Musk Hints At Something Big From Tesla In A Few Weeks

Tesla CEO Elon Musk


While Tesla CEO Elon Musk is spending all his time at the Fremont factory, the Tweets are rolling.

We heard from Musk all weekend long again. His Tweets and topics have been all over the map and sometimes it’s difficult to know what he’s even speaking about until you go back and gather up the context.

One rather peculiar exchange started when the CEO responded to a Tweet from 2016. Most of us know how quickly Twitter updates with a whole slew of new Tweets. Heck, just to find something from yesterday or even a few hours ago takes quite a bit of scrolling and searching, especially if it was a reply within a thread. Nonetheless, for some strange reason, Musk replied to a random quote from November 2016:

The more interesting part was where the Tweet reply headed, even though the subsequent exchange seemed to have nothing to do with the original context:

As you can read, there’s more talk about short sellers. Not long ago, the CEO referred to the “short burn of the century,” which was set to happen soon, and he wasn’t just talking about flamethrowers. There’s been a ton of speculation as to just what this might mean. Now, the timing lines up well with an announcement that should arrive after the quarter comes to a close.

Could Musk’s Tweet have anything to do with Tesla finally reaching market cap and organizational milestones that factor into his compensation package? We know Model 3 production is up and rising. The Performance trim is coming off the assembly line early. The new line has arrived and is underway. Stock is up and has been rising. Not to mention the automaker just laid off 9 percent of its workforce in order to become profitable. In the weekend’s barrage of Tweets, we also found a few more that may support the idea:

What do you think? It would be interesting to read some candid discussion about this in the comment section below. Even better, keep the conversation going on our Forum. Start a new thread about this article and make your point heard.

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It does make one wonder if there will be some big announcement. Shorts have already been crushed as the stock went from 277 to 360 in a few weeks. Maybe a pick-up reveal, or another Model 3 line, not sure, but he did warn shorts a month or so ago to get out, and they would have been well advised to follow that advice.
So what is it on the horizon that should scare the shorts so much?

Is there ever going to be a point where the amount of people who are shorting Tesla will be reduced to a relatively small group? Because it sure seems like when TSLA hit $252 a couple months ago it would have been a good time to take a loss on their short position and move that money somewhere more productive.

I agree, especially if you shorted it when the stock was at $360. It’s hard to say, but people seem to be entrenched in their positions. It’s like in for a penny in for a pound mentality, since most shorts don’t seem to be covering, just adding to their positions in order to maintain their margin.

Of long term shorts, I think it’s a fairly small number, big holders, Chanos, Einhorn, Hedge Funds, etc.. since they are only ones that can afford to short Tesla long term. Although there are some volatility cowboys in their too.
The actual point you are talking about is called capitulation when the shorts en masse throw in the towel, and that hasn’t happened, yet.

Long term shorts..? Yeah, you seem to know what a short is, and why it’s called a short…

Actually the term ‘short’ doesn’t mean the period of time you hold the stock. ‘Short’ selling is the investment practice of believing that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price to make a profit.

Before you fire salvos at someone else make sure you’re wearing body armor…

Some here have yet to meet Jim Chanos, the epitome of the dedicated hard core Long Term Sort. He is the unwavering Tesla short, who is among those in the Tesla short position, riding on the fundamentals of Wall Street finance.

Yep, and it’s such a simple idea. A person short a stock doesn’t have it, he owes it, just like a person short a few bucks. It’s that simple, and can happen on any time frame.

We know what it is, but yes most short positions are held for a short amount of time. The interest against the borrowed stock makes it extremely difficult to make a short position profitable over a long term. You offered literally no other explanation as to why it’s named that.

I put them on in May and wear them until September. I call them my long-term shorts.

They most likely shorted many months ago that 360 to 270 drop will not be enough. They might have paid a significant amount in margin interests an borrowing costs. So they were probably waiting longer for the stock to crash and burn.

Certainly. Good point. I did obliquely allude to them as long-term shorts, but your additional explanation makes it clearer.

I agree that mentality is what took the country to the drain in2008, Wall Street, they never learned, neither do we.

Shorts are disagreeable, but, like vultures, they serve a purpose in the financial ecosystem. Don’t sell them short. They are wrong about TSLA, but are often right, and help companies that shouldn’t exist pass gloriously into immortality.

The money did go to somewhere productive. It went to the people who bet against the shorters.

