UPDATE – PODCAST Motorsport Network launches MYEV.com

JUN 30 2018 BY STAFF 8

***UPDATE – Podcast highlighting MYEV.com added directly below:

The exclusive marketplace for electric vehicles joins the ranks of Motorsport Network’s automotive properties                                                                                    

MIAMI, Fla. – June 27, 2018Motorsport Network, whose automotive division properties include InsideEVs.com, Motor1.com, MotorGT.com, AutoClassics.com and RideApart.com is proud to announce the official launch of MYEV.com, the first-to-market car shopping platform dedicated exclusively to the buying and selling of electric vehicles (EVs). Built in-house and from the ground up with EV specifications serving as the backbone, MYEV.com offers intuitive tools that make finding the right EV simple, easy, and straightforward. Motorsport Network’s news and ecommerce automotive properties provide the largest audience of auto enthusiasts in the world with insight, premier content, and high-quality inventory.

Traditional car shopping platforms cater to standard internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and have been slow to adapt to industry changes and the demand for electric vehicles. Motorsport Network has positioned MYEV.com as a solution to combat the lack of EV-specific search tools as electric vehicle ownership and adoption rates skyrocket globally. Unlike other marketplaces, MYEV.com is 100% free for users and offers unique content to help shoppers overcome the most common concerns, like battery range and available tax incentives, when it comes to EV ownership and purchasing. MYEV.com stands as an educational platform to guide both in-market and curious shoppers as well, highlighting the unique features of EVs and sharing location-based calculations, such as the cost to charge from your home.

MYEV.com was developed from the tireless work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of a select team of automotive and tech experts at Motorsport Network with extensive experience and recognition within their industries. With the addition of MYEV.com to Motorsport Network’s automotive properties, including InsideEVs.com, a leading source for EV news and reviews, and Motor1.com, of which 41.8% of its audience is in the market for a vehicle, the company will have a full complement of websites to accommodate its audiences’ needs and fill this gap within the car shopping market.

MYEV.com, the first all-EV digital marketplace, is an exciting launch for Motorsport Network. The product and tech teams put a tremendous amount of research and development into this specialized shopping experience,” said Eric Goeres President of Automotive, Motorsport Network, “MYEV.com was conceived and created by true EV enthusiasts so it’s no surprise that it succeeds at serving the particular needs of EV buyers and sellers.”

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), a record number of EVs (1 million) were sold in 2017, more than doubling the number of EVs on the road. It is estimated that 125 million EVs will be on public roads by 2030. Motorsport Network’s goal to further engage with the electric vehicle audience that it established with InsideEVs.com and provide dedicated tools and research to focus on the specific needs of this niche solidifies its presence within the automotive industry. MYEV.com will lead its primary target market focus in the USA with international expansions planned over the next few years.

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Definitely pretty exciting for us at InsideEVs. We hope it is super successful.

Are you soliciting feedback? First and foremost it’s blocked on the Gov’t computer network…The IEV forums were at one point too but that’s no longer the case…

It only works on BEVs…that is the goal?

Yes, initially, as I understand it. However, late in the design process, we mentioned that although we may not want to push PHEVs, IEV still covers them and will be for a time, so it might not be a bad idea to follow suit. However, they’d already set up the whole premise as a BEV site. So, one will go to the Chevy section and assume they may be able to search used Volts (which I honestly did myself), but no luck. The nice thing about the whole initial situation is that we have this huge, knowledgeable, supportive comment base of IEV hardcores that can chime in to make the site the best it can be. Nonetheless, if they can garner success just including BEVs, more power to them and kudos on that for sure! Way to go BEV adoption! Moreover, keep in mind that it’s a beta release and they’re looking for as much feedback and help as they can get from our IEV readership. With that being said, adjustments can and will be made. So, if you believe that PHEVs should be shown on the site, please mention that. I also know that our hardcore EV audience will… Read more »

I understand the BEV focus, but for the application I am car searching for now, current non-Tesla BEVs just won’t do, so I was really excited to search the site, only to find that I couldn’t get what I was after.

It won’t cater to everybody and that’s fine – just an anecdote.

That’s really lame. Enthusiasts on a site like this might want to see BEVs only, but the vast majority of mainstream consumers don’t even know that PHEVs exist. And a good portion of those mainstream consumers think that plug-in vehicles are out of the question for them due to range limitations, so it’s too bad that this site will miss the opportunity of at least getting that portion of the market started on something with a plug.

I’m a BEV driver myself, but when we’re at 1-2% market share, we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

The listings don’t even show remaining battery capacity, which is one of the most important information when buying a used EV

We will let them know. It’s in beta now and they are collecting advice and comments. Thank you!