Musk Has A Boring Conversation With Hawthorne Mayor

The Boring Company


Boring Company

The Boring Company shows its stuff in Hawthorne, California.

It turns out that Hawthorne, CA Mayor Alex Vargas has multiple physics degrees, so he was in his element talking with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk about The Boring Company.

Not many people outside of the area itself had heard of Hawthorne, CA. That was, until Elon Musk’s industry-changing rocket company, SpaceX, enjoyed repeated successes there. Now, Hawthorne is officially the first location to dive headfirst into the future of Musk’s latest venture, The Boring Company.

Strangely enough, even though Musk divides his time between SpaceX and Tesla, he was yet to speak with Vargas at length. The two knew each other of course, and even attended the same events. But sharing an intellectual one-on-one finally presented itself  in the past few days.

According to Daily Breeze journalist, Sandy Mazza, Mayor Vargas “especially enjoyed touring Musk’s newest venture, The Boring Co.”. He shared (via Daily Breeze):

“It’s an awesome feeling knowing that the future of transportation is being developed here in Hawthorne, in particular this underground tunneling project. Hawthorne is booming because of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Co. He basically reaffirmed his commitment to helping the community.”

“I have physics degrees, so it was nice that we were able to talk the same language. It allows for a greater appreciation of the work. The tunneling project is going to make a revolutionary impact on public transportation.”

About a month ago, The Boring Company secured its first official permits and began digging in Hawthorne, on SpaceX property. The company is already underway with the first two miles of its tunnel to LAX, although it will be awhile before the first boring machine, affectionately named “Godot” by Musk, will be able to significantly pick up the pace. Though the process is started, we will be ‘Waiting for Godot’ for some time.

This week, Musk took to Twitter to share that he has now received approval for tunnels from New York to D.C., including stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Source: Daily Breeze

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But what does this have to do with EVs?

Are the tunneling machines electric vehicles? No, I think not. Would the hypothetical traffic tunnels carry only EVs? No, of course not.

An article on digging subway tunnels would be more in line with the subject of InsideEVs. At least subway trains are electric vehicles!

Actually, the intent of these tunnels is for EVs, not combustion vehicles. There are significant design differences between the tunnels the Boring Co. is looking at building and the “normal” tunnels for combustion engine powered vehicles driven by humans.

This is factually incorrect. The Boring Co. concept proposes using slot-car type “skateboards” to carry individual cars in the tunnels. The cars carried could be gasmobiles just as easily as EVs, and there has been no statement from Musk or The Boring Co. indicating or even hinting that gasmobiles would be banned from using the system. (Of course one could point out that the skateboards themselves are electric vehicles, in the same way that subway trains are electric vehicles; neither are plug-in EVs, which is the focus of InsideEVs.)

The demo provided by The Boring Co. shows the Tesla Model S being carried on the sleds, but that is obviously for demo purposes only. Surely you’re not suggesting the entire system will be limited to carrying Model S’s only? 😀

Did you miss that the demo piece also showed at least one variation of a glass walled mini bus, also presumed to be from Tesla?

Also, plug in Electric Cars, actually are typically ‘Connected to The Grid’, as would these ‘Skates’, just like a Subway is connected to the grid!

Anyway, Musk expects more and more of the USA Grid to be Powered by the Grid, Stabilized by Batteries, and Supplemented by Wind Power, based on most of what I have seen.

I think it would be interesting too, if Elon started a conversation, or a Company, focused on Generating Hydro Power, without building Dams to Flood large Areas: Like, Run Of River (ROR) Projects; Tapping more High Tidal Basins for Power Generation; and other skipped ideas, that can both Produce Electric Power, and reduce the need for Long Powerlines as they move to do more Micro Grids!

Even Caterpillar is Promoting Micro Grids, with Added Solar and Storage Batteries, as a way to Already Reduce Fuel Use for Electric Power Generation by 25%-30%, and Tesla Energy has demonstrated Total Fuel Generator Replacement, Even Without Adding Wind Turbines to Solar Plus Battery Storage!

The skate is using electric propulsion. Agree that it is tangential at best. ELon fan club, I guess.

I doubt gasmobiles would be allowed in the tunnels, because people would want to leave then idling to provide AC, stero, etc.

It’ll be EV only!

It should be people only, don’t bring more cars into the city.