I can only give one thumb up for this comment, but there were market cap difference number of thumbs up in the real world.

Well it could be TM sales and production or increased production and sales of Powerpack and Powerwall, Solid roofs, continued improvements in self driving car, or the fact SpaceX is putting satellites in space that will provide global internet access and will be used by Tesla vehicles PowerPack and Powerall or announcement of one GW PowerPack sale in US. So many things for the short sellers to worry about 😊


Why is this negged? FSD would be a huge feather with high media buzz.

And an instant profit of ~ $10k (after purchase costs are higher than in purchase costs) per car already sold and $8k for every new car coming to market.

100,000 owners upgrading (after a free trial) would add $1,000,000,000 profit.

I think it’s futile to look for any logical reason why some people down-vote some informative and either positive or neutral comments — maybe they’re just in a bad mood? — but in this case perhaps it’s because FSD is vaporware. And if I’m right about FSD requiring either lidar or phased-array high-res radar, then it’s going to remain vaporware until Telsa retrofits the sensor hardware in cars all cars which have been, or soon will be, purchased with FSD.

FSD?.? What’s this?

Completely honest question: is there any other CEO out there that is so openly out there spouting off against short sellers? Isn’t shorting just a part of the day trading biz? Why is it that Elon publicly rails against the shorts every chance he gets, while it seems no other CEO out there gives 2 sh!ts about shorts?

So he should praise people that are against him and want his ventures to fail. Are you for real?!
Honest Tesla question from you…oh, please!

Mark, there is a world of difference between ignoring the shorts and praising them. Bro said nothing about praising the people against him, he only asked why Elon is so outspoken against shorts. He seems to spend an awful lot of his time talking them down. So please tone down your hate towards Bro.

Musk is not spending anytime trying to take them down. He is just tired of being the center of negative attention that is based on BS. Many ppl, including Musk, point out CORRECTLY that Tesla has been overvalued. They really WERE, though in about 3 weeks, we will find out if that is still true.
However, the amount of shorting that has gone on is nothing less than amazing. That is PURE stock manipulation at work. And I would not call Mark’s remark hatred towards bro.

Ok, so you wouldn’t call Mark’s remark hate. What would you call it? Disdain? Contempt? Notice that Mark didn’t even try to answer Bro’s question. Instead he throws out a strawman and an insult.

You, on the other hand, actually addressed the question, which I for one appreciate.

At what point you stop answering parrot’s questions? If it’s something legit by all means but this presumption that a CEO of a public company doesn’t have an obligation to defend its company and its stock holders it’s bananas! I am all for having intelligent conversations, just let me know when you guys decide to start…because it may not be obvious.

“Notice that Mark didn’t even try to answer Bro’s question.”
Brian, stop pretending you don’t know the players around here. You know damn well Bro’s objective here.

I think you mean Bro’s agenda.

Are you not here when bro spews and floods a thread with all his putrid bull$lt???
Spams the place with his antitesla fud.

Wake the fuk up.

I would call it contemptuous disdain or perhaps disdainful contempt.

People like Mark don’t like discussing things rationally. The Tesla blinders constantly get in the way.
Apple and AMD are 2 other heavily shorted companies… sometimes even more so than TSLA. Yet I don’t see Tim Cook or the AMD CEO going Trump-tastic against the shorts on social media. Why is that?

They are long-established companies and know more on how the game is played, and it really doesn’t affect their plans.. If social had been around at the beginning, they possibly may have done the same thing, though I think Jobs would have ignored them as well.

Hahaha!! YOU mentioning the word ‘blinders??’ Hey pot..

Just because you don’t hear the talk in the media as much that doesn’t meant the CEO’s don’t defend their companies. And APPL and AMD are nowhere close to the short float of Tesla. Talk about having blinders on….

Because Apple short-sellers are not engaged in a deliberate FUD propaganda campaign against Apple. The campaign in which you are an enthusiastic and very active participant, Bro1999.

Let’s not forget that FUD is a disinformation strategy. That is, it’s a deliberate and premeditated attempt to damage Tesla’s good reputation by spreading lies and half-truths.

Elon Musk doesn’t have even 2% as many complaints posted to Twitter or other social media about stock shorters as Bro1999 has anti-Tesla FUD and hater posts. Probably not even 1%.

You accuse me of posting TSLA FUD all the time, yet whenever I ask you to show me what the “FUD” was, you shut up. Just a TSLA long/GM short lemming you are.

