Musk Comments On Arrival Timeframe For Tesla Model 3 In Europe

Tesla Model 3


Much has been revealed in Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent barrage of Tweets, including a timeline for the Model 3’s move into Europe and Asia.

In the midst of a holiday weekend in the U.S., added to the fact that Tesla Model 3 production is currently shut down for more improvements, it appears CEO Musk has had a bit of extra time and taken to Twitter seemingly non-stop. We are already used to him spending quite a bit of time on social media, but when he gets on one of his Tweetstorms and stays for the replies, it’s time to start taking notes while he opens up and answers some important questions.

Musk has been pretty stellar about responding to owners problems on Twitter, but you can tell, when he’s busy – which is most of the time – he doesn’t engage in much small talk or stick around to answer one question after another. However, he’s been on a roll as of late, giving pretty straight answers to a plethora of questions that all of us have had for quite some time.

As you can see from the above exchange, getting the Model 3 prepared for RHD may not be a huge issue, but we’ll have to wait and see. Being that Tesla functions on a global level, the symmetry of the vehicle was already accounted for. With that being said, LHD models – for areas of Europe and Asia that utilize them – should be available in the first half of next year, according to Musk. RHD models should follow shortly thereafter.

While this all makes plenty of sense, it’s exciting just knowing when Musk expects to see the Model 3 hit Europe and Asia. However, he did say probably and wasn’t crystal clear. We can anticipate that this is his projected timeline and may change in the future. Hopefully, since all production issues should be far behind by then, one would think that there would be minimal delays in comparison to those experienced initially in the U.S.

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It is easier to make a pure EV ready for LHD/RHD symmetry when there isn’t an engine in front interfering with steering shafts.

Or just go to steer-by-wire and get rid of the mechanical steering shaft.

“What could possibly go wrong?”

You could build it fully redundant, but I’d say that’s actually more expensive, than keeping the mechanical part. In terms of parts cost and manufacturing.

“getting the Model 3 prepared for RHD is not going to be an issue.”

Steven, that is NOT what he said. He said the car was designed for this, BUT, keep in mind that the robotics line may/may not have issues dealing with this.
Hopefully, it will not, but, the point is, that you should not hold him to that.

Reworded that. Thanks for the good catch! Appreciated.

Now that Model-3 sales has crossed 10,000 + , its time for some company to come out with a wagon version of the vehicle.

Wagon means its rear windshield should be in 90 degree angle like Volvo V60 wagon for maximizing the trunk space.
If possible 2 child seats can also be placed in rear area.

This will be of much use than Model-S since Model-3 is much smaller and also more affordable at 44K price tag.
Hope some company considers this.

Yep, this would be great:

comment image

Not gonna happen though, Tesla will go where the market is headed and that’s a crossover.

Personally, I’d rather the SW than a CUV.

“Wagon means its rear windshield should be in 90 degree angle like Volvo V60 wagon”

Sure, if you want to devastate your range. What, you thought going with a sedan with a trunk wasn’t about tradeoffs? One of the main components of your drag coefficient is how large (and deep) of a low pressure wake the vehicle drags. The smaller the cross section at flow separation = the smaller the wake cross section = the less drag force. Yes, there are many other design decisions you can make that affect your drag coefficient, but that’s the big one. You don’t get a Cd=0,22 with a car shaped remotely like a V60. And aero drag is the majority of your drag at highway speeds.

Makes a lot of sense. If the full 7500$ tax credit is available till 31 december 18 in US, why wouldn’t you sell all the Model 3s there you can produce and have demand for.

Which is exactly what is going on here.

There will be a HUGE push by Tesla to sell every Model S, X and 3 it can make in the US after the clock starts ticking with the 200,000th sale on the last day of the 3rd quarter and before the diminishing tax credit eventually goes away.

Can you say, all hands on deck.

200k sale will be on or just after 7/1/18 allowing full tax credit for 6 months less a few days.

“LHD models – for areas of Europe and Asia that drive on the left “…nope the LHD models go to the countries that drive on the right side of the road.

Correct. Meant left of car, from another related source. Thanks, reworded for clarity. Appreciated.