Acquires InsideEVs, Hires Veteran Green Car Journalist Sebastian Blanco

FEB 7 2017 BY STAFF 116 takes leadership position in the EV sector, acquiring and hiring acknowledged editorial authority, Sebastian Blanco

Blanco to take up Senior Green Car Editor role across a new market-leading digital EV platform on

February 7, 2017, Detroit, MI –, the leading global source of online car reviews, news, and information, today announced its acquisition of the largest independent website dedicated to electric vehicle news, To consolidate the acquisition,’s Editor in Chief, John Neff also confirmed that Sebastian Blanco, acknowledged as one of the foremost editorial authorities in green car media, would be joining the business from to supplement the existing talent at

The acquisition underlines the strategy set out by’s parent company, Motorsport Network, to cement the company’s leadership position in both the EV road car and electric racing media following the recent acquisition of a shareholding stake in Formula E Holdings Limited (FEH), the commercial rights holder of the FIA Formula E Championship.

Andretti Formula E Car

Adding to the roster continues a tradition of being responsive to reader’s interests, with trends showing audiences registering higher than average engagement levels around electric and green automotive content. ranks as one of the leading online platforms committed to making sense of the rapid growth in the electric vehicle segment. It was established not just to publish breaking news but to examine the how, what, and why of electric vehicles. The site has achieved impressive growth and reader loyalty in a short time under to the leadership of founder and Editor in Chief, Jay Cole, and his editorial team that commands respect across the industry.

The past several years have seen great advancements and growth in the electric vehicle segment,” said Cole, “And we are excited to move forward into an even brighter future with as a partner. Motorsport Network has demonstrated an ever-growing commitment to electric vehicle technology with its recent stake in Formula E, and also brings a deep writing team that will augment the already strong coverage of zero-emission vehicles found at”

Augmenting the team is the respected and veteran green car journalist Sebastian Blanco, who takes up the post of Senior Green Car Editor.

Blanco has 20 years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and had been Editor in Chief of since its inception in 2006. Well known in the industry, Blanco has appeared on the BBC, NPR, and many other news outlets as an expert commentator on the subject of green transportation. He joins the team in Detroit, MI and will help guide and manage the incoming talent and resources of

John Neff said, “It’s a pleasure to align the talents of Jay and his team at and Sebastian with our mission to stake a leadership position in EV media. We’re committed to following the automotive industry’s biggest trends and the rise of electric vehicles makes it a subject worthy of investing in expertise for our readers. We are now positioned better than any other publisher to deliver our readers around the world the best content – news, reviews, and video – related to electric vehicles and the ever-expanding green transportation sector.”

About is a technologically advanced international digital media group specializing in automotive content while delivering the latest news, car reviews, buying guides, price lists, and premium video production. It is part of the Motorsport Network family of digital media platforms and is published in four language editions, attracting a million users every month

About Motorsport Network

Motorsport Network is a vertically integrated automotive & motorsport business headquartered in Miami, FL. The technology business manages a global broadcast network, live events, and multiple websites, social networks and e-commerce, gaming, analytics & editorial syndication platforms operating in 16 languages across 60 international markets. The business is founded on the principle of engaging audiences around automotive & motorsport content to provide clients with integrated solutions to connect with this global audience.

For more information, please contact:

Liam Clogger, Vice President of Communications, Motorsport Network
t: +44 (0)7585 607090

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Wow! Quite a surprise! Congratulations, Jay! I hope that InsideEV’s quality will not suffer.

Hey Alohart,

Indeed! Its accretive, so everything we have done in the past, the same way + added personnel (such as the announcement with Sebastian today), more infrastructure, etc.

Very cool Jay, congrats!


Take the money & run! (to someplace warmer) 😀

So now you buy a Chevy Bolt. 🙂


Whaaaat! Fantastic to see your hard work recognized and (hopefully) rewarded! Congrats!

I do not know Motor1 at all. But I read Autoblog Green daily.

Welcome Sebastian!

I will be cautiously optimistic. I haven’t been a fan of Motor1 content. Hopefully they let insideevs remain autonomous.

