Musk Says Supercharger Void In North Dakota Will Be Filled Next Year – Connecting U.S., Mexico, Central America Underway Too


The void in North Dakota will be filled next year, but there are much grander Supercharger expansion plans in the works too.

When asked if Tesla had any plans to fill a huge Supercharger void in North Dakota, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded by saying “Sorry!” and adding that the blank in the U.S. map will be filled next year.

But Musk has grander plans for the Supercharger network.

In the same Tweet, Musk stated that in 2018, Tesla hopes to finish the Supercharger Trans-Canada Highway, which when complete will provide Supercharger support from west to east across all of lower Canada.

Beyond that, Musk says the next North American Supercharger goal is to interconnect Canada, the U.S. Mexico and Central America. This will effectively allow for Tesla travel from Canada to Panama or beyond.

These expansion plans come at the same time as Tesla’s effort to add more stalls to some existing sites is well underway in anticipation of growing Model 3 sales.

As always, we applaud Tesla for being the #1 automaker is regards to infrastructure support. Nobody else is even close.

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Maybe Musk can use his boring machine to cross the Darien Gap so you can drive a Tesla the full length of the PanAmerican Highway.

I want to be able to drive to Hawaii

Haha! That’s an excellent point.

There are no roads from North to South America.

I asked Mr. Google about that, and he said:

The Darien Gap, a roadless region of swamps and rainforests that stretches 90 miles to the tip of Colombia, makes it impossible to drive the entire distance to South America.

Thank you, BLT, I learned something today! 🙂

Hate to say it, but Musk has no credibility when he makes statements about timelines. That Winnipeg charger has been on the map as “coming this year” for a couple of years now. I don’t believe him when he says the TransCanada will be finished next year.

‘That Winnipeg charger has been on the map as “coming this year” for a couple of years now”
He will be right eventually…lol

In our world, “next year” means anytime between 4 and 16 months from now.

But in Tesla time, “next year” is a very elastic timeframe that could mean anytime over the next few years, or even several. 😉

The supercharger stations (3) are in the Tesla map since 2015, and I’m beginning to think that they will not be here before 2018. Sad that Tesla has not the billions that some other car makers have without doing such a network, maybe only some 250 millions would be enought to double the actual network.

I was speaking about the three stations in Portugal..My bad!

Calgary to Panama without using a drop of gasoline … a dream come true!

Perhaps he was confused because North Dakota got left off the map.

Superchargers are one of the best moves Tesla has made IMO. They are ads and customer service in one. Imagine if GM had put in gas stations.

Imagine if GM had bought all of America’s public transportation and sent it straight to the scrapyard!

Oh wait…

Imagine if GM built EV that takes over an hour to “fast” charge, and then gave free charging to them. Every DCFC will be clogged, and unusable. They are doing this now in San Diego, maybe in preparation for destroying DCFC everywhere.

Even if not GM, anyone (or company) can hopelessly clog up DCFC by offering free charging, including Tesla Superchargers. Destroying EV experience only takes few thousand dollars.

You two have nothing but hate, must have voted for Chump.

Along with Godwin’s law, there’s a new one. Whenever a libtard disagree on anything, even about EV, they automatically accuse the other of being Trump voter. Being a simple minded moron that he is, he also assume the disagreement is about the other party wanting to gas Jews (including Trump’s daughter), hang blacks, and anything and everything vile in this world.

I call it the “moron law”, and you just proved my point.

Well let’s be honest….those ND Superchargers are going to get very little use in that home of shale oil fracking.

… and wind power.

I wish they were as eager to harvest the wind as they are to drill the oil. But I guess there is a lot more money in the oil.

Look at the difference between ND and SD (this is a govt website by the way). SD has 4 big old hydroelectric dams PLUS large quantities of wind power. ND has a big dam too, ironically not too far upstream from the pipeline protest site.

Some very nice scenery in ND. SCs are NOT mainly for the locals.

When people say “Trans Canada”, the standard meaning is one that doesn’t require crossing into the US (lots of Canadian residents or visitors to Canada can’t do that these days), for example via the Trans-Canada Highway.

However, that would require 5-6 superchargers for the 1300km+ between Calgary and Winnipeg, and then ~10 more for a route from Winnipeg to Toronto through Thunder Bay, north of the Lakes. On Tesla’s map, I don’t see any of that, or for that matter anything east of Rivière-du-Loup QC; even if one ignores NewFoundland & Labrador, there’s still another 1000km of the Trans-Canada route (no freeways) left until North Sydney, NS — yet another 4-5 supoerchargers needed. No stations are currently listed in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or PEI.
It’s completely unclear what Musk’s referring to.

(not to mention, I recall someone from Tesla saying a Trans-Canada route would be done end 2016).

In other words, the Canadian void is pretty huge (~20 station locations which aren’t even listed as planned) and it’s disingenuous of Tesla to claim they’ll fill it soon. Needing to make multiple back-and-forth crossings of the US/Canada border to cross Canada doesn’t count.

I don’t blame him for skipping North Dakota. I used to live there and I can tell you that place is a barren hell-hole.

It’s also hardcore oil country and very cold in the winter so it is really not much of a market for EVs. But it’s nice to complete the network.

The thing is he is not installing them for the people in ND but for others that are in transit from other states and just want to fricking get out as fast as possible.

Central América! Excellent, since 98% of electricity in Costa Rica comes from renewable sources, and it is exported to neighboring countries.

Upper Michigan is left out still too.

The claim that Tesal is to be applauded for building their charging network is absurd. They should be criticized severely for producing a propietary “company store” network in which competition is totally absent and which uses a proprietary charging protocol. They have made a bad situation (competing prtocols CHAdeMO , SAE COMBO) even worse. Actually much worse because Tesla Motors cannot possibly keep up with the number of electric vehicles that are about to start rolling out of two dozen world-wide automaker factories. GM alone now has three and once an automaker has produced a viable electric chasis, they can turn out multiple versions at the turn of a knob. About half the automakers use CHAdeMO and half (American,German) use SAE COMBO fast DC chargers,both of which are being upgraded to rival Musk’s supercharger protocol. Two dozen autmakers, with world-wide distribution and service networks (something sadly lacking for Tesla Motors), coupled with the fact that now Tesla is at a severe pricing disadvantage with the loss of their $7500 tax break , are about to flood the market with electric vehicles and they all will need SAE COMBO or CHAdeMO fast chargers. The obvious result will be a transiton of… Read more »

Using gas stations as DCFC stations is just as expensive as building new charging locations. The grid tie alone is inadequate. The daily charging paradigm makes DCFC way less necessary than gas stations.