Mt Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit ’15: 40 Years


It’s that time of year again!  And by “that time of year”, we mean, a few months earlier than the mid-September date we’ve shivered through enjoyed in the past years, and now in the balmy days of mid-summer.  On the weekend of July 25, the Mt Washington Auto Road will be hosting the 40th ALT Energy Summit!

The Summit started in ’75 as the “Alternate Energy Regatta”, a call to inventors and builders to put together their own brand of solutions to the “Energy Crisis” of the ’70s…  a crisis that would soon fade from the public attentions, only to resurface decades later and with redoubled urgency.  The first years were organized by Charles MacArthur, an inventor and environmental activist of Sangerville, Maine, teaming with EV and motorcycle legend, Mike Corbin (of Corbin Sparrow fame), and featured garage-built electric cars, record-setting motorcycles and even a chicken-manure-powered school bus.

Electric Cobra

Electric Cobra

The event involves a “Regatta Parade” of vehicles at the base field, then a climb of the mountain – returning to the bottom (after the compulsory summit photos) for a meet-and-greet, show-and-tell, and discussion/panel groups into the evening.

This year the Summit will be featuring the team from Entropy Racing, with the EVSR cars returning from their 3rd and 4th Place showings at Pikes Peak with a talk recounting their adventures – including their crash that fetched one of their cars 150′ off the road, up against a boulder – (but, thankfully leaving the driver safe and uninjured).

Terry Hershner

Terry Hershner

We’ll also have the rare opportunity to hear the stories, adventures and see the photos from Terry Hershner‘s, Ben Rich’s, Stéphane Melançon’s (Doctor Bass) and Troy Rank’s exploits, four legendary record-setters in the electric motorcycle and e-bike worlds.  Getting these four guys in one place at one time – a remarkable achievement, at the very least.

All are welcome to come and show their EVs, hybrids, garage-builds and inventions, and give the mountain a shot to test their mettle.  We also welcome commercially-available cars, whether Tesla, Nissan, Ford or any of the other now-mainstream renewable-energy vehicles.

Stop by the Mt Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit site for information, the schedule, and registration information.

…and now for a rare treat.  We were able to dig up a vintage 1975 newscast covering the original event.  Think we haven’t come a long way since 1975?  Take a look:

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