*autonomous*, I see what you did there

This is certainly a surprise to me!

To Jay Cole and everyone else at InsideEVs: Good luck with the transition, and here’s hoping that it brings only good things to every one of you.

Congrats and here’s hoping for better proofreading and less/no teslamundo/teslarati “articles”.

/zing, (=

Well there you go, Sebastian is here now (and admittedly is far better at editing than myself, lol)

After the snarky remark, I’d like to add I love IEV and really appreciate your guys’ work and dedication. I’ve learned a lot and I definitely look to buy an EV once they become available in my country.

Hoping your independence is not infringed Jay.

+1, you have been doing an excellent job. My advice going forward is to be sure to draw a line between the motor sports/formula E/drag racing side and all the rest. I wouldn’t visit a site called motorsports.

I visit autobloggreen once per day.

I visit insideevs several times per day.

I hope insideevs does not go down to the level of autobloggreen.

I just hope gorr doesn’t follow Sebastian from Autoblog… 🙂

that was funny!

And hilarious, as well!

Same here. Autoblog has sucked for a while now, so I’m not terribly excited by this. There’s always electrek. I’ve like insideevs since the beginning and not excited about an ownership/editorial change.

“There’s always electrek.”

Electrek is basically a Tesla fansite. No independent reporting on other things EVs.

You can sum Elektrek up by: Tesla good, all other EVs bad.

Also, some of their website contributors and even editors were long TSLA stock (they admitted to that on Twitter).

I will grant them an occasional scoop.

I therefore hope InsideEvs keeps an independent view on all things EV, including skeptical analysis on boastful promises (be it from Tesla’s Elon Musk or small hucksters like NanoflowCell).

PS: I of course grant all EV sites a general pro-EV bias since it’s the sector they report on.

And you tftf are virtually the exact opposite of Elektrek as you were caught here as short on Tesla and really only come here to spread anti-Tesla FUD in a lame and desperate attempt to influence readers to enhance your shorts.

I used to read electrek a lot. I literally cannot stand that site any longer.

I love Tesla, their goals and their products, but I can get my Tesla news elsewhere.

The site rarely covers other EVs. When they do, it is usually with a negative slant. The pure GM hatred from Fred in particular is unprofessional.

It is good to know I am not the only one who thought that…

I can assure you are not the only one … has become basically a Tesla bulletin board in 2016. They will post anything and everything regarding Tesla (not just the cars). Tesla S improves drag strip time by 0.01s you bet has it the next day … I don’t think they carry a lot of respect withing the the industry. They do have the clicks, for now, who knows how long …

If there is any editorial change I would wish for, it’s a less indulgent attitude toward those who only come here to spread FUD about EVs. Yeah, you’re on that fortunately short list, tftf.

As welcome as ants at a picnic.

Congrats Jay! InsideEVs stepped up bigly! So looks like perhaps more excuse to visit Miami during the Canadian winter.

I need no excuse to go to Florida, been there more often than not over the past couple months…both for business and pleasure, (=

Jay, I’ve been in Florida a few months now. I am sure you haven’t spent considerable time in Florida, or your opinion would be quite different. Half the fight is climate, the other half is drivers. They are a special kind of stupid. They seem enamored with driving into each other anywhere they find other drivers.

Autoblog? I may have came across it once before, but theres nothing like IEV. Articles are decent, and some come just for the comments (some entertaining battles, such as sven vs pupu). I would’ve thought IEV would be taking over the universe, not the other way around.

But in any case, congrat is in order. As others have mentioned, I hope you keep your autonomy and continue the great work.

“Green” = Albatross, to me. Congrats Jay! Over the years, you’ve helped us appreciate how electric vehicles are so much more. I hope sees the possibilities of your brand.

Congrats Jay! I didn’t realize that insideEVs was “the largest independent website dedicated to electric vehicle news”.
Quite an accomplishment.

I hope the website gets thumbsUp, thumbsDown, and edit after posting capability.

Many functional improvements will no doubt be arriving soon, (=

Motor1 requiring at least Disqus, if not Twitter, FB, etc. is one step away from the privacy that I think has lead to some of the more insightful contributions, at IEV in the past. Let’s hope those continue.