There is basically zero evidence that shorts have any effect on the stocks. Just like betting that a stock will go up doesn’t mean it will.

In 2008 the SEC banned shorts for a few short weeks following a panic and many loudmouths insisting the massive shorting of weak financial institutions destabilized the market further. When this move quickly proved to have no measurable effect at all, shorting was again made legal.

If someone shorts a stock and then does something to cause the price to crash, say, shorting an airline and causing an accident by sabotaging a plane, there’s clearly criminal stuff going on. But it’s not the stock shorting part.. Buying a stock in a duopoly market and sabotaging the competitor would have similar potential gains, by the way.

I day trade for years now and have seen many instances where shorts or longs took advantage of the crowds. It’s ridiculous what you can get away with sometimes.

You must have guts of iron. True, there have been some ridiculous short raids, and pump and dump, on the other end, over the years. Fairly common.

Short raids and manipulation are common but have you seen the opposite? I was in CYNK 4 years ago in what was the most incredible long raid i have seen lately. 3 guys with a few million were selling most of the shares to each other pushing the stock higher and higher and making the shorts get called. The company was an obvious fraud but if you have short it when it exploded to over 500% you would have lost x10 your money. I felt so bad for the shorts but it was funny as hell. Stoped messing with pennies shortly after that, no way i can trust that market.

“There is basically zero evidence that shorts have any effect on the stocks.”

That’s just as ill-informed and wrong-headed as every other comment you’ve made today, and not just in this discussion, either.

Short activity often has a quite measurable effect on stock prices. That’s often a good thing, as short activity acts as a brake on stock prices shooting up temporarily too far over their true market value. But in the case of Tesla stock, it perversely has the effect of driving up the stock price, because the quite excessive short activity creates more demand for the stock!

Maybe you need to take a few classes, since your comment contains none, class that is, and is wrong.

The situation isn’t just that TSLA is being shorted. It is that shorters are falsifying and/or distorting information about Tesla. Yes, other CEO’s absolutely go after lying shorters. Even to the point of suing them for libel:

Frankly, I see actionable offenses every single day on this forum.

“Frankly, I see actionable offenses every single day on this forum.”

Please name an actionable offense from today, because I have no idea what you are talking about.

The amount of hate and angst on this forum is amusing. I ask for a single example of something Nix claims happens “every single day” in order to demonstrate his point. Instead of a reply, I get two down votes. Nicely done, IEVs readers.

The TSLA longs/GM shorts in action. Lol

GM shorts?! Who the hell cares?

Gosh yes, let’s get rid of all the comments on InsideEVs that are FUD motivated by shorting GM! 🙄

That should average out to, what? 0.05 comments per day? Or less?

You kidding me? The GM bashing posts probably outnumber anti-TSLA on here on a comments per article basis. It just happens that like 75% of IEV’s recent articles are Tesla focused.

Seriously, dude! You are trying too hard. I think you are more upset with the lack of posts and attention the GM articles get rattled than the anti GM posts…wich are fairly rare to begin with.

Hate is a rather hyperbolic descriptor here Brian. Disagreement, even strong disagreement, can be emoted on these forums, without it being classified as “hate”, even though ‘hater’ can often be thrown out as a perjorative itself. It’s not the equivalent of burning crosses on your lawn, it’s just disagreement. As is downvoting.

I seriously doubt “hates” bro1999. But, simply rather dismisses the sincerity of his question based on bro1999’s near universally negative post history regarding Tesla or Elon Musk.

Brian, I think what Nix is trying to say is the same negative folks show up at these forums with regularity to focus on the purely negative about Tesla. Absolutely skewed views toward the negative with a non/rarely existent mention of anything positive. Hoping for failure.

THAT’S what Nix is talking about. And it does exist. They call them ‘haters.’ One of those actual folks responded to your comment. I’ve mentioned to him in the past that we’re all on the same team at the end of the EV day, but he’s obsessed with all things Bolt, which means anything else (Tesla) is bad.

There Brian, now you won’t be the only one to get some thumbs down..

Right. Read SA, which is a giant laundry list of rumors, speculation and outright lies.

Yes it is. And that’s perfectly legal of course. If you want an opinion police there’s plenty countries you can go to.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s either ethical or moral. It also doesn’t mean it’s not damaging to society and meaningful social discourse. Constantly eroding civil discussion is one of the reasons that there is a rising amount of tribalism and divisiveness in many first-world countries, and “hater” posts on social media are one of the biggest contributors to that.

