MotorTrend Hot Lap Video – BMW i8


Some of the BMW i8's specs.

Some of the BMW i8’s specs.

MotorTrend takes the new 2015 BMW i8 for a lap around the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca… All we can say is… Woah!

The i8 and the driver gave it everything it had to get the best time possible. It surely delivered an impressive result!

Who said a plug-in hybrid wasn’t fun or fast?  Pfft…

There should now be no doubt that the i8 is an impressive vehicle for what it was designed to do.  How so? Check out the video and you will absolutely see why the i8 is a thrill to drive, while still capable of delivering stellar gas mileage when required and operating electrically when desired.

What are you most impressed by with the BMW i8? We would love to hear!

…Woah. The i8 attacked this turn!

…Woah. The i8 attacked this turn!

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So, what was the time? Could it beat a Tesla?

1:44.29 lap time

I guess we will see how the Tesla P85D with 691hp and all wheel drive compares next year. For now, here are the fastes production speeds from July 2014:

1 Joe Nuxoll Tesla Roadster 01:49.018
2 Vlad Tovbin Model S 01:54.433

Mass is your enemy on a road course. Even a 1 Second differential is pretty significant.

Not to second guess BMW, for on the road driving, but, for this course I think this car needs more rubber.
– Understeer
– Braking

More rubber means more drag – BMW clearly put some thought into finding a balance between performance and efficiency. You might be saying they should have shifted this more towards performance, but keep in mind that what makes this car special (and worth it’s price tag) is the fact that it can get around using much less energy than other cars capable of the same performance.

That is a pretty decent time around Laguna…

Best Tesla S times I’ve seen were about 1:48:xx

Understand the compulsion to compare to Tesla, but a road course will Never be the forte’ of a (fat) grocery getter, no matter how fast in a straight line.

Mike, I completely misunderstand or disagree with nearly every sentence that you wrote – against all BMWs save the i3, this car is a handful, and statements like “I’m Not impressed with the brakes,” gives me the opposite of ‘warm, fuzzy’ that I get in spades tracking a 1-M.

A car that you plug-in to Serve the ICE is a hybrid for CO2 sake, MHO.

Tires and suspension tweaks are nearly required to track anything but an M series BMW, but..
sorry, that’s disturbing. Understeer, oops again, but possibly mitigated by tires and move away from the magic CO2 goal that apparently drove this BMW’s design.

Sorry, it’s an iPad and time will tell if its apparent fragility become a factor for owners.

and I still humbly await several i8 laps, enough to deplete the batteries or prove that they regen enough to keep boosting the ICE. My my guess is that performance will be toity-ville without the plug-in supercharger.

Note: just finished Autoweek’s review where they tested it without a fully charged battery/supercharger, so it -sounds- as if running ICE only shouldn’t happen.

Fully depleted battery? The maximum usable capacity is only 5.1kWh. Car does darn good for what little it has. How would you expect such a car to run only on a 1.5L three cylinder? About like an average Honda Civic, lol. So for such a small battery, this car works wonders. You wouldn’t even expect it to finish a lap of Laguna Seca.