Mr. Electric Offers Nationwide Installation Services for PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

JUN 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Evatran PLUGLESS Vehicle Adapter

Evatran PLUGLESS Vehicle Adapter

Evatran Group announced a partnership with Mr. Electric Franchise Group, which will be responsible for installation of PLUGLESS wireless electric vehicle charging systems across the United States and Canada.

Both companies already have started training installers in key electric vehicle areas in the US and Canada, with additional geographies rolling out towards fall of 2014.

“The PLUGLESS L2 is the world’s first wireless charging system designed specifically for electric vehicles. After two years of field trials with partners such as Google, Hertz, and Duke Energy, and receiving the industry’s only safety certification from Electronic Testing Laboratories (ETL), the PLUGLESS System is now available to individual Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt owners. The system charges as quickly as conventional corded systems and all vehicle features, such as charge-timers and phone applications, can be used seamlessly with the PLUGLESS system.”

We are not sure if the Mr. Electric electricans will install just the charging spot or the vehicle adapters too.  Nor do we know what this mean for the previous exclusive installation power partner Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, which is still is mentioned in FAQ?

Interesting is that this summer we should know at least one more model, for which Evatran developed PLUGLESS kit. Our bet is the Cadillac ELR, or maybe it will be Tesla Model S or BMW i3?

“Additional vehicles and model years will be announced this summer.”

The current model of the PLUGLESS wireless charging system has power of 3.3 kW and more data can be found in this PDF.

Pricing starts at $2,470.

Rebecca Hough, Evatran CEO and Co-Founder stated:

“Our partnership with Mr. Electric ensures that PLUGLESS Systems will be installed in homes across the country with the highest regard to customer convenience and safety. We’re thrilled with the positive feedback from our early PLUGLESS owners and look forward to installing additional systems with support from the Mr. Electric electrician network and our growing network of dealership partners.”

Joel Worthington, president of Mr. Electric commente:

“The PLUGLESS system brings exciting new options to the consumer and opens new doors of opportunity in EV and green technology. We’re very excited to join with Evatran to bring the next wave of cutting-edge technology to the marketplace.”

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This seems nice but I don’t sense that it’s necessary… I agree that not having to grab the cord and plug in could be a good thing, but is there REALLY a compelling need for it? If it is free or no more expensive than a traditional EVSE, fine. But if $2700 represents the cost of the unit plus installation, it sounds expensive to me.


I agree the price is too high, but being the owner of two plug ins vehicles, there are times when my wife or I forget to plug in, so having this would be really nice.

Too bad the 30% tax credit for EVSE’s is no longer available, that would make the price a little better.

Necessary? No. Plenty of people who would want it and buy it? Yes.

There are many things not necessary. Like having a garage port that isn’t manual.

Or a remote to the TV.

this seems like a passing fad to me – sort of the EV equivalent to pet rocks. the people who seem most enthusiastic about plugless charging are people who have some unexplained revulsion to the idea of using a plug.

i mean, if you really need plugless charging because you might forget to plug in a charger, when you use a plugless system you have to be mindful of where you position the car in the garage to make sure that the receiver lines up with the transmitter pad for recharging.

What’s the efficiency?

It is a welcome advancement, could faster level two and even Quickcharging be possible?

Does anyone know what % of the cost is to modify the car and what % is for the charger mounted on the floor?

I ask because I wonder if this could possibly take off and become the standard for public charging.

Sadly, I have seem some abused (vandalized?) EVSEs and this might solve that problem.

3 times the cost of my AV charger and 1/2 the charging power (3.3 vs. 6.6). That isn’t even getting started on the install costs for both the car and wall.

I’ll wait.

Wireless charging for personal vehicles has a definite cool-factor that might appeal to early adopters, but the number one thing holding back EV adoption is up-front purchase price, 2nd thing is range vs charging speed. I suspect that wireless charging will be relegated to buses and other applications with frequent charging for the foreseable future.

…with maybe a few hundred keeners with Leafs or Volts getting onboard in the meantime, of course!

Hey cool.

You forgot to plug in your car, but that’s okay because you parked over the inductive charger in the garage.

When you wake up, you don’t have to call your boss and say, “Hey I’m stupid. I can’t make it to work today because I forgot to plug in my car last nite… Duh….”

Right now everyone loves to plug in because it’s a way to give the finger to the gas stations. But the novelty will soon wear off and people will get tired of plugging in.

And so, inductive chargers will end up being everywhere. At Costco, your favorite restaurant, the parking lot at work, Walgreen’s and on and on. Relatively cheap to install. There will be tons of drive over inductive chargers everywhere.

Anybody with just a few bucks will become a “gas” station owner.

No wonder the oil companies hate EVs.

Inductive charging puts range anxiety to bed.

No need to wait 15 years for a battery breakthrough.

Evatran is using multiple vendors for installation. They are also working with Sears Auto Service to install the adapters too.

I have this system and i would not go back to the plug, ever. No more than the gas station… unless i need it. People who reject this have no idea. It is the future, period.
I am so suprised a lot of EV pionners think the plug will be the norm for a long time, that’s like saying wifi wont catch on because you get faster speeds when plugged.

The cost for the adapter install under the car is under 2 hours work at certified dealer.
Install at home will be a little bit more than regular L2, 3 holes to drill for induction pad placement and pairing of the car to the CP (maybe half an hour more).
Efficiency is about 85 to 89%, so for me, $50/year more…. i can afford that for not having to plug in with a smile!
Here is my video of my install.