There’s a great post by Jesselivenomore on TMC forums you should check output about this topic.

Look at the thread Elon Musk vs. short sellers

That’s Funny, and you probably don’t even know why.

Yeah, because Elon is such a beacon of truth telling. Like battery swaps, full self-drive, the safety of his cars, safety of his plants, manufacturing volumes, profitability, solar roofs, synergies with SolarCity … there’s plenty more.

Compared to the FUD posted by serial Tesla haters — and that includes you, dude — Elon is a paragon of transparent honesty and full disclosure.

For example, the safety of Tesla cars is exemplary. It’s only you Tesla haters who try to twist facts to make it seem otherwise.

“Elon is a paragon of transparent honesty”
LOL neck and neck with Trump for the battle of beacon of honesty!

The stock made a huge reversal from 180 to 350 2 years ago only because model 3 mass production and Pfeiffer’s. That dream never come true and this guy keeps on creating hypes but not bottom line delivery.

What the heck is “Pfeiffer’s”?

Anyway, your “bottom line delivery” FUD is very easily refuted:

Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:
2012: 2650
2013: 22,300
2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)
2017: 101,312 (+32.9%)

2018 may well see +100% or more!

Go Tesla!

Nobody likes the shorters.

If some people don’t short, others can’t go long. Basic market strategies.

That’s right there with the flat earth theory. Good one!
You got it backwards.

My favorite quote from Seeking Alpha:

“Tesla envy happens when other people have, ahem, long positions and yours is too short.” –Jim Whitehead

Umm because no other company is so massively shorted with such negative publicity.


Because he is a fraud and he doesn’t like it when the shorts bring up inconvenient facts

All I can say is LOL!

Inconvenient facts? You mean “alternative facts”.

No, it’s the Fax you get just as you were about to leave the house, an inconvenient Fax..

This way to the Egress, but it will cost extra if you are short.

bro1999 asked what he claims is a “completely honest question”:

“Isn’t shorting just a part of the day trading biz?”

You actually don’t know that Tesla stock is often the most shorted stock of any offered on the market? Seriously?

If other companies had as much “short interest” in their stocks as Tesla does, as much company-bashing FUD and outright lies spread all over the Internet which originated with stock shorters, then I think it’s safe to say that other CEOs would be complaining bitterly about “short interest”.

Though this leads me to believe he does not actually hold Tesla short, as he does not know the basics.
Which is good, because he would losing a lot of money.

I don’t day trade. I had a handful of TSLA stock a few years ago. Bought at $175, dumped at $375. I bought myself some nice Bolt accessories with the money. Thanks Elon!

I think he’s been playing the shorts for some time.
The shorting of Tesla has little to do with day trading,
Since last Christmas, I noted a marked change in his tone, though he has often made individual quips against them, he only decided recently that he had enough, and just would not put up with it anymore. i.e. the put down of Tesla short questions on the 1/4 call.
So please no more Bonehead questions.

Because his stock has one of the highest short ratios. At one point Jobs complained about them too. Jobs was much more disciplined in his communication, so it wasn’t a daily thing, plus Twitter didn’t exist yet.

Could be when the Q2 2018 financial reports and Q2 production/delivery results are released. He must feel pretty confident he will be showing + net cash flow and a nominal profit or at least hitting a target gross margin.

Another Euro point of view

Maybe but then as figures will be released in a few weeks why just not wait for those to speak by themselves and go about his business of leading a group of companies ? I sometimes have the feeling with Elon that he is correlating Tsla stock price with the size of his willy so that for him it is very important that it stays above 350.

Really Willy?🤭

Trump announced the announcement of CPP and Iran pull outs. Musk has been doing this, at least since AWD (2014). In fact, that news may still be referred to as “The Announcement”.

Tesla was $700 million in the hole last quarter. This quarter it has sold even less cars and the debt the company is carrying is getting more expensive as well as the raw materials are. No, most likely Tesla is breaking the billion dollar loss level in Q2, although that would be something big.

Tesla is selling more cars this quarter than last. Loss will be high, but not a billion.

