MotorWeek Takes Hyundai Kona Electric Out For A Spin


Sometimes a “quick spin” is all we need to get a solid impression of a new EV entrant.

As much as we love all the in-depth, deep dive reviews out there, people are busy. Not everyone has time to invest in a 20 to 40 minute video review of a new car. This is especially true if you aren’t in a position to buy right away. However, once you decide that this may be something you’d consider purchasing, doing the additional homework is a wise choice. Initially, checking out a well-laid-out overview can help you to narrow down your options. For this reason, MotorWeek spent some time with the Hyundai Kona Electric to give us its first impressions.

MotorWeek calls the Kona Electric “quirky,” but doesn’t really elaborate on that. Instead, the publication reminds us that the Kona is offered in three different powertrains, with adjustments made to accommodate this all-electric variant. Not surprisingly, the Kona Electric delivers more horsepower and torque than its ICE stablemates. Not to mention the fact that the electric configuration provides instantaneous torque that feels spirited off the line. In addition, the Kona Electric’s regenerative braking is aggressive, yet feels smooth compared to some rivals’ models.

Despite the reality that Hyundai converted a gas-powered vehicle into a pure-electric variant — which is not always the best plan — interior dimensions remain intact. In the end, MotorWeek says the car is competitively priced, has plenty of range, and offers some desirable active safety features as standard.

If the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric is on your list of potential purchases, check out our additional coverage and comparisons in the related articles shown above. Then, engage in our comment section and be sure to ask plenty of questions. You can also check out Kona Electric coverage on our Forum.

Video Description via MotorWeek on YouTube:

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric | Quick Spin

We like the quirky Hyundai Kona and now we get to drive the all-electric version.

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“Of all 3 power trains tested, the all electric has the the most horsepower and the most torque “ 😬

There is a difference between converting an exising ICE platform to BEV (e.g. Focus Electric) and building the platform to support ICE or BEV from the get-go (e.g. eGolf). The Kona appears to be the latter.

The Kona seems to be the first multi-purpose platform that isn’t seriously handicapper in one way or another. It would be interesting to understand when in the design process they started to consider a pure BEV platform.

The Ioniq predates Kona and I don’t think it was seriously handicapped either.

Three items to note in the vid that most will not fully realize:
1) Kona bev is a “sub” compact so don’t expect suv like height or space…more like a small wagon. I’ve heard the niro bev is slightly bigger. At 6’2” I’d probably be fine with either having driven a leaf for three years. But I might be spoiled now having driven a cavernous soul ev since.
2) HyundaiKia have done a great job of making the front heated n ventilated seats feature avaialble on their bevs. It’s really nice to have in extreme temps n I wish other bev builders did the same.
3) CCS charging for all new Hyundai/Kia bev models now n at considerably faster charging rates than this previous bev models. Nissan, and Mitsu, are just old school, bad school still sticking with clunky slower chademo.

With the GM tax credit expiry, these and cars like it are BOLT-killers.

If Soul with 64 kwh battery is cheaper with less features, that’s where my money will go. Range over features for me.

Next soul ev will be a few grand cheaper but it will also have slightly less range…probably around 20 miles or so. Head n leg room will be superior in soul than Kona or niro

The Kona was designed to be an EV and ICE driven car. Hyundai produce their own high tensile steel so light weight but strong construction means this was not going to be an issue.