Motor Trend Pits Tesla Model X Versus Bentley Bentayga – Video


Almost Race Time!

Almost Race Time!

With some assistance from Tire Rack, Motor Trend presents the ultimate SUV match up featuring the 600-hp Bentley Bentayga and the quickest SUV on the planet…the Tesla Model X P90DL.

Video description:

“The fastest SUV in the world squares off with the quickest SUV in the world on this episode of Head 2 Head, presented by Tire Rack. The 600hp Germano-British Bentley Bentayga can reach speeds of 187 mph, making it the fastest SUV of all time. But the Tesla Model X P90D with Ludicrous Mode, can rip off a 3.2-second 0-to-60. Which is faster through the quarter-mile? We drag race the two to find out.”

The video itself is exceptionally well executed with humor tossed in throughout.

Motor Trend adds:

“Are both of these SUVs worth the money? That depends on your definition of luxury— it’s Ye Olde Tyme English drawing-room posh versus High-Tech Silicon Valley rolling computer. Wood and leather versus EV silence and AutoPilot.”

Though Motor Trend’s senior features editors Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman often poke fun at the Tesla and its technology, they seem convinced that the path chosen by Tesla is the future. The tech mostly works and when you’re later in an SUV that lacks the Model X’s technology, you’ll find yourself missing what the Tesla offers.

And the winner is…no doubt…the Tesla Model X!

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$127k EV 532hp vs. $232k ICE 608hp
same weight

Yeah, I noticed MT went with actual instead of “motor power”, which would have been some meaningless 700HP+ stat.

1/8 mile would be more relevant. Nobody does much driving above the 90+ mph speeds they are already going, after half the quarter anyway.

I wonder what the price tag is on that Bentley……I Bet $450,000 ?/

Great video. Gotta love that Alfa drag race.

I’m still laughing over that Alpha drag race. Talk about catching someone off guard.

One of the two luxury cars has a handy feature:

The doors actually open and close every time.

Not really a good feature if there’s an obstruction. I’ll take the smart doors.

A negative comment against a Bentley?
What’s going on here?!

Nope. Just a negative comment against a rebadged Audi Q7. 😉

I know Aaron. I was injecting sarcasm there at tftf, because of his consistently negative commentary against Tesla.?

It’ OK. You can use the word, “Troll”.

How about facts? Read this before calling me names:

Can you tell me why and how such a car can leave the factory (at any price, let alone for $150k+ fully loaded).

There are severe QA / QC issues at Tesla. These are facts.

Did you happen to notice the mismatched bright work on the Bentley in the video at 7:05?

Yes I noticed that. Why and how such a car can be allowed to leave the factory, especially one that cost $335,000 fully loaded, is beyond me.

There are severe QA/QC issues at Bentley.
My confirmation bias against Bentley lets me know these are facts!

FACTS?! OK. It is a fact that you consistently post negative commentary regarding Tesla. Posting that gentleman’s problems with his Model X, does nothing to change that FACT.

I had a simple Problem with my then new 1995 Mercedes that the Dealer couldn’t resolve… (intermitten E short to the fuel supply pump)..It wasn’t Easy & I had to Fight , Mercedes Replaced that car, Repaired it & sold it as a Used car….But the Crooked Dealer Tried to charge me Sales tax twice*

I love these videos. His Acura NSX video is worth watching too.

Tesla needs a new designer the model X is ugly. Model S is nice, could be better, model 3 so far it looks good.

Compared to the Bentley, it looks gorgeous.

X looks very cool. That bentley is the only ugly thing I see here. Very ugly and generic looking

The Bentley seems to have a bathroom window for a grill.

Cats with Wheels FTW!!!

Would have loved to have seen the Bentley and X going side by side down the strip towing the trailers. Very curious if the torque characteristic of the motors would have amplified the results in a towing race.

I think video was fairly objective overall. Despite the win for Tesla Model X, the criticism were fair. They mentioned those “over the top” features that weren’t necessary. Over head windshield, falcon door, automatic doors…

Without those features, Tesla Model X would still be awesome and sell a lot. With those features they only added problems…

Yes, the summon and autopilot features are absolutely cool. The styling are ugly though.

Bentley is an overpriced Q7 without much substance. I agree that they could have saved the money and buy a Range Rover plus a Model 3 for the same price…

Now as far as the drag race with trailer goes, it was stupid. But they did it to demonstrate a point. However anyone with some real automotive knowledge would know that 4C is NOT super car and it is ONE of the SLOWEST performance car on the market today. In fact, if the Model X had towed a slightly heavier car such as CTS-V or AMG GT-S, it would have lost easily…

Well it is impressive considering that the car and trailer weigh over 4000lbs…can you imagine what that must do to your power to weight ratio?

“Well it is impressive considering that the car and trailer weigh over 4000lbs…can you imagine what that must do to your power to weight ratio?” Why would it be over 4,000 lbs? 4C is only 2,465lbs. The trailers can’t be more than 1,000 lbs. That is well below 4,000lbs. I would be willing to guess that it is barely over 3,000lbs. Still impressive. But 4C is one the SLOWEST performance car in the world. it is quick due to its light weight for handling reasons. That is why it isn’t impressive at all. 4C only got 237HP. Your V-6 Accord/Camry would have more power. Your family minivan has more power. That is why 4C is relatively slow in the drag race. In fact, in Motortrend’s own “world greatest drag race 4”, The 4C finished near the back of the pack to barely beat cars such as GTI, WRX and Fiesta ST. And more than 0.5 seconds (which is way behind) slower than cars such as Camaro… Not to mention the fact that 4C isn’t AWD like the Model X. Yes, it does impact weight/power ratio. But that only means that 4C is about the ONLY “performance car” it can be… Read more »

Wow.. This is the first time I’ve ever heard the words “Tesla” and “Ugly” in the same sentence.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard the words “Tesla” and “Ugly” in the same sentence.”

I guess you don’t read much of my comments about Tesla Model X.

I have said that it is ugly from the start…

I love the Model S looks. Hate the ugly Model X. Mixed on the Model 3 since it looks like a child of Model S and X….

UGLY Too ….l o l ……