MotorTorque Tests BMW i3 REx – Video


BMW i3 Tested By MotorTorque

BMW i3 Tested By MotorTorque

Reviews of the BMW i3 REx are rather limited in number compared to those of the fully electric BEV i3.

Here MotorTorque tests the BMW i3 REx.

As MotorTorque states:

“This model, the pricier range extender version, promises a range of 180 miles – eighty miles more than the pure electric version.”

“There’s lots of neat touches here like satnav which shows you charging points in a hundred mile radius, and there’s the option to switch to petrol mode and conserve the electric range.”

“You’ll only find two seats in the back and the boot is okay at 300 litres but doesn’t offer the same practicality as a conventional family hatchback.”

So, some pluses and some minuses.  Check out the video for more on MotorTorque’s i3 REx test drive review.

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whats the boot?


The European i3 does seem nice. Too bad the American version doesn’t.

I don’t know the differences other than a Hold Mode and steering wheel location. Also the charge port is on the wrong side for Americans. PITA to go to the rear passenger side every time to plug/unplug.

The interior shown would be very popular in the usa. too bad it isnt offered. the light gray base interior is to similar to the Leaf and will likely suffer the same dirty appearance.

What does she mean when she says “It won’t suit most people’s lifestyles”? I thought most people drove 180 miles or less per day?

And she says it’s more expensive, but its not really any more expensive than a typical BMW.

I also don’t agree that it’s “the most appealing electric car yet”. Let her test drive a Tesla.

I was thinking exacly the same things. Ugh. Get your facts straight journalists!

Overall I thought she did an outstanding job with presenting the information concisely and in a short amount of time. People have limited attention spans. Good stuff for the masses.

My impression of her presentation was “Hey, there’s this new weird thing out there called an EV. It’s really neat and has lots of bells and whistles, but it probably wont work for you and it’s expensive. This is the best EV out there, so if this doesn’t do it for you, just keep waiting until EV’s are ready for the mainstream”.

My thoughts precisely. 😉

I think she meant that it won’t suit most peoples’ lifestyles as a sole vehicle (as most people who own a car aren’t too fond of renting one for a road trip to a destination 2 hours away). It’s perfectly fine as a second vehicle, though.

Before you say “REx,” consider that the i3 has been designed to have reduced performance in REx mode; the driving experience while on REx would also classify as “not suitable for most peoples’ lifestyles.”

There was no mention of DC “rapid charging”. I imaginge a 30 minute quick charge might be an important and attractive feature for many potential i3 buyers. Is that not an option for this vehicle in the region?

It sure is. But the car she was driving didn’t have the CCS port. No need to mention that it’s available as an option, that would make the car sound too appealing.

The fast charge was discussed and pictured at 1:50.

I was referring to DC rapid charging, which is significantly faster than the 3hr “fast” charging mentioned in the video. DC rapid charging can often restore an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes, to vehicles that include this feature. The most commonly known DC standards are the CHAdeMO, the SAE CCS and the Tesla Supercharger. I believe CCS was supposed to be an option for the i3 and if so, it (is a glaring omission and) should have been mentioned.

I test drove an i3 two weeks ago that had the CCS port. It’s a $700 option and you can get it with the BEV and REx. I would probably get it if I bought one (better for resale value) and skip it on a lease.

Suprised nobody commented on “when the petrol engine takes over there is very little noise”.

I was going too. My comment: of course it’s a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, engine.
How much noise do you expect it to make?
Also kdawg +1