MotorWeek BMW i3 Road Test – Video



MotorWeek Drives The BMW i3

“We plug into BMW’s future with the funky and fun i3!”

Concluding the review, MotorWeek says that the BMW i3 is more desirable than any other small EV on the market today, which is probably a true statement.  However, the i3 is more expensive than any other small EV too, so there’s an upside and a downside.

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The only thing making the Leaf “more capable” than the i3 is the amount of Chademo stations around for DC fast charge. Of course, if you get the i3 Rex, I guess that isn’t as much of an issue.

I still would give the leaf the number one spot and the soul ev 2 spot just because its to hard to get a soul.both go futher then the bmw and using gas is cheating

Leaf does not have more range than the i3 BEV.

Amusing how much footage is devoted to the BMW branding double-kidney “grill” that isn’t.