Electrek got few comments in the beginning. I occasionally made the only comment on an article. After a while they were getting more comments than here, and I rarely commented. Then they switched to Discus and I stopped.

I hope they don’t go disqus. That requires JavaScript.

It’s 2017, and you want to surf the web with JS disabled?

Please don’t mess much (or at all) with a great formula. This version of the comments section is so much better than anywhere else.
Combined with the writers/editor frequent presence it is great.

Disqus etc. with reply notifications and edit functions leads to flame wars and people changing their posts to fit their current narrative.

I fear the downfall of this great site. I hope my fear is unfounded.

By the way, what is Motor1? Maybe they should get even more introduction.

There is little to no plans to “mess” with what got us to where we are today.

I think our discussion section (despite needing an upgrade and a lot more functionality) have been popular and an enjoyable place to be because of:

A) a good community (of course) and,
B) we have actively, but in a very light-handed way, have staffed to moderate the discussions – so when disruptive forces, uh… disrupt the thread(s) steps are taken to keep things on the level, and to remove over-the-top/repeat offenders

Good. A lot of good sites have been destroyed by new ownership and/or changes just for the sake of changing things.

Keep up the great work 🙂

Congrats Jay! Been reading your stuff since the early days at GM-Volt and have always found it insightful.

When the doc sold off GM-Volt the blog portion of that site became worthless. Luckily the forum has stayed alive and useful.

I hope the new corporate overlords here know a good thing when they see and let InsideEVs continue to be the go-to site it’s become.

I have fond memories of the good old days there, (=

With that said (and not speaking to how it operates or is viewed today), the content/direction there was Lyle (and some from myself), and then it wasn’t.

Nothing changes today at IEV versus yesterday, all the same people (including myself), doing the same things. Think of this announcement as a +1…and maybe the ability to edit comments soon, lol.

“and maybe the ability to edit comments soon”

ok, now it is for sure worth the change. 🙂


Glad to see these comments in response to the similar sentiment I have about the GM-Volt site. I haven’t visited there since the unfortunate events of October. This is indeed the place I come several times per day. And even if I don’t deeply peruse the items of the day, at least the content helps my demeanor. Lord knows, I need it these days.

What happened there in October? I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention.

The events had more to do with my personal experiences with the oversight of insideevs versus gm-volt. I would have expected very few to be aware of my feelings. My comment here was directed specifically at Jay and he would probably be aware of why I stopped going to gm-volt at that juncture.

I was encouraged by Jay that insideevs was still going to be a place I would want to visit and participate in. GM-volt is simply not the place it was when Lyle had us all dreaming of driving around on electrons.

We knew EV’s had come of-age when the home-conversion EV trend stepped into the background and industry leaders GM and Nissan and upstart Tesla began engineering and mass-producing them.

And we now know EV online publications have come of-age when the more successful of the start-up online forums move on the ownership and management by mainstream professional automotive online publications.

Great job, Jay. It has been quite the adventure getting to this momentous day!

Jay Cole said:
“I have fond memories of the good old days there, (=”

Likewise, I remember the good old days here when InsideEVs was still trying to find its direction, before hitting upon its winning formula. When InsideEVs debuted, it started out as a website focused on electric trolleys with Jay regaling us with tales about the history of the apple. YUUUUP, it was both interesting and pity. 😉

Jay Cole said:
“Think of this announcement as a +1…and maybe the ability to edit comments soon, lol.”

Yeah, I’ve heard that one before [rolls eyes]. It’s been on your “to do” list for quite a while. I’ll believe it when it see it. 😉

“Jay Cole”
“June 8, 2012 at 8:41 am”

“…ah, the bane of my existence, a functioning edit button.”

“It’s on the ‘to do’ list”

Ah, the placeholder page while we were trying to get things set up…good times, lol.

To be fair, the ability to edit comments did come into existence twice, but for a very brief times as we weren’t happy with the solutions we came up with…compromises always seemed too high once implemented

For those interested, below are the first InsideEVs articles archived on the Way Back Machine, and the first archived monthly sales report on the Way Back Machine.

