Mugen Shinden Takes Top Two Spots at IOMTT Zero, Victory Takes Third


Though racing is never predictable, this year’s IOMTT Zero race yielded fairly unsurprising, however impressive results.  With both Mugen bikes setting track records yesterday, their track averages today were just shy of the 120 mph mark at 119.2 and 118.8 mph, followed by the Victory/”Brammo” bikes at a close 111.6 and 109.7 mph.  The Sarolea SP7 came in at a very respectable 5th, still over 100mph at a 106.5 mph average.

2015 IOMTT Zero results

2015 IOMTT Zero results

Here’s the preview from yesterday’s official IOMTT feed:

The activity kicks off at 10.45am with the one lap SES TT Zero race which has an added interest for fans after the late of Guy Martin riding for injured team mate William Dunlop.

Guy takes over the #6 Victory EMEA machine and rides alongside yesterday’s RL360° Superstock third place finisher Lee Johnston.

Although Guy only has two laps under his belt on the electric machine he has clocked a best of 108mph+ which could easily see him in contention for a podium position.

Johnston meanwhile pushed his fastest lap on the sister machine to Guy’s to over 110mph, an excellent effort both for him and Victory team who are making their TT debut.

However, John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey will be the ones to watch in the TT Zero challenge, Both have lapped his year in excess of 115mph and John unofficially broke the zero emissions lap record at over 118mph.

Here’s the start of today’s race, on Glencrutchery Road, from AmadeusPhotography’s Facebook page:

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Start of TT Zero 2015, with competitors racing down Glencrutchery road. #iomtt #iomtt2015 #ttzero

Posted by AmadeusPhotography on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The speed traps:

Top speed recorded in sector 2 – 163mph John McGuiness (Sulby speed trap)

Sector 2 Ballugh
1. John McGuinness1   2015 JM Mugen Shinden   03:21.570   125.824 (8:14.976)L1
2. Bruce Anstey5   2015 BA Mugen Shinden 4   03:24.681   125.253 (8:17.235)L1
3. Lee Johnston3   Brammo   03:39.848   117.349 (8:50.723)L1
4. Guy Martin6   Victory   03:42.361   114.847 (9:02.288)L1
5. Robert Wilson7   2014 Sarolea SP7   09:13.656   112.489 (9:13.656)L1  (transponder started working)
6. James Cowton9   2015 BRUNEL BX-15   04:51.471   91.516 (11:20.539)L1
7. Michael Sweeney10   2015 E Bike University of Nottingham   05:30.184   81.664 (12:42.635)L1

Sector 3 Ramsey Hairpin
1. John McGuinness1   2015 JM Mugen Shinden   03:31.689   130.925 (11:46.665)L1
2. Bruce Anstey5   2015 BA Mugen Shinden 4   03:34.404   130.010 (11:51.639)L1
3. Lee Johnston3   Brammo   03:51.074   121.450 (12:41.797)L1
4. Guy Martin6   Victory   03:53.872   119.202 (12:56.160)L1
5. Robert Wilson7   2014 Sarolea SP7   03:57.959   116.875 (13:11.615)L1

Sector 4 Bungalow
1. John McGuinness1   2015 JM Mugen Shinden   03:39.299   126.744 (15:25.964)L1
2. Bruce Anstey5   2015 BA Mugen Shinden 4   03:36.730   126.415 (15:28.369)L1
3. Lee Johnston3   Brammo   03:49.172   118.430 (16:30.969)L1
4. Guy Martin6   Victory   03:52.752   116.323 (16:48.912)L1
5. Robert Wilson7   2014 Sarolea SP7   04:03.011   113.432 (17:14.626)L1

Sector 5 Cronk-ny-mona
1. John McGuinness1   2015 JM Mugen Shinden   02:30.422   122.744 (17:56.386)L1
2. Bruce Anstey5   2015 BA Mugen Shinden 4   02:30.978   122.407 (17:59.347)L1
3. Lee Johnston3   Brammo   02:40.178   114.772 (19:11.147)L1
4. Guy Martin6   Victory   02:41.483   112.885 (19:30.395)L1

1. John McGuinness1   2015 JM Mugen Shinden   01:02.357   119.279 (18:58.743)L1
2. Bruce Anstey5   2015 BA Mugen Shinden 4   01:03.438   118.857 (19:02.785)L1
3. Lee Johnston3   Brammo   01:05.734   111.620 (20:16.881)L1
4. Guy Martin6   Victory   01:07.592   109.717 (20:37.987)L1
5. Robert Wilson7   2014 Sarolea SP7   04:00.630   106.510 (21:15.256)L1

…and this amusing note from Justin, on ElectricMotorcycleForum:

Hahaha! McGuiness apparently was slower to the first split than Anstey because he had his bike effectively on Eco mode… He flipped it over to full power for the rest of the race.

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Spoiler alert???

The Formula-E coverage here does it right.

Did you see the reaction of the BMW(gas) rider after he gets off the Victory? It was great!

A sub 19 minute time is impressive and an average lap speed of 119.2 mph comes mighty close to the all time record of 132.7 mph or 17:03 lap.

Switching gears to another exciting race this year, I’m excited to see if Monster Tajima can take fastest lap overall in his electric Rimac machine!