MotorWeek Tests Out The Jaguar I-PACE: Is Hugely Impressed

NOV 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 41

MotorWeek Says: Jaguar I-PACE is the real deal

In the latest overview of the Jaguar I-PACE, MotorWeek was impressed. The British brand introduced its electric car ahead of Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW and has set the bar high. Well, maybe the pricing and efficiency is still a drawback, but it’s a high-end model after all.

We especially enjoyed the footage as the blue I-PACE looks stunning and it should provide some diversity among the sea of Teslas.

Jaguar I-PACE specs:

  • 90 kWh battery
  • Range: 234 miles (376 km) EPA or 480 km (298 miles) WLTP
  • 0-100km/h (62 mph) 4.8 seconds / 0-60 mph (sec) 4.5 seconds
  • Top speed mph 200  km/h (124 mph)
  • two permanent magnet electric motors; synchronous – 400 PS (294 kW) total system output
  • all-wheel drive
  • 0-80% DC fast charging in 40 minutes using 100 kW CCS Combo
  • 0-100% AC charging using 7 kW 0n-board charger in nearly 13 hours
Jaguar I-Pace
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Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace Jaguar I-Pace

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41 Comments on "MotorWeek Tests Out The Jaguar I-PACE: Is Hugely Impressed"

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Jaguar need to fix lease on I-Pace. Except that – it’s very good.

Best move Jaguar could make. High end buyers will focus on Tesla, Jaguar, Taycan etc. and the upper market will be the first to see ICE versions die. Watch them eat into M-B, Lexus sales.

uh, you do know that tesla is already destroying MB, audi, honda, toyota, etc?

They’ll go all bankrupt 🙂
In the end there will be only Tesla.

Sarcasm noted.

Don’t be silly. Look at the sales numbers and profits of the big manufacturers. Tesla is small potatoes and not a threat to any of them.

You mean like fords 9% GP margin? There one recession from bankruptcy

News Bulletin : Tesla Is Bigger Than Jaguar & Out Sells Jaguar, As of Now .. 🙂 …. 🙁

More Kool-Aid? 🥤

Nice entry for Jaguar, but a bit expensive for a 5-door hatch back. Some will buy it just because they are anti-Tesla and want an EV, but that takes quite a bit of compromise from the price, technology and charging infrastructure perspective.

I’m not anti-Tesla. I appreciate all the engineering that has gone into them but they just don’t make cars that I personally like especially the Model 3 with its uber minimalist interior but that’s just my POV.
The I-Pace was a lot more fun to drive than the Model-S (we don’t have the Model 3 yet and won’t be getting it for 4-5 months) but all are just too expensive for me at the moment.
Even the Model 3 is beyond the reach of most average people here in terms of price.

That Blue I-Pace I drove was really, really tempting though.

Europe is full of public charging infrastructure, and more is coming really fast. For us charging is not an issue. In Denmark, the jag is cheaper than a model s 75.

Charging infrastructure is not a problem in Europe. CCS2 users will have the same network as Tesla in Ionity, and a host of others.

It’s no hatchback, it is very much a BMW X4, Porsche Macan, and Mercedes GLC Coupe sized competitor. And talking about compromise, the Model X was the most compromised car I’ve ever owned. Software bugs, and glitches were way to common an occurrence, the seats, especially the second row were badly designed. And it had the worst air conditioning system I’ve ever had in a car, which was all ridiculous especially considering my Model X was nearly $120,000.

Not as expensive as an X.

And not as efficient as the much bigger X either but still a beautiful EV and a welcome addition to the EV world.

Let’s hope there is a quick re-design of the inverter or whatever subsystems make the efficiency so poor. It is cool car and a nice alternative, but MPGe in the 70s is a hard sell in the US if you live outside of the areas that have significant charging infrastructure

The ipace is more expensive than the X in New Zealand.

That is their problem.

Much smaller than the X, actually smaller than the S also. It is closest in size to a Model 3.

Nice Kool-Aid jab at Tesla. They just can’t seem to help themselves..

It wasn’t the only jab, either… Though they didn’t explicitly name Tesla in the other one.

Too bad Jaguar is in such financial straits. The slow roll out of the IPace will be even slower than many have anticipated.
The range/efficiency is the only real knock on the vehicle.

Well Jaguar is not selling much, but they’re kinda like that for a long time.
Under Tata group they’ve a big investment capacity and for sure a lot of support, but let’s see how it goes.
Apparently Tata group is very nice supporting many philanthropic actions, so I wish them luck.

Last two months deliveries finally seem to be ramping nicely?

Also, if it sells well, and has a good margin, investors would be stupid not to support a fast ramp of the i-Pace because of issues elsewhere in the company…

Jag is owned by Tata, they are doing fine.
If you have proof otherwise, post or shut up.

