Motor Trend: Tesla Model S Is One Of The “Top 10 Greatest American Cars Of All Time”


Tesla Model S 70D - Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Model S 70D – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Model S 70D - Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Model S 70D – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

In early July, Motor Trend compiled its list of the “Top 10 Greatest American Cars Of All Time.”

Motor Trend writes:

“So as we celebrate the Fourth of July, why not celebrate the 10 greatest American cars of all time? You can define greatness is many ways, but these are all automobiles that were hugely influential in terms of their technology, design, engineering, and their impact on society and popular culture. These are machines that changed our world.”

Among the Top 10 is the Tesla Model S.  Here’s what Motor Trend says of the S:

“The mere fact the Tesla Model S exists at all is a testament to innovation and entrepreneurship, the very qualities that made the American automobile industry the largest, richest, and most powerful in the world. We’ve not yet become a nation of bankers or burger-flippers. America can still make things. Great things. But what marks the Tesla Model S as one of the all-time great American cars is that it has single-handedly changed the tenor of the conversation about electric vehicles. The Model S made electric cars cool for auto enthusiasts. How? It’s good-looking and fast. In fact, with 0-60 mph taking just 3.2 seconds, it is the quickest American sedan ever built.”

Some of the other vehicles on the list include the Chrysler Minivan, Ford Model T, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and Jeep MB.

Check out the entire Top 10 list here.

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for sure no doubt

Congratulations to the folks at Tesla.

Here’s hoping they continue to remodel, poke, prod, and insult the old guard auto industry in America. The big 3 had been pushing the snooze button for too many years… slow sandbagging us with crappy incremental changes. Now with Nissan and Tesla leading the rest of the world is awake and realizing that EVs will eventually eat their lunches if they fail to respond to the innovations.

Big three? Not anymore. Chrysler is owned by Fiat. Only GM, Ford, and Tesla are American companies.

The new “big 3”?

GM, Ford and Tesla? (Tesla being one of the largest EV maker) =)


It’s a great car. I’m looking forward to the Model III, and I hope Tesla can reproduce their success.

It’s good to see the American auto industry leading the way again, even if only in a niche segment.

Yeah, I’m sure many feel it is hyperbole but they really deserve it. They made EVs cool.

And they really moved the ball forward with lots of clever features:
-Over the air software updates to continually improve the car.
-Supercharger network is a HUGE advantage that allows them to enable long distance travel with relatively few superchargers installed strategic locations.
-An apparently well-designed battery system that seems to be safe, keeps the battery cool, monitors it carefully, etc.
-Battery system is a structural component of the car but also can be swapped out easily. It remains to be seen whether battery swapping catches on for charging but at the minimum, it allows a new battery or larger capacity battery to be swapped in easily.
-Beautiful design that is both aerodynamic and attractive.
-Clever AWD system that improves the efficiency of the Model S.

So many good things in a revolutionary car definitely makes it one of America’s top 10 cars.

Tesla is focused on showing that an EV can be just as good, if not better, than the equivalent gas/diesel car. They’ve done it for the large premium sedan market and now they just need to do it for all the other segments as well. Large CUV followed by a mid-sized sedan followed by a small CUV will catapult the company into the mainstream.

Well deserved kudos. I contend Model S is in the top 5 all-time best cars in the history of the automobile. Not just American. Name other cars that can seat 7, haul large amounts of stuff in 2 trunks, get you on the move without inserting a key fob, key or pressing buttons. How about 0-60 in 3.5ish seconds? How about inclement weather performance? This is a car that looks as sexy as can be, and doesn’t conform to the 3 box rule of large or midsize sedans. 17″ iPad to control everything to dashboard that keeps your eyes on the road like no other. Finally, how about automatically updating of the car so it’s not making you regret you didn’t buy the latest year’s model? It’s a new company. This makes many feel squeamish about “best car ever” claims. Why? Every car company extant was once a new company. Ford was a babe when the Model T was born. Oh, it’s electric. Even though it’s power comes on instantaneously, unlike other cars – and it runs smooth and nearly silent, it can’t be the best car ever made —- just because it’s American…Sound stupid? Many reading this actually do… Read more »

You know, there is little problem driving a Model S to Nepal. Just charge up in Katmandu. It’s only about 80km away.

That’s the beauty of electric cars. They can recharge anywhere there is electricity. With the exceptions of parts of Africa and other remote areas, electricity is ubiquitous and available.