Motiv EPIC Chassis To Be Assembled Alongside Ford F-59 Platform

MAR 5 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Electric and gasoline-powered chassis to be produced together

Preparing for higher volume production, Motiv Power Systems has entered a partnership with Detroit Custom Chassis LLC (DCC) to install Motiv’s all-electric EPIC chassis on the base Ford F-59 platform, which is assembled by its affiliate Detroit Chassis Plant (DCP), both owned by Spectra.

We assume that the production of EPIC alongside gasoline-powered chassis will contribute to lower costs. The first customer deliveries of vehicles with chassis originating from DCC are expected in the Q1 2019.

“Assembly of Motiv’s EPIC chassis at DCP enables more efficient and cost effective production and reduced build times to meet growing customer demands for zero emission commercial truck offerings.

As a Ford eQVM certified producer, Motiv worked with DCC to optimize production requirements of the EPIC chassis to enable it to seamlessly slot into the same assembly lines producing internal combustion engine-powered chassis.”
“Production is already underway at DCP, which has capacity to build up to 90,000 chassis a year at its 220,000 square/foot assembly plant on 33 acres in Detroit, Michigan.”

Matt O’Leary, Motiv’s CEO said:

“DCP has long served as the production facility for Ford’s F-59 commercial truck chassis. Since a number of our EPIC chassis variants are based on Ford’s F-59, it made perfect sense to implement an OEM build process that closely mirrors the one used by Ford themselves. With the scale we are focused on achieving in order to meet market demand, this represents a significant step forward for Motiv.”

Michael Guthrie, co-chairman and CEO of DCP said:

“Detroit Chassis has been in high-level strategic discussions with Motiv going back to 2012 and planning for the F-59 rollout accelerated in 2018. We are excited to now finally be able to showcase the Motiv EPIC chassis rolling out of our facility. We couldn’t be happier to see Motiv take a leadership position as the first EV commercial chassis produced by our facility. We expect that over time, electric chassis will sell in similar and, eventually, even greater numbers than gasoline and diesel-powered equivalents. It was a natural fit for DCP to be in the forefront of that market shift.”

Motiv’s all-electric EPICĀ® chassis

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I hope those high voltage wire connectors right behind the dual wheels are well sealed as there will be a whole lot of salt water swirling around them in the winter .

Properly designed Fenders should solve that problem,no?

This is what Tesla should be doing. Have 3 classes, with different battery options and licence them to bus, RV and truck manufacturers. I look forward to owning a class B, C RV with 100 kwh battery and 2-3 kw solar on the roof.

Or a small class A like my 25 foot Thor Axis, that is based on the E-350 chassis.

Tesla’s pickup chassis would be perfect as a 5-10 ton chassis, certainly not a pickup but a large tow vehicle with a pickup bed on it. Maybe a stretch version too.

Looks like MOTIV has been actually DOING what others have been jabbering about for a long while. I wish them success. has some of the references.

Great Idea,
Would make a perfect chasis to build RV on.
Bigest Question is what is the RANGE?

For their class 6 chassis (closest to Thor’s RUV lines), the range is “up to 90 miles”. So the technology still needs some work.

They are putting at most 127 kW in this huge chassis while Rivan claims they can fit 180 kW in a vehicle almost a third the size.

wow – they have battery modules hanging out all over the place! I hope that’s all protected by some sort of fairing upon completion.

More efficient delivery is a great idea.