They could. In transit US cars will be big. At last check, spare lot near me is about 2/3’rds full (2-3 dozen M3, away from the store). They may book no rev/profit, from these in Q2. They might book some of the labor cost, to build. they have cap costs, that they’re probably expensing (some obviously going on the balance sheet, w/o expensing). A lot has gone on, in the final ramp. The flights, etc.

I expect Q2 will suck wind, but then he might announce a 6k production rate, ~20k Model 3 deliveries in July alone (maybe 70-80k Q3), expected deliveries and margins on more expensive AWD and Performance, and maybe some mumbo jumbo on FSD. If he voices Q3 expectations, it could catch many off guard.

All I can say is Stay SHORT ,actually , put all your marbles in ,HAPPY SHORTING!

Another Euro point of view

As a professional in the financial sector in Europe it is very puzzling to me that a CEO of a company can massively buy stock of the company he is a member of the board and at the same time be busy on twitter pumping the stock by hinting amazing news in coming weeks, that shorts will get burned etc…In jurisdictions I am routinely working with in structured finance (Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany and a few others), A CEO would be scared to death of being accused of insider trading if even his nephew would buy stocks of the company he is running in similar circumstances.

Because that’s not how insider trading works. The SEC has already ruled that Twitter is a large enough venue to be considered “public”.

Another Euro point of view

Yes but Elon hints at good news. So either there are no specific good news other than those he already detailed and then he should not mention anything in twitter or there are really good news coming and then he should divulge comprehensive information before massively buying stocks. Anyway hinting like he does is problematic. According to SEC activity in cases like Enron, Madoff (where detailed reports were sent to SEC by whistle-blowers to no effects) and last episode of the saga (subprime crisis), we will politely put it that the US is an extremely business friendly place.

Insider trading is more often prosecuted when someone sells stock just before bad news goes public, even though it can go both ways. Elon has basically never sold Tesla stock except once that I’m aware of, but that was a relatively small amount required to pay taxes on his stock options. If Elon bought stock, tweeted big news and then sold it, I would agree. But as it stands, he tweets super optimistic stuff basically all the time and buys stock fairly often, but never sells it. It’s hard to distinguish those actions from that of a CEO who just wants to instill confidence in his company. The positions he buys are also relatively tiny compared to his overall holdings. We’re talking about a $25M buy recently when he already owns north of $10B. Not to mention he bought in at a share price of around $300 only to watch it decline for a few days before recovering. So it’s not as if he bought that day, announced news that night and saw it shoot up or something. Other investors had plenty of time to observe his buying activity and even get in at a lower price before it started… Read more »
Another Euro point of view

OK noted, very informative, thanks.

Elon is actively pumping the stock before the next round of convertibles are due so that he can offer stock instead of paying back the principal, as that could be the death knell of the company. Tesla is out of money and having to pay back even a couple of hundred million would hurt really bad. Printing more stock is much more convenient.

It’s too early to pump for the convertibles, they don’t mature until next March.

I brought this up, on another thread, and don’t have a problem with it. He’s CEO.

If anything, exceeding the price on the converts is yet another thing the shorts need to worry about.

There has to be another option, than the tried and true convenience, of the Tesla stock printing “Dilution Solution”.

Been there, and done that before.

This time will be different, hopefully, maybe?

A possible Convertibles early pump? To test, and Prime the said Pump?

“Elon is actively pumping the stock…”

Isn’t talking positively and optimistically about the future of a company that what corporate spokesmen are supposed to do? Don’t they have a fiduciary obligation as a corporate officer, and an obligation to their stockholders, to do precisely that? Whether or not you call it “stock pumping,” it’s an activity that’s ubiquitous and fully expected!

If you were not actively shorting the stock, then you wouldn’t have anything to whine about.

Musk completed his stock purchases long before the specific tweets you are referring to.

The CEO (or anyone) giving good news about “future projects” if it can be shown that he had no intention of making good on that promise. Just being optimistic about the future is not a crime.

So your take is that a CEO should never invest in his own company? What message would that send? Thare are rules in place for buying shares in your company and he is complying with them. If you want to see real insider trading then look at the plitical class. As a professional financier you come off as fairly ignorant.

Another Euro point of view

In this specific case it is probably not so much of a problem as he could probably argue that shares purchase recently are a very tiny fraction of the total of the shares he owns but continuously blabbing on twitter like this is for sure showing no optimal corporate governance.

It’s a fricking buying schedule!!! And it’s public so what’s the problem?