Hmm,according to previous reports it would be for EV’s only. And it makes perfect sense,since one of the big issue of long tunnels is ventilating them from fumes.
Having no such a issue would would make tunnels cheaper, and building them faster. Plus it would help EV adoption. Would You rather drive in a tunnel quickly with ev, or sit in traffic in your stinker. Great strategy to embolden EV’s

Sounds like Teslarium pipe dream land. What will happen in a tunnel without ventilation in case of fire accident?

Just acknowledge that this is all about worshiping the Leader, EV or not EV.

And when did you stop beating your wife, Mr. FUDster?

Human passengers will require ventilation in the tunnels, even though EV motors don’t.

Not sure what you meant in first part of your comment, is this something you say to strangers online to escalate conversation to name calling? Very childish.

Sure they still need ventilation for air to breath, obviously much less than if co2 and nox producing vehicles are there. Just lock yourself in garage with petrol car running if you want to check this theory empirically.

As far as leaders go,Elon although not perfect is still a good choice. You know,some people worship Trump,i guess following Elon lead is something I am rather happy to do.

I thought it was…

“Are you still beating your wife?”

“Hmm,according to previous reports it would be for EV’s only.”

Let us please not repeat that jumped-to conclusion. There are enough bad memes floating around the internet without adding to them.

Actually, on account of tunnels under ground being poorly ventilated (and unneccesary heat generation is not wanted either), most boring machines are powered solely by electricity, fed through power cables from the rear.
Same goes for the largest coal mining excavators (usually run by a power plant near the mine)

Thank you for that correction, Some Guy!

Yes, I know some of the largest mining dragline excavators are EVs, and I’ve mentioned that in several posts over the years here. Not all EVs are plug-in passenger cars!

“Would the traffic tunnels carry only EV’s?”

Yes. Very probably. Why introduce poisonous gasses into the tunnel?

I suspect that may be part of the thinking behind the sleds.

Um, yes… the sleds certainly would eliminate any poisonous exhaust fumes. Which is why they could carry gasmobiles just as easily as EVs, assuming the gasmobile remains shut off during the trip.

Until there is guarantee the passenger in an ICE car won’t turn engine on while inside the tunnel it would be wise to ban gas mobiles.

I do believe those tunnels won’t allow big animals, e.g. horses or dangerous objects like tanks filled with gasoline in.

Actually the first few years I can easily see the tunnels restricted to Tesla only. We still do not know how the company will collect fees for using the tunnels. Assuming such a massive infrastructure investment will come at no cost is a pipe dream indeed.

In addition, I have not seen anything that Elon Musk has done in the last Decade, that would suggest he would do things to support continued use of ICE Vehicles! Offering them a chance to pollute these Tunnels, is highly unlikely, but based on P-P’s logic, would not be an issue.

People don’t drive in the tunnels to eliminate crashes.

They can tunnel under the Space X parking lot, beyond that they must have easements from the property owners.

For the Wash-Balt-Phil-NY route maybe they can tunnel close to I-95, even while going through the downtown areas there shouldn’t be much of a problem for cities approval.

Not sure if they can go below the I-95 bridges.

I really hope Elon Musk watched the movie Daylight in terms of giving these underground tunnels ventilation and room.

If you think this can’t happen their was a event in the 1940’s that happened in the Holland Tunnel where a truck exploded and burned.

The ventilation system in the Holland Tunnel and the 1920’s shape of the tunnel allowed the fire to to vent it’s flumes to the surface to avoid people getting trapped in the tunnel.

I really think Elon Musk should allow his tunnels to be two lanes wide with walkways on each side to avoid one of these sleds catching fire and trapping everyone in the narrow one lane wide tunnel.

I think the narrowness of this Tesla tunnel would really aggravate any fire down there.

Another load of complete tosh that I won’t be wasting 90 minutes of my life watching, then!

In the Demo of The Boring Co, they showed the Skate Merging into a High Speed Active Path, so not all of the Tunnel area would be a single vehicle lane, at least, even without adding your thoughts to this mix.

Way easier to have ev only in the tunnels and no need for sleds if the cars can run in a specific tunnel transit AP mode. That makes it both simpler and cheaper.

I would take that specific tunnel transit AP mode even if I would not take the standard self driving AP because there is no way I could manually insert and drive at 100 mph in the tunnel system.

Many crashes would be possible.

No more than with sleds using the same specific tunel transit AP.