Jay, when is InsideEVs’ official 5th Anniversary? It would be great to have an article on that date with a story-about or links-to the following:
– very first InsideEVs article;
– very first InsideEVs comment;
– article with the most comments;
– article with the most page views;
– first time a commentor called someone else a FUDster;
– first time a commentor called someone a Tesla fanboy/fanboi; and
– most memorable or most important InsideEVs articles from the past five years.

Oh to have only 5 cars to report numbers on again, and just a tiny little ditty on each…no spreadsheets, no graphs, lol.

/come a long way

Just as a point of interest, this (below) was actually the first story post some almost ~16,000 odd pieces ago – watch out though, it’s pretty deep, (=

Welcome to Inside EVs

Thanks Jay! Congrats!

Link to the InsideEVs archive for 2012 on the Way Back Machine. Enjoy.*/

“When InsideEVs debuted, it started out as a website focused on electric trolleys with Jay regaling us with tales about the history of the apple.”

Perhaps new IEV articles were were available via your choice of either Pony Express or telegram? Or was it only hand-carved stone tablets delivered via llama? 😛

Does this mean that you’ll be proofreading your story posts now? The errors are embarrassing, worst in the business. Love the coverage though 🙂

Maybe they have or will have a full time grammarian (final edit checker) to proof the material. Only takes a fresh set of eyes a couple of minutes to find what the author missed.

Welp there goes a healthy independence.

I’m hearing it here first! Congratulations to Jay, to, and best of luck for the new initiatives and ongoing operations.

I thought something was in the wind, but I had no idea what it was.

Higher than average engagement? Well that is clearly an intentional understatement or perhaps a touch of sarcasm.

Hoping that this does not result in an overwhelming abundance of racing articles, and on track content to the exclusion or marginalization of actual “on road” consumer vehicles.

We’re already inundated with the 0-60 thing enough. (IMHO). Aside from when I bought my Volt, I cannot remember EVER doing a flat out 0 to ?? sprint @ WOT more than 2-3 times in as many years. More content surrounding real world performance, range, utility as it related to living with an EV seem more useful, again IMHO.

That said Congratulations going forward!!

I agree 100% Daniel. Real world daily driver use, comfort level on longer trips, accurate range estimates depending on weather and speeds, etc…
I sat in a Spark EV and it was so firm it reminded me of my mom’s, VW fastback (1971). No mention of this in reviews. The very, very few times I’ve floored an accelerator was in dangerous situations in my under-powered cars.
More info for the mainstream car buyer will help the transition to EV’s. For example when the Model 3 comes out, do a side-by-side comparison with cars like the Audi A4, a true competitor.

Congratulations Jay, I hope 😉

I assume from the lack of announcement to the contrary, that you’ll remain EiC, right?

What does this mean for contributors?

Thanks Assaf,

Everyone still here, we will still operate basically the same way…one assumes we will have more Formula E coverage (sorry Daniel from one comment above) but it will be on top of what normally do. I suggested IEV logos on all the cars, but not sure Motorsport will make that happen, hehe.

Glad to hear you are all still sticking around. I followed you here from gm-volt and feel more informed on the current state of EVs than I do American politics and appreciate your “real news”. Glad they are letting a good thing continue.

Enjoy some champagne and get back to work 🙂

I find 0 to 60 times to be worthless and they have little to do with racing but I do look forward to Formula E or even the E rally racing news…
And thanks for the great site…

I hope this gets the owners the money they deserve.

And I hope the site doesn’t become as bad as Autoblog or AutoblogGreen have become under more corporate ownership. I hardly visit either one of those sites now they’re so bad

Same here, I quit reading ABG a couple of years ago. The comments section devolved into a total waste of time.

Same here as well. Autoblog green used to be decent several years ago. I had quit reading it and even thought autoblog discontinued it.

I sure hope they IEVs keeps its pragmatic support for PEVs that it has always had. Gm-Volt is still good, but it is not the PEV champion that it used to be with Dr. Lyle.


Congrats Jay!

This uber boring press release seems more intended for shareholders of than for readers of this site. I hope the quality and quantity of news on this site remains as is for a long time.