Lots of (anti) Tesla references in this report as the reporter spins all the differences with Tesla products as a positive. Probably the best report money could buy?

I had an extended drive in the Jaguar quickly followed by a test of the Model X. Model X won it for me, no problem. The Jaguar seems to me to be a ICE car with an electric motor plonked in it. Tesla Model X by comparison is the future – fully thought out and designed as an electric car from the ground up. It was hugely impressive and at £77k not as expensive as I had expected.

You’ve defy described the difference between non-Tesla EVs, “an ICE car with an electric motor plonked in it” versus Tesla “designed as an electric car from the ground up”. But there is one questionable EV, Hyundai Ioniq

The Ioniq has less than half the range, 124 mi, of the 310 mi Model 3. The Ioniq 88 kW motor is less than half of the 211 kW Model 3. So it gets a higher efficiency rating by shorter range and lower power.

The Ioniq 124 mi range is in the BMW i3 range, 114 mi. But the 88 kW motor is significantly less than the 125 kW BMW i3. Sad to say, BMW decided to revert to gas/diesel design rules instead of a next generation EV … like Tesla did.

I really like Motor Week’s reviews, I’ve been watching the show since the late 1990’s, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at their electric car reviews. They keep it very fair, giving electric cars equal opportunity just like any other car.

Yeah, the review is pretty nice (apart from the silly jabs at Tesla) — but I have to wonder, am I the only one who finds this guy’s tone super annoying?…

As most others have noted, the i-Pace always seems to come back to “charging”. I have yet to test drive one, but I generally like what I see and have read. At THIS PRICE POINT, however, I find I (and many others) end up at “For that kind of money, I’d like to be able to drive it for more than 120 miles one way – e.g. out of town”. I then look at the CCS chargers on plugshare, check out Electrify America, etc. and always end up back in the same dang place: nothing else is remotely close to Tesla’s Supercharging. I got my first EV (a Volt) in 2012 and have been hearing “soon” for every other public charging option since that time. It’s still years away (especially here in Texas) which actually bums me out. Heck, Tesla recently added three more sets of destination superchargers here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, expanded the number of chargers at the Interstate stop between Dallas and Austin and is now doing the same for the Interstate stop between Austin at San Antonio …in short they are already in their SECOND GO ROUND while everyone else is still figuring it out.… Read more »

Tesla’s Supercharger systems use a voltage too low to fully charge EVs like the Jag.


The I-Pace has a higher battery voltage (400 V nominal, ~450 V full) than most current EVs, including Teslas. (350 V nominal, ~400 V full.) During DC charging, the charger needs to provide the right voltage — and Tesla’s Superchargers presumably can’t provide the higher voltage needed by the I-Pace.

The Tesla Model X also outshone the Jaguar I-PACE in terms of charging. The German publication opted to charge the I-PACE at an IONITY station in a Porsche dealership. IONITY’s stations are capable of proving up to 350 kW of output, but despite this, the I-PACE was limited to only 80-83 kW. In contrast, Tesla’s Supercharger Network was able to recharge the Model X 90D with more than 100 kW of output. The Tesla Model X also outshone the Jaguar I-PACE in terms of charging.

I think you are missing the point. This is about voltage, not power. A 400 V charger simply can’t charge a 450 V battery beyond some 50% or so.

My last few cars have been Jag, the last one the XJL. Adored each one. Still love Jag. I bought a Tesla model S fully loaded a few months months ago. It’s far exceeded my expectations. The end of this review states Tesla owners have “drank the cool-aid.” This is disingenuous at best. I would have waited for the I-Pace if I was interested in driving around town. But, I drive to other states once in a while and the 1000 + Tesla super charging stations are fantastic. And, with an adapter can use the third party slower chargers if I have to… Having the ability to travel long distances is a big deal. Second, the design console and fantastic enhanced autopilot capabilities are far better than I expected. Sure, I’m ready to take over at any time, but it makes driving far more relaxing. I’ve found, if I’m honest with myself, that I’m too distracted in my driving, and the Tesla makes me a lot safer. The built in always on Internet connection let’s me find my car, even in garages. It’s a tiny, nice feature. Never looking for my car. Can see it on the map in the… Read more »

Very impressive car, and seems to be a very fair review. Also from other reviews – the car handles expected off-road duty without damage. Nice Luxurious car, and $70 1/2 K is a fair price for the total package.

It’s Nice ! However, You Cannot Just Grab In “ICE” Designed Car Body , Shove An Electric Power Train in it and Call It a Pure EV., Especially at That Price.. Jaguar Has Much To Learn About The Design/Build Of Electric Vehicles ….No Offense To The JAGUAR Fans As I am One Too… 🙁 ..