Musk Will Build His Own Hyperloop For New York To D.C. 29-Minute Transit



As many have already speculated, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s wild idea for boring underground tunnels for mass transportation on electric skates may actually pan out as a resurgence of his original hyperloop idea.

Although Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said on numerous occasions that he has no plans to build a hyperloop — even though it was his idea initially — now it seems he’s changed his mind.

It’s fantastic that Musk is ready to dive back into the hyperloop plan first hand, and push it forward at a faster rate. However, it stands to complicate the issue for the other three companies that have taken on the project and invested quite an amount of time and money thus far.

Musk shared a substantial white paper on the topic in 2013. He had drafted it with his team at Space Exploration Technologies Corp. At the time, Musk made it clear that the plans were to function as a free starting point for any company or individuals that had the wherewithal to attempt to move it forward. He shared on a conference call:

“I don’t have any plan to execute because I must remain focused on SpaceX and Tesla.”

In the simplest of terms, the hyperloop is a future form of transportation, which relies on a pressurized vacuum tube to move a suspended pod through at incredible speeds. Due to the lack of air resistance and friction, Musk’s plan showed the potential for travel over 700 miles per hour.

Since the announcement, three companies have been working on similar projects. The first of these is called Hyperloop One. Another such company is known as Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc.. The third and final named researcher is Arrivo, which actually stemmed from one of Hyperloop One’s main partners leaving the company to continue with his own.

Between the three companies, $200 million has been raised thus far. Hyperloop One has already tested a working prototype, but only been able to achieve top speeds of 192 miles per hour, and has only traveled shy of 1,500 feet.

Though Musk gave the white paper research out as a free gift, he holds a trademark for the name “Hyperloop” through SpaceX. SpaceX also owns the Twitter handle @Hyperloop, as well as Nonetheless, Musk has held competitions at SpaceX to try to push the technology forward, and has plans to hold another such event in the near future. A notice at used to read:

“We are interested in helping to accelerate development of a functional Hyperloop prototype.”

Additionally, it went on to say:

“We are not developing a commercial Hyperloop ourselves.”

These messages have since disappeared and a person close to Musk told Bloomberg that the popular CEO now intends to build it all himself (with the help of his team of engineers, of course). However, Musk’s Boring Company also released a statement that reads:

“While we’re encouraged that others are making some progress, we would like to accelerate the development of this technology as fast as possible. We encourage and support all companies that wish to build Hyperloops and we don’t intend to stop them from using the Hyperloop name as long as they are truthful.’’

Hyperloop One chairman, Shervin Pishevar, seemed excited that Musk is back in the game and willing to move the technology forward. At one point in the earlier development of Hyperloop One, Musk appeared to have plans to team up with Pishevar on the efforts, but it never came to be. Pishevar told Bloomberg TV:

“It’s going to take many, many brilliant minds and commitment from many people to push it forward. I’m a huge believer in him (Musk).”

Elon Musk takes to Twitter to talk Hyperloop

Musk’s recent Tweet that he has received verbal government approval to build an underground hyperloop connecting New York and Washington D.C. brought the topic back into the media. Some thought that Musk may use his Boring Company to take care of the tunneling aspect of the project, while seeking another company to work on the tube-travel portion. Now it seems that Musk has intentions to tackle the entire project.

Being that there is still no prototype that lives up to Musk’s original white letter, and regulatory approval will be a long and tedious process, it will likely still be a long time before any of this ever comes to fruition.

Source: Bloomberg

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I think he is not happy that the designers went from his peoposed Air cushion glidung back to magnetic levitation, which sound cool but would make the tracks way to expensive to cover the WHOLE planet #3 which is his plan if i understand his personality correctly.

At those speeds I would think you could take off on an air cushion in any case. Its how a hard disk drive works.

I don’t see how air cushion works if it is being done in a vacuum.

Air is squirted underneath the “skis” that the Hyperloop pod rides on, like an upside-down air hockey table. The fact that the tunnel is in vacuum is pretty irrelevant. In fact, one of the biggest challenges to traveling in an evacuated tube is that you can’t really maintain a truly hard vacuum in such a large area. Hyperloop deals with this by putting a powerful turbine at the front of the car to suck in the traces of air, pushing that thru a tube and out the back. That provides plenty of air for the suspension system, which uses an almost paper-thin cushion of air. It doesn’t need that much air, even in a vacuum.

“I think he is not happy that the designers went from his peoposed Air cushion glidung back to magnetic levitation, which sound cool but would make the tracks way to expensive…”

Way too expensive, yes.

I find it bizarre that some of those who are working on trying to develop the Hyperloop concept into reality, have chosen to go back to the idea of maglev trains. Ummmm… no, guys, the idea of Hyperloop was to come up with a plan that is more practical than those insanely expensive maglev systems.

Going from the actual Hyperloop concept of using air skis for individual capsules to ride on inside the tunnel, to just another maglev train (even if it’s inside a tunnel) is taking at least two giant steps backward.