Congratulations, Jay! I can certainly understand the desire to cash out but unfortunately these takeovers are often not beneficial to the consumers or readers in this case. When a bigger company takes over they usually start to “optimize” and “streamline” the product to the degree that what was good about it in the first place is no longer there. Let’s hope for the best going forward though.

Change is always exciting to me. Hopefully, this is good change. In either case, congratulations for producing a product worthy of a purchase by a bigger operation!

eletrek and insideevs are my favorite EV news outlets, hope the quality and content of insideevs does not get bought out and buried under all the boring legacy gas car stuff I see on – here is to them realizing most companies will go electric soon like Ford and Volkswagen and Mercedes and BMW so that they have to have the EV section to stay relevant.


Yep, that editing function is on my wishlist for the new overlords too. Plus e-mail notification for people responding to one’s posts, I’m not an F5 sort of guy myself. Better things to do…

Congrats. Now upgrade the comment system to something decent.

I’m torn. It seems to me that the comment section works quite well considering how active the comments are here compared to other sites with more “sophisticated” comment systems.

Editing a comment is great! We have all needed to do that from time to time. And having a real log in with easy to use avatars is great.

But things like +1, thumbs up/down, “Share to Facebook” etc… anything “social media” in nature I find are a detriment to intelligent debate.

Will the web address stay the same?

No reason for it to change… Even if it does, I’m sure the old addresses will still work using automatic URL redirection. Very simple to do.

Hopefully new ownership will result in less pro-Tesla drag racing and accident articles.

More professional and informative auto articles PLEASE.

Congrats! I hope the character of the site won’t change… But maybe some technical changes, like a full Forum system, or at least comment editing (-: …

Best wishes to InsideEVs and Motor1!

Congrats, but who? In exactly what category is Motor1 “leading”?

My concern is anything headquartered in Miami will promote ICE over EV. I mean Miami Beach is experiencing sea level rise today but most Miami residents continue to drive gas guzzlers…lol they refuse to connect the dots

They’ll reap what they sow.

Congratulations…I hope you continue to support EV transition and not become a puppet for fossil fuel mafia or the GOP Miami mafia.

Congrats Jay, your hard work is appreciated, I look forward to Sebastian Blanco upping his game now!

Congratulations! I hope the new staff and infrastructure will improve the site further.

I also hope insideev can/will maintain its content independence.

The last thing we need is another “green” site that becomes partial to a particular brand. (Electrek is a classic example of sites to avoid).

Disagree, electrek has a lot of interesting articles covering all sorts of brands. As with anything you read, know where its from to place the information, insideevs has a GM slant, electrek has a tesla slant, but essentially both do quality reporting on the industry and are staying on the ball. Electrek is definitely worth visiting daily, even more so if something bad should happen to insideevs visibility and scope in the near future.

You can disagree. But you can’t deny the fact that Electrek has NO JOURNALIST STANDARD when its staff and writers own TSLA stocks.

Most media sites forbid its staff to own investment interest in the company it covers due to conflict of interests.

But I guess the fact that you didn’t know or gives it a free pass shows that you got your own Tesla slant…

I don’t visit Electrek often, but I usually enjoy it when I do.

Yes, it has a pro-Tesla bias. But I find it puzzling that there are so many complaints about that. InsideEVs has a pro-Tesla bias too, and if it’s any less strong than Electrek’s, it’s not by much.

Seems to me that for those who want a better future, one where Big Oil no longer dominates global politics or has undue influence over politicians, a future where air pollution is greatly reduced, then being pro-Tesla is a very desirable trait. Doubly so for a website which focuses on electric cars!

