MotorWeek – Kia Soul EV Road Test Video


MotorWeek reviews the all-new 2015 Kia Soul EV. We are thrilled that the review is mostly positive!

Kia Soul EV… The front grille & wheels should be a dead giveaway.

Kia Soul EV… The front grille & wheels should be a dead giveaway.

There are some buyers who want an EV that looks like an existing vehicle. If that is the case, then you are in luck with the Soul EV.

The Kia Soul EV is a traditional Kia Soul with the ICE and transmission taken out and fitted with an all electric drive system.  Yes, there are a few details inside and out that separate the gas and electric versions.

We like the Kia Soul EV as much as MotorWeek does and we’re glad that it adds yet another option for those seeking a plug-in (we sure do wish Kia would offer this nationwide).

What are your thoughts on the Soul EV’s features, capabilities/practicality, and price point?

2015 Kia Soul Interior

2015 Kia Soul Interior

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Joshua Burstyn

We got ours last week and so far the first ~750km have been great. The car gets exactly the mileage it claims on the dial… and it has winter rubbers on it now. Impressive.

Acceleration is a lot slower than our ‘S but… it costs a third what the Tesla did and as you say it looks identical to the normal Soul. My wife will drive it to/from work and blend right in. (She doesn’t like to be the centre of attention but we both wanted her to drive a safer, smoother ride and quit gas altogether.)

So far so good. Nice job, Kia – bring on more BEVs.


Cool! Thanks for the update.

Steve Rider

I looked at this car at the LA Auto Show and was very impressed. The range is good, the charging options are good, it looks great for a small family.

Robert Weekley

Thanks KIA for putting a new spark in our Souls! CHAdeMO Standard + a bit Extra Range are two big pluses – even without the + model trim!

Will KIA Dealers allow 24 hour Charger Access? Will they restrict users from charging if they did not buy the Soul EV From Their Dealerships? The Car is great – but Car Dealers are slow in getting in the spirit of the EV Movement and the kind of thinking it requires! They say they are franchised dealerships – so why does KIA Corporate not control the terms for EV Charging offered as well?


Kia did a nice job. Lots of room. Good range (for a non-Tesla). Heated steering wheel. DC fast charging and, I think, a 30 A (6.6 kW) on-board charger. Nice instrumentation, tail lights, etc.

The only thing they did not provide was decent acceleration. I would like 9.0 sec 0-60 mph at a minimum, and ideally 7.0 sec.


jeff l

You are right, a 6.6 kw charger is standard and a DC charging station sprinted from 30% to 85% in about 18 minutes. We have this car and a Fiat 500e and never suffer from range fear.

jeff l

Small on the outside, big on the inside. The fit and finish is outstanding. It feels like a luxury car. I’ve charged it at KIA dealers and even Nisson dealers with no problem. I think this little bugger hauls and I can’t resist zipping through traffic or from lights every once in a while. I still get 90 plus miles and it’s roomier than any EV we tried and loaded with great features. What’s not to like.

John F

For those who have been looking for a better looking LEAF, this is close to the 2015 LEAF model SL. Very similar range, charging, electronics, and other features. Doesn’t seem to have a heat pump on the KIA. KIA acceleration is not quite as sporty as the LEAF. Who would have guessed?


John F:

Not sure if you have driven one or own one, but I recall reading that the Soul EV does have a heat pump or at least a hybrid heating system. Also, those 11+ miles of range over the LEAF are meaningful.