is also a bit more green.

Elon Musk made a comment that he was going to have a two mile long tunnel in twelve weeks. If he can dig two miles in twelve weeks that would be very impressive by tunnel digging standards.

But maybe if the car transports and hyper loops don’t work out he could sell the tunnel to the LA Subway for a streetcar or subway tunnel.

Chicago had a light railway system that was on narrow gauge track in tunnels like this.

The Tesla tunnels would be good for a freight line like this under LA.

It that supposed to be a newly built tunnel? It looks several years old to me. The worn rail and the dust buildup on the pipes to the right for example.

Tunneling produces a lot of dust.

Afaik that is a construction / service rail track.

Final rail / levitation design is not determined yet(?)

The curve in the distance looks like a rather tight radius for anything high speed. I was expecting almost straight tunnels

Yeah, I find that more than a bit surprising. I didn’t think those tunnel boring machines could turn that sharply!

Agree, thought the tunnels would be basically straight, point to point. Maybe they are not deep enough to miss critical infrastructure, so have to deviate around it.

He’s said, Sick of wasting time in traffic jams from spacex to the airport – so hes building a test tunnel for machinery/hyperlook etc
and can use it to get to airport as well!
– doesnt like wasting time
If it doesnt work out, the tunnel is still there to get to the airport.

Nice job insidetunnels, I mean inside evs,

The tunnels are being built to carry skates that will carry BEV’s. These aren’t mass transit tunnels, they are Skate/BEV tunnels! 😉

Well Musk just launched Falcon 9 rocket with Korean Sattelite. 16th for the year, Building tunnels in LA and Baltimore. Working on building factory in Shanghai. Superchargers ever way, solar panels in Buffalo, Batteries in Nevada. Working on solar and batteries in Puerto Rico and Australia. Tesla cars Semi’s.
I can see why other CEO’s slam Musk. He certainly makes them look like they have part time jobs.

Well, Spacex only has 5 more launches before the end of the year, so Musk can pretty much put his feet up on the desk at his Spacex office. No work to be done there!
Seriously, though, 3 launches and successful recoveries this month, and 5 more launches scheduled in the next 2 months. This is incredible! And they are doing it so successfully that most people don’t even seem to notice it.
They have gone from nowhere to launching half of all satellites put in orbit in just a handful of years, and they are recovering the very expensive first stages.
Tesla is impressive, but Spacex is mind boggling.

Good heavens people, these tracks aren’t to support high speed travel, they are temporary tracks to facilitate the building process of the tunnel.

I didn’t know san I’ll ls could bore holes.

I didn’t know snails could bore.