(LOOOOONG reply coming. Because of quotes. 😉 ) It is not the Pro-Tesla bias that bothers me. I love the hell out of Tesla. The reason I have a Volt and Spark are because I couldn’t afford a Model S lol. It’s the anti-everything else from Electrek. The problem is primarily Fred Lambert. Spreading incorrect, click bait aimed or incomplete information in every article about the Volt or Bolt. If they do not like GM offerings, just ignore the cars like they do other carmakers. Fred throws in at least a couple nuggets of misinformation, lies, or unsubstantiated statements into most GM articles. The readers then go out spreading the lies further into other comment sections, thinking they’re true. This hurts EV adoption overall. It does not promote EV adoption. Electrek is most responsible for calling Bolt a Compliance car, warning of 40% battery degredation, and GM losing $9,000 on every Bolt outside of ZEV states. Some examples of statements they will throw into every article. (These are mostly Fred) These are all from ~November 2016 or later: “While there’s still a chance the Bolt EV program could graduate from a compliance car to a real high-volume vehicle, GM has… Read more »
I was pointed to your comment and felt compelled to reply. We all have bias and it’s clear that you have one too for GM and against Electrek. Either you never read anything else than some GM posts from us or you are plainly lying: “anti-everything else from Electrek” Really? I have written literally hundreds of posts about electric vehicles other than Tesla’s – most of them positive. I would link them here, but my comment wouldn’t be approved. You just selected a bunch of quotes without ever providing any counter argument as to why it’s not accurate. Like why is it a problem for me to point out that GM is lobbying against the EPA’s fuel emission standard? How is it wrong for me to reported that? Who has a bias now? Everything I wrote about the Bolt EV and GM has been accurate. When posting from sources I always checked with GM to give them an opportunity to respond. They have either confirmed or refused to comment, like in the case of the net loss per car. “Fred throws in at least a couple nuggets of misinformation, lies, or unsubstantiated statements into most GM articles.” How about you… Read more »
If any quote I attributed to electrek above was in any way inaccurate please let me know. I expect individuals to have a voice and a bias. People have their preferences. I talk with people who love all sorts of EVs on this website and I respect every one of them for their views that is able to articulate them clearly and politely. My point was not that every single word you write is a scathing rebuke of GM. Rather, in almost every single article you write on the Bolt, you include some variation of the above. I can always tell when you have written a particularly negative bolt article because a bunch of commenters show up on other sites demanding we all boycott GM, that “GM does not have faith in it’s battery! It will degrade to 40%!” and that “GM clearly wants the bolt to fail and that it’s too bad GM does not actually want to sell its compliance car Bolt because they are losing money.” Or some such nonsense. I did not bring up the EPA quotes because I felt that part is inaccurate. I brought it up because it was inserted into unrelated articles (such… Read more »
Oh it’s clear now. Here’s what is going on. You are a fan of GM. You own two of their cars. You are also an EV enthusiast. SO you are trying to reconcile your GM fandom with the fact that GM is clear anti-EV actions, which is what I’ve been reporting on. Now you cannot see those actions as anti-EV since it doesn’t work into your own bias of being both an GM fan/owner and an EV enthusiast. SO instead of seeing them for what they are you lie to yourself and say that it’s the people writing those things that have an anti-GM bias instead. That’s more obvious than ever when you accuse me of putting the EPA thing out of context. How is it out of context to mention that GM is lobbying against an EPA ruling that would make them have to produce more EVs in an article mentioning that they say that they plan to make more EVs? It’s 100% relevant, but you can’t see that because it doesn’t work in your own bias. That’s OK. There’s no way to argue against something like that. You are too entrenched in it. Here’s my point of view… Read more »

Alright Fred, your anger above at GM is already what I knew your position to be. (By the way, saying ‘the Bolt will sell every one GM makes’ is not a compliment. Just a statememt of fact.)

You are awfully angry! I do not have to reconcile anything. I prefer an NPR approach to journalism and your site does not provide this. You are hostile and defensive towards those who disagree with you. I have seen you do it a few times to readers in your own comment sections who point out inconsistencies or incomplete reporting.

You clearly despise GM as you have shown. You are incapable of just writing a news article because you always gotta have an angle or rile people up. This is why I do not visit your site.

Anyways, you do not care about my opinion. Your audience likes what you do. So this is a pointless conversation to continue.

But for anyone who wonders why so many people have stopped going to your site, this may clear it up for them.

Check your own bias dude. Unless you can point to any misreporting of any kind, which you haven’t been able to do yet, you have no point.

