How Much Stuff Can You Pack In A Twizy Cargo? – Video


Renault Twizy Cargo

Renault Twizy Cargo

Renault Twizy, at launch, was available only as two seater, although later the French company added a single seater – Twizy Cargo.

To improve loading, Twizy Cargo got a rear door.

Thanks to eGear, we now see how much stuff can be loaded.

“The Renault Twizy CARGO is designed for people that need to take things instead of a passenger. But how much stuff can you put in it?”

via eGear Autoblog

Renault Twizy Cargo

Renault Twizy Cargo

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More stuff than a human can own and still have glaciers?

How much cargo mass can it carry? I drove a Twizy once with no passenger and its performance (even just tooling around the small parking lot I was in) was terribly anemic. Can’t imagine when actually carrying stuff. You don’t need high speed, but you do need a little more acceleration to dart around in an urban environment.

Is there a rear camera?

Owning a Twizy Cargo I suspect you had the handbrake still on then. And if you found out how to release it and still want more spirit for it I invite you to search the web.