There has never been any long-distance maglev train built, because they are much too expensive per mile. Hyperloop, at least in theory, could be much less expensive.

Hyperloop is Hyperloop and maglev is maglev, and never the twain shall meet!

Are they really doing maglev?

I thought they were just testing the linear accelerator motor concept needed at the start and end of the tube (plus a booster every 70 miles or so in longer tubes).

That’s quaint. We’ll put that right here on the fridge door, next to your sister’s painting from school. Good job!

These people have no idea what they’re up against, in terms of regulatory burden. SpaceX will literally land on Mars before they succeed with this. There are thousands of regulatory bodies between NYC and D.C., from townships that are bureaucracies hundreds of years old, to Conrail, to the Army Corps of Engineers, to the NYC MTA – down to the littlest nit, like FRA glass. Every affected body will hold this up in the courts for generations. And then there’s that pesky Hudson River.

Seriously, the Hyperloop idea is great. It’s genius. But this could only be accomplished in a time of war, or immediately thereafter. It requires a dictatorship, or something approaching it. North Korea could build this in 5 years. Here, it will take 105 years.


Space X needs the technology for Mars colonization. So what better to do than to develop a working system here on earth, even if its just a demo track of e.g 100 miles.
Permitting is a lot easier if you own the planet (Mars will belong to whom ever gets there first and establishes a stronghold…)

I see ‘Jupiter Rising,, stories here!

It would make a perfect partnership with the Chinese who are building out a nation wide high speed rail system.

Build the first systems there.

A model 3 220 miles range + hyperloop = no need to super charge.

Costs for tunneling are insanely high.

Switzerland just spent ~$13B for 35 miles using the very latest equipment (Herrenknecht TBMs).

To be fair, the total including all the side and safety side tunnels was 94 miles (35 miles is net).

But that’s what all large tunnels need.

Unless Musk decides that Hyperloops don’t need any safety, service etc. side tunnels. He probably will “forget” those in his subsidy pitch.

That’s the irony: Musk buys existing machine from market leader in sector (TBMs from Herrenknecht), yet promises/boasts digging “10x” faster or cheaper?


For anyone interested in details:

“Why the fuss?

When it opens, the Gotthard will supplant the 53-kilometre Seikan tunnel in Japan to become the longest rail tunnel in the entire world.

At 50 kilometres, the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK will be bumped to third. However Austria’s delayed Brenner Tunnel could take second place when it opens in about a decade at an estimated length of 55 kilometres, said AFP.”


Shorter loser tftf ONLY purpose in posting on InsideEvs is to pathetically try and manipulate down Tesla’s stock.

If you doubt the engineering prowess of Musk’s companies then you should read on how Space X is DESTROYING the competition of long established, gargantuan companies/consortiums in Boeing/Lockheed Martin (ULA) AND the Europe’s Arianaspace:

So, I wouldn’t count Musk out just because the competition hasn’t done it.

What does my info have to do with TSLA stock directly???

Other than to show Musk indeed has no focus and keeps announcing hug new projects without any grasp on execution time/feasibility and cap-ex numbers.

Let me know about the cost per mile (even if Hyperloop tunnels have a smaller diameter)….

“What does my info have to do with TSLA stock directly???”

Other than your motive for posting FUD here, nothing. Your virulently negative posts just show the lengths to which you’ll go to express your extreme jealousy of Elon Musk, and your even stronger bitterness over all the money you’ve lost shorting Tesla stock.

You want us to believe you’re not motivated by an almost insane level of jealousy of Elon Musk’s successes? Then try saying something positive about Elon Musk’s accomplishments and visions, for once!

Go ahead, tftf, I challenge you to prove me wrong: Say something positive about Elon Musk or any of his visionary plans (including Hyperloop), for once. Just once.

Yes, tftf is a liar and a d**** “concern” troll and shorter here.

The bottom line is that if Musk’s engineers could make rockets reusable then they can probably improve TBMs.

Just how much we will find out.

Indeed. TBMs are really in their infancy. I wouldn’t count the existing TBM makers out, but it is certainly true that TBMs will increase speed by 10x or more in the near future (a decade or so). The biggest speed factor in TBMs at present is they outrun their support infrastructure, ie, not because of cutting speed. There are machine following the TBM that provide drilling water, take away the tailings, line the tunnel, place rails, etc. If that can be mechanised better, then TBMs get faster.

Its actually fascinating technology.

At least, as Elon finds a way to get faster than the quarter snails pace of the present, up to at least a snails pace (A 4X improvement), some of the Big TBM builders will take note, and work on the same challenge, of imroving forward speeds of tunnel completion, too!

In all thing he does, it’s about doing it better, and driving the competition to do it better! This way, everyone benefits!

tftf posted FUD:

“That’s the irony: Musk buys existing machine from market leader in sector (TBMs from Herrenknecht), yet promises/boasts digging ’10x’ faster or cheaper?”