Wonder why so many people have stopped going to our site?

Well I never wondered that since I didn’t that was the case. So many? How come we are hitting record monthly readership? now at over 2 million monthly readers and 8 million monthly views.

As I said, your audience loves what you do. I don’t expect you to change your approach. But Pushmi-Pullyu asked why many have a problem with electrek. So in order to check my bias, as a parting post, here is some hilarious anger from you, this time against Nissan. “Nissan takes a step backward in electrification, introduces gas-powered range extender without plug While EV enthusiasts are waiting for Nissan to announce its next generation LEAF, or whatever they will call their upcoming new electric vehicle with a 60 kWh battery pack, it looks like the Japanese automaker is now taking a huge and confusing step backward in electrification by introducing a gas-powered range extender called ‘E-Power’ without a plug?! Of course, Nissan presented the new product this week as “moving forward its electrification strategy”, but it looks like it was designed by the Koch brothers. The gas-powered range extender is nothing new. BMW has been offering one in the i3 for quite some time now. They basically make an over-complicated drivetrain to remove the dreaded “range anxiety”, but as James May, who recently got rid of his BMW i3 with range extender in order to go full electric, said: “it’s… Read more »

Can’t believe you even bothered to respond to a nonsense post like this that lists a long list of quotes that are completely correct but resented because they reflect poorly on GM.

I think Wade is tapping into what the term “fake news” has come to mean: any news that’s convenient for one’s agenda.

Keep up the good work!

No. Fake news would be false, or inaccurate reporting like Wall Street Journal did the other day, on VW. They drummed for VW-pity saying electric cars have limited appeal, despite 238 miles of range being available:

“Electric cars have limited appeal in the U.S. even after several auto makers, including BMW AG and General Motors Co., have launched models capable of going as far as 238 miles on a single charge.”

Without chance of Bolt sales feedback, or the inclusion of Tesla, I’d go as far as calling this fake, or false. I don’t know how anyone could see it any other way.

I spot heavy bias from Fred’s quotes, but nothing fake.

Michael Will said:
“. . . insideevs has a GM slant. . .”

Say what? Are you forgetting about all those Tesla articles from Teslarati, all those Tesla drag race video from DragTimes and Tesla Racing Channel, all those BMW articles from Tom Moloughney, all the evenhanded coverage the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius Prime has received on this website, etc., etc., etc.?

Please don’t let big advertising money (= ICE) force you to write more about cars that in their eyes are “green” as well, like hybrids, hydrogen, etc.

What I always liked here, Jay, is that you yourself wish for an EV-future. You didn’t start writing about EVs just because green was the trend, you actually hope for a cleaner world. You can feel that reading IEV. Keep up that spirit!

Appreciate the comment.

The motto for vehicle coverage remains “it is electric or it is dead to us

Although I confess it used to be “it plugs in or it is dead to us“, but because a fair number of people said they wanted some fuel cell vehicle coverage to round things out when it comes to zero emissions, we include those now from time-to-time.

I, too, welcome your fuel cell coverage. For me, and many others, it is a source of mirth.

Note that HFCVs aren’t actually EVs by any meaningful definition. A meaningful definition focusses on the fuel cars use since that affects their impact on environment, national security and also the overall ownership experience.

My proposal: cars are EVs to the extend they use electrons from an external source for their power needs.

That would include any type of plug-in hybrid (but only to the extend they are powered by those externally supplied electrons for the rest they are gassers/diesels)but not HFCVs since they derive all their power requirements from hydrogen.

Well done Jay – very happy for you!

Congrats. This is one of the sites that has motivated me to start my own outlet. Best of luck in Motor1.

The question is – do you still maintain editorial control or not. If yes, that is good.

One thing that definitely needs changing is loading speeds. bad because of the ads, sometimes.

Congrats on the news. I hope all works out well and independence is maintained. This is the first place I look for EV news.

To Jay Cole and everyone else at InsideEVs: Good luck with the transition, and here’s hoping that it brings only good things To you all.


Congradulations, Jay and all the staff!

I was worried a few would say this was a sell out.

Anyways, this page has come so far, I love it! ? All the best!