An optimal corporate government corporation just had its ceo walk into jail today. In Germany. And the corporation is Audi.
And HE did NOT share too much information.

After they raided his residence, this was the obvious next step towards prosecution. Hopefully he will be released out of the Graybar Hotel, before his case goes to trial on these latest charges.

Cooperation is probably key in his release, before this case goes any further.

NO executive of a publicly-traded company should be paid in publicly-traded stocks or options. Look at GE, IBM, HP, etc. That is what happens when you do that. A great example is American Airlines. It was the world’s top airline in no small part, because of Bob Crandal and his NOT being paid in stock. Later, his minions destroyed the company all for stock.

Agree 100%. That’s one of the reasons that all too many American companies have been very poorly managed by top executives who concentrate on short-term profits at the expense of long-term stability/growth and financial health for the company.

Doesn’t seem to have any relevance to how Elon is running Tesla Inc., though. He is quite clearly ignoring short-term profits in favor of long-term growth!

Yeah, Another Euro FUDster’s claim to be a “professional financier” isn’t any more credible than his Tesla Hater cultist FUD is.

If you think less than 1% increase of his stake is massive, may I suggest you start looking at alternative careers than finance?

Musk filed the paperwork for purchasing his stocks long before those specific tweets. Sorry you don’t understand the concept of a timeline.

The tweets aren’t an issue, the event they mention could be. Let’s say Tesla announces a 200,000 car order from Waymo in three weeks. Definitely a short burn, but if the deal was in the works when Musk bought shares he committed insider trading.

IMHO there is no bombshell. Musk thinks 5000/ week will drive the stock up. I think it already did, but time will tell.

After the GD and before reagan, it was prohibited for executives to own stock in their industries. reagan rolled that back and now, we have a nightmare. That single action, combined with reagan’s and the GOP’s attitude of little to no taxes for offshored companies AND investments esp options, has been destroying America’s economy.

We need to stop that.

Yes, but everybody “knows” Elon isn’t in it for the money! How do they know it? He’s said so! Never mind that his personal fortune has grown to twenty billion US dollars while his company never turned a profit. That’s not because he wants money, of course. Just like his latest options package that can make him the best compensated CEO ever in history has nothing to do with Musk wanting money.

It’s just that he wants to save the world, and that costs money, so he needs it towards that end…

Clearly everything he says is true. His overriding goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. And, at the same time, to have us travel between cities on earth in his fossil-fuelled rockets, because his goal is to make us a multi-planetary species. How can anyone doubt the honesty of a person saying such things??

It’s amazing how adept you are at turning facts into lies.

Everyone should be able to do something well. I guess this is your forte. 🙄

“As a professional in the financial sector in Europe…”

Really, you’re claiming to be “a professional”?

The following quote from you is about as unprofessional as any I’ve ever seen from anyone professing to be a professional, anywhere:

“How will hubby explain to wifey that their hard won cash just blew up in smoke buying Tsla stock… That may lead to divorce, that to children with substance abuse issues etc.”

And here’s the link for anyone who doubts “Another Euro Tesla Hater” posted that:

Tesla is already doing amazing things that kick the shorts in the shorts. They batteries in the new factory are sold out with Utilities buying them by the MEGA watt. Their cars are sold out and rates the safest and fastest in the World in History. They new model Y is already for big sales. The Semi truck is set to disrupt the trucking industry and they are inspiring every company in those sectors to follow or be left behind. Tesla has factories planned for Asia and Europe to try and keep up. Countries all over the world and begging to have that new factory. It’s a world changing business.

The new Model Y is most definitely not already for big sales. They haven’t even shown a prototype yet!

Maybe that’s what’s coming up?

More likely I think Musk is just talking about Tesla hitting sustained production of 5,000 Model 3 per week, which has been a huge goal for a long time, and should be adequate volume to drive Tesla to profitability.

True, but I feel there’s something bigger hitting soon. Stay tuned!

I really would like an update on the Tesla Semi.

Model Y production will run at GA4. Prototype is ready.

I was wondering about this too. Having four assembly lines gives them the flexibility to further refine the original three assembly lines for Model 3 production and use GA4 to begin assembly of the Model Y in the future. I think they are designing a continuously improving production system that will allow them to modulate production of current an future cars at a highly efficient level. Very exciting to watch!

Showing a profit for the quarter sounds like the big news.

There were already some Model Y teasers, maybe the complete unveiling of something truly amazing in 3 weeks?

