Motoring TV Pits Tesla Model S Against Dodge Challenger – Video

SEP 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 26

Motoring TV Pits Tesla Model S Against Dodge Challenger

Motoring TV Pits Tesla Model S Against Dodge Challenger

Motoring TV is usually centered around conventional cars, but this time it takes a look at the Tesla Model S.

Probably to have some anchor point, Motoring TV picked up a Dodge Challenger too.

Not much racing or reviewing, but it’s refreshing to watch how old fashion fans are speechless in the face of Tesla and sometimes even change their minds, admitting that electric cars are cool after experiencing the Model S.

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Time to put Grand-Pappy’s Oil Burner, away… 😉

Time to stop listening to dumbass Limbaugh, about rare earth metals “expenses”, and where it get’s it’s power on the electrical grid.

Tesla motor doesn’t need Chinese rare earths, and lithium isn’t expensive or in low supply.

Coal is going bankrupt in the USA BECAUSE of natural gas, and wind/solar becoming cheaper than coal, with none of the pollution Coal Won’t Pay For.

Coal’s Polluting FREE RIDE is Over, as it should be, with 1899 tech.

Geometric Growth

Yep. Coal needs to die ASAP. It is dirty, dangerous, and even deadly from the mining of it, transportation of it (coal dust), burning of it (toxic pollution & greenhouse gases), and all the way to the toxic radioactive coal ash.
That 17th century energy source needs to go away.

+1^3 to you too


“But there is a lot of energy used to power up that electrical grid that you’ll be plugging into for the life of this electrical car. I’m just sayin”

1-in-3 are choosing to power their EV from the sun. I’mn just sayin….

There seems to be this assumption from the general public that isn’t that familiar with electric cars that EV enthusiasts don’t take into account the impact of the electricity we are using and assume we are getting it from nowhere for free.

They also arent aware that the average EV is 3 times as efficient than the average gas car. And charging from a grid like California’s will result in 3 times less carbon emissions well to wheel.

There is a persistent belief of equivalency that EVs ultimately pollute as much as gas cars.

Yes. the ONLY REAL discussion is on the Left.
The Right produces bulls***.

Aah! That would be as a result of a study that was reprinted in newspapers all over the world, including places like Jamaica, where there is no threat of electric cars gaining market share yet and where incentives for buying (importing) electric cars are no better than those for buying a hybrid or a car with an engine capacity of under 1 litre. That is because they all attract the lowest rate of import duty with the aggregate of import duties and taxes coming to 52%.

Yet one particular newspaper thought it was important enough for it’s readers to be presented with a story under the headline “Electric-car benefits depend on power source – Coal power more harmful than gasoline”. Article can be read aaaaat:

This piece, a classic FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) spreading piece was VERY widely circulated in the press (internationally). In light of the increasing use of renewables, specifically solar PV, in many jurisdictions, one wonders why people thought it was important to disseminate this particular study, even in places where EVs aren’t being sold yet! Weird isn’t it?

islandboy said:

“…one wonders why people thought it was important to disseminate this particular study, even in places where EVs aren’t being sold yet! Weird isn’t it?”

Not sure if you’re being serious, or writing with tongue firmly in cheek. It’s not “weird”, it’s evidence of how good Big Oil is at creating and disseminating anti-EV propaganda.

Fortunately, there are people like Robert Llewellyn who are pointing out how very, very dishonest that propaganda has to be to be claim that EVs are just as polluting as gasmobiles:

Gasoline can only be made from oil.

Electricity can be made from wind, solar PV, natural gas, nuclear, tidal, waves, geothermal, hydropower, CSP, OTEC, biomass, etc.

Which would you rather be dependent upon?

And the other thing people miss, is that, while an EV has a huge impact on your household electricity consumption, it is much less on the national level.

It’s easy to find the numbers and do the math. If every car in the US were magically switched to an EV overnight, the total national electrity consumption would increase by ~20%.

Beat him like a red-headed step child.

It’s: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley.” (often go awry/asunder).
Robert Burns “To a Mouse”

“Stuff happens” is also not such a famous saying.

We’re all working to clean up the electrical grid. In Canada – British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are already mostly powered by clean, renewable energy (hydro). The point is, the Dodge has no choice but dino juice, the Tesla has a choice! I’m just sayin’

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the raw materials that go into a Tesla battery and where they are sourced from. I suspect that detractors are making unwarranted assumptions about how “dirty” lithium battery production is, but I have my own biases that I would like to check against reality.

Nothing even remotely comparable with exhaust spewing poison every hour of every day for 10 years or more.

Building battery is one shot only, Like building an ICE with all of its numerous mandatory satellite systems.

Lithium is recyclable at 98%, after 15-20 years of use.

“The Tesla is fast and expensive but don’t take a long road trip” yes, yes and HAHAHAHAHA. Ok, I guess they never heard of the thousands of trips people take every year?

Never heard of Tesla’s free charging.

This is so disappointing about the “right” wing today. They’re so lazy. They never look up nuthin.
They are the sheep to the slaughter, they’ll eat up any shit you put in front of them.

Like the NRA’s “first ammendment” rights ( to sell guns to criminals with no background checks ). They just don’t research anything.

Good review until the last 30 seconds.


The gearhead has to interject his personal feelings and misinformation about EV’s into it. Oh well. Can’t win them all…

Maybe his show is also sponsored by Shell Oil, like Top Gear is? 😉

These people are scary… They love oldschool mechanic but have almost no idea of the weaknesses of it.
No wonder they get there ass kicked, ICE is a bad technology. Steam engines were more powerful (incredible torque!) but not easy to use, ICE is a kind of derivative and it shows. We had to add several mechanical extras to fix it.
We’d better get rid of this low-tech as soon as possible.

A typical 1000 MWe Coal Plant will release 5.2 tons of Uranium and 12.8 tons of Thorium into the atmosphere each year. That’s just bad. Coal isn’t simply carbon. It’s a mixed bag.

Also, coal kills workers: immediate fatalities from 1970-92 for coal were 6400 deaths per Terawatt year of electricity. These were all workers, too.

Coal Combustion: Nuclear Resource or Danger; Alex Gabbard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
IAEA; Sustainable Development and Nuclear Power, 1997

Note this review is from Toronto Canada
and the reviewers are neophytes when it comes to electric cars.

– Dirty electric source – baloney, especially since Ontario has closed all its coal power plants
– long drives – Tesla has installed over 500 free supercharger stations and you can travel coast to coast in the US for free. Canadian network is growing rapidly
– efficiency: 80% of gas is lost in heat, electrics are less than 10% heat loss
– rare earth minerals – non in Li-Ion
– toxic chemicals – non in Li-Ion, totally recyclable
– The Tesla costs about 3 cents a km for power, a gas equivalent costs about 6 times as much
– oh and lets not forget how clean fossil fuels are – not.

kudos to the many posters here who ripped to shreds the last 30 seconds of BS in that video.

I plused 1^3 a couple posts but soon realized I could have done many more.