What a loser you are, tftf! Not to mention obviously very jealous of Elon Musk’s many successes.

You comment here only dump garbage on Elon Musk, merely because you’re upset at all the money you’ve lost shorting Tesla stock.

Well, dude, Elon Musk accomplishes far more in a single day than a loser like you will accomplish in his entire lifetime. That will remain true even if his dreams of Hyperloop travel and colonizing Mars ever become reality.

You’re a loser in every possible way, tftf: Wasting your life on bitter, jealous trolling and also losing money by betting against Tesla.

What about safety and security?
Don’t want a nut job blowing him/herself up in the middle somewhere.

Perhaps you should stop to consider that the risk of driving on the highway is much, much greater than you’d ever be exposed to from the very infrequent occurrence of terrorist attacks on a transportation system. Assuming the Hyperloop system, just like airline travel, is much safer than travel by automobile, then the very slight added risk of terrorist attack still leaves you much safer than driving down the highway.

Sadly, humans are not very good at assessing relative risk. All the news media attention given to on terrorist attacks vastly exaggerates the real risk to you, the individual person.

Reality check: you’re at greater risk from being killed by a lightning strike than terrorist attack.

Reality check– you should do one.

In 2016, a total of 11,072 terrorist attacks occurred worldwide, resulting in more than 25,600 total deaths and more than 33,800 people injured.

So, NO being struck by lightning has no relevance.

Dude, take a stress tab and chill out. 1. I was talking about the very low danger of death from terrorist attacks in the U.S., which is the country in which this Hyperloop proposal is intended to be built. 2. What you’re counting as so-called “terrorist” attacks includes tribal conflicts, which are labeled “terrorist attacks” because it’s politically expedient to do so. If you restricted the “terrorist attack” count to regions outside tribal conflict zones and war zones, I’m sure the fatality rate from lightning strikes would be considerably higher. In the USA, there are about 51 deaths from lightning per year. By comparison, since the 9/11 attack there has been only about one (1) American killed per year by foreign-born terrorists (source below). But hey, if you want to set your hair on fire just because the news media keeps bleating “Terrorist attack! Run and hide!” then you go right ahead. Personally, I admire the British. When they were hit by terrorist attacks on their subway system, they didn’t do anything crazy like shut down an entire major metropolitan area, as we Americans did in Boston after the Boston Marathon attack. The Brits just maintained a stiff upper lip… Read more »

It’s hard to believe that this will ever come to fruition, with all the regulatory approvals necessary, funding to be provided in an era when Congress isn’t even willing to vote money to repair crumbling bridges and highways, and so many lawyers in our litigious nation just salivating over the idea of litigation to stop any large-scale building project in dense urban areas.

But I do applaud Musk for Thinking Big! Americans need to quit allowing our hopes and dreams to be restricted by the narrowing vision of the times we live in, and the “nattering nabobs of negativism”.

There was a time when Americans were not afraid to think big; to bring the dreams of the Panama Canal and the Golden Gate Bridge to reality. We need visionaries like Elon Musk to remind us that Thinking Big can lead to real accomplishments.

Go Elon — time to Think Big again!

That’s the beauty of a private enterprise. When govenment funding is not needed, all you need is permits. No lawyer can shut down government funding, if there is none. When the reailroad system was established, it was private companies. Many went under over the time, but the once that succeded grew big and profitable.

If we had not wasted $20 trillion in borrowed money on tax breaks for the rich and wars we could not afford, a LOT of things would be possible.

scroll, scroll, scroll the site
gently past the elementary drop-out losers..

sung to the tune of, Jay, when are you going to get rid of the matching set?

a button, a button, my Kingdom for a (IGNORE) button! Please require that I sign up to use it, see how it turns out, when no one is required to scroll past endless drivel.

(you realize, now, that you Encouraged Malfoy & Crabbe to be even More immature & belligerent.. surely, Yes? That ahem, Others might have had a role in the explosive conclusion?)
shuddup, Phr≡d (so many of us now Do, 99% of the time, as the commentary is filled beyond flushing from the clueless -and Constant-regurgitation of one or two leptons).

For a related fun fact, look up Subterrene.

Look up Swissmetro, it was a maglev in a tunnel idea decades ago.

At the risk of being labeled an anti-Tesla troll: this hyper loop between NY & DC sounds more like EM’s Hearst Castle, less of a practical solution and more of a vanity project. I’m all for exploring advanced technology, but we way too often let the promise of some “off into the future wiz bang technology” delay and distract us from existing technologies that can solve the same problems in the here and now.

Musk and others can build their prototypes and test tracks, but that shouldn’t stop us building HSR today. Then, once the technology has been thoroughly tested, proven and mature, we can worry about upgrading to these technologies later.

If 35 miles cost the Swiss $13b then 220 miles will cost? You do the math, but I don’t see anyone coming up with $100+ billion just for tunnels.