I’m trying to imagine any company beside one of Elon’s that would build a production line in a tent. And yet, he’s doing it at SpaceX and Tesla (Motors division). Stock is $373 /shr right now.

My guess is that their Q2 report is going to say “we made half a billion in profit.” With everyone else, I hope there’s an update on upcoming models, and not of the Batmobile variety:
“Equipping the new Roadster with reusable grappling hooks to help with cornering”
“new cold gas turbine helps the car jump between rooftops”
“driver’s seat turns into a motorcycle in case the vehicular integrity is compromised”

Something like:
“$4000 price drop on the Model III starting in Q2 2019, sans autopilot hardware”
“Taking Pre-orders for the Tesla Pickup this October.”

There is a “tent” in downtown San Jose that houses part of the convention center. Its been there for years. They make “temporary” shelters that can survive hurricanes and are actually quite durable.

“I’m trying to imagine any company beside one of Elon’s that would build a production line in a tent.”

I’m trying, and failing, to think of reading about any production-related activity at any company of any real size which has astonished me so much.

It hasn’t been that long ago that Elon said the Fremont factory was bursting at the seams, and yet since that they’ve added a 3rd production line, and now started in on a 4th!

Color me not merely astonished, but completely gobsmacked!
😯 😯 😯

Whatever trick Elon has up his sleeve this time around, it better make up for his 9% reduction in staff, with his last layoff notice.

Wall Street is waiting for Model 3 production to ramp into to 2018 Q3 profitability! Anything else is just icing on the cake.

Good-hearted soul Musk warns them shorties thus they don’t lose too much

Yeah it right?! More like it’s hitting downward trending line already. He’s a financial guy not a true scientist.

Maybe Tesla will put the Model 3 cruise controls and headlight controls on the steering stalks where they belong?

Cruise control is on the right stalk, headlights are automatic like any other nice car out there

….cruise controls are already on the steering wheel stalks and scroll buttons

Can you adjust the AP, or cruise, speed from the stalk? I thought that was limited to the screen.

They changed it in an update a few months back, as many people complained. So following distance, speed, changeable in 5 mph increments, I think.

When I got the car in January no. Updates however changed that. Screen adjustment is on the right roller on the steering wheel.

Hmmm, TM3 cruise controls are on a steering stalk (with enhanced functions controlled by steering wheel scroll buttons) where they belong, dude. How sad when FUDsters start believing their own lies!

However, Tesla is a trend-setter, not a trend-follower!

Fred Lambert
Shorts seem to be freaking out about the assembly line being in a “tent”. Can you elaborate on the situation with the line?

Elon Musk
They have about three weeks before their short position explodes

Not really an answer. I looked at the latest drone flyover on youtube. Where is the tent?

Personally, I am hoping that whatever it is, will shoot the stock up quickly to say 500 or so. Once this costs the shorters 10s of billions, then we get to see WHOM it is , and why they are doing it. I am guessing that the vast majority of shorters are oil/gas/car makers/etc. And if Tesla jumps and their own stocks plummet, well, it will be fun to watch.

Many more short, or under-rate, the message of Tesla, than are actually short the stock. In this crowd, there are the fossil fuel people and combustion engine economy, and also the journalists.

The Jaguar I-Pace stories were all pumped up, on the good time writers had flying first class, nice foreign hotel, free track-time, and all the stuff Tesla can’t afford to do. One review said it didn’t over-heat at the track, which is impossible unless time was short, speeds were kept slow, or some sort of “15 minute track-mode” was “valet’d” the performance down from the start.

It’s not impossible if the cooling system is overbuilt to a degree that the top speed of the car won’t challenge the heat exchange ability of the cooling system.

I’m guessing that’s what Tesla has done with the 2020 Roadster, and why it has a 200 kWh battery pack.

Please note I didn’t claim that’s what Jaguar has done with the I-Pace… merely pointing out that it’s not actually impossible from an engineering standpoint.

If you take off the ideological blinders you will see “why they are doing it”. For the money they THINK they will make.

Its a price drop.

At the end of the quarter they will announce that they are about to hit 200K cars in Q3, 2018. So to decrease the consumer cost, they will cut price on all their cars by 7.5K to address the Federal tax rebate.

Few if any investors care about the 200k limit or the federal tax rebate. The question didn’t even come up at the last Tesla stockholder meeting.

