Mugen Talks IOMTT Zero: McGuinness and Whittamore Set 120 MPH Goal


Saturday’s practice was cancelled due to high winds, we’re looking around for any crumb of IOMTT Zero news we can find – but this is hardly a crumb.  Take a look at some detailed shots of this amazing bike, and listen to rider John McGuinness and team leader Colin Whittamore talk about the bike, past years and the goals for this year:

Here is their IOMTT Zero performance since 2012, when they started:

20122John McGuinnessMugen Shinden102.215 mph22′ 08.85
20132John McGuinnessHonda Mugen Shinden109.527 mph20′ 40.133
20141John McGuinnessHonda Shinden San / Team Mugen117.366 mph19′ 17.300
2Bruce AnsteyHonda Shinden San / Team Mugen115.048 mph19′ 40.625

There’s more about Mugen’s history at the Isle of Man, as well as a great (if lengthy) interview with Whittamore on The Electric Chronicles: The Mugen Timeline

Colin Whittamore, Mugen Team Lead

Colin Whittamore, Mugen Team Lead

Mugen powerplant

Mugen powerplant

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