And Tesla will be passing the 200k milestone later this month, if it hasn’t already.

A big loss when they release their quarterly report.

The reveal? I would vote for a large cargo van with cargo, passenger, or camper van layouts.

Its the end of the the shorts as we know it., and I feel fine. But seriously, when its July and the time has come for the fed tax to no longer restrict sales, the flood of model 3s will surprise everyone. #TeslaWorldDomination

Perhaps an electric razor. He has a little stubble.

Is it bigger than a bread box?

Tesla just started mass production of the model 3 version with the highest profit margin. This comes right after fixing the battery production bottlenecks at the gigafactory. The 9% reduction in workforce does not include production personnel. This ought to scare the shorts off of short sellers.

Actually I think most of the short sellers have exited their positions, or at least most of the short sellers who post FUD to InsideEVs. Notice how the FUD has dropped to a very low level over the past few weeks? Maybe that’s due to the forum moderators here being more active, but I suspect it’s much more likely to be the fact that once they have sold off their short position, the FUDsters have no incentive or motive to keep posting anti-Tesla FUD.

I suspect that the only short sellers left are the least sensible ones, the worst investors; the most stubborn ones holding onto their short position no matter how much money it loses them!

Go Tesla!

Could it be the hinted at announcement of a GW/GWh battery park?
Selling such an installation could boost the stock.
Many analysts are valuing the energy storage part of Tesla at $0.00. With an order like that they have to reevaluate their position on Tesla.

I read an article about load balancing, and the need to get clean sinus waves was going to be in huge demand. They would be connected to tens of thousands of smaller transformer stations. A battery unit and a smoothing/filter circuit of some kind, in one box. . That would be a huge mega business to be in.
Billions of dollars over a period of time..

Musk will announce SpaceX rockets being used for horizontal travel inside Boring Co. tunnels, riding on sleds made by Tesla.

Subway surfing not adviced 😁

The only thing that would be a big game changer is a battery breakthrough. Wonder if the group at Dalhousie university has found something

I hope they announce a passenger van / minibus – but I guess they will just show they’re in the black and dollars are rolling in, for every car they’re rolling out of the factory.
Added with info about higher production numbers due to a better designed production line..

Or. . Maybe a huge solid investor have decided to buy a lot of stocks. . . Securing the company.

The prototype of Model Y, ahead of time..

New model S? Or a huge facelift?

Some kind of pick-up prototype?

A huge deal with FIAT, for a Tesla power train and battery for the FIAT Ducato line, including the chassis that FIAT supply to most RV manufacturers?

An electric 4 seat plane, with a useful range – and a fast charge solutions? Maybe with some kind of booster for takeoff..

A Tesla bus?

A Tesla electric scooter with speed AND range?

$370 TSLA Bro1999 aka Bob Lutz don’t do anything crazy now call suicide prevention you are a precious person CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks for caring about our planet

Elon attacks short selllers. but it is all a publicity stunt. To be quite honest, he wants to be in the news, good or bad it is all advertisement. But a lot of this he has drawn on himself with bold statements which attract attention. That being said about the only thing that could trip short sellers at this point posting a profit. The bigger it is the harder they fall. It is -entirely- feasible to do, since they didn’t need to add much equipment this quarter, and they should of had a huge stockpile of parts from stock that backed up and was written off last quarter and the quarter before when they weren’t achieving their production rate. Clearing out the factory of parts along with the additional people that replaced the robots, it is actually entirely feasible they added another assembly line (or production equivalent) with the excess robots and the tent. Which could put production up to 10k/wk along with the battery line . And if they are -just- shy this quarter of the US tax credit. They could potentially deliver 260k over the next 2 quarters and pretty much everyone in the US that ordered one… Read more »

How about 250000 deposits on Model Y.

Throw us a bone Elon !

Musk said an employee was sabotaging the company making changes to the code and other things, He said there investigating to see if he was working with others. Short sellers, foreign countries etc.
I always felt that something was strange going on with the problems Tesla was experiencing with the TM3. The article didn’t say if he was arrested yet. Real interesting hope they get to the bottom of this quickly.

Model 3 performance launch. 3 weeks.

Sounds like a plan.

Model 3P better have fast lap times.

There is more to life than 0-60 times & 1/4 mile drag races.

Hope they bring back the 2 year lease on the Model S and X. Would give those Model 3 reservation holders something to tide them over until the Model 3 is more readily available.