Mostly Unchanged Model Year 2014 Nissan LEAF to Launch in October (UPDATE – Nissan Changes Date To December)


With a whole host of changes, including the addition of the low-cost entry-level S version and a slight bump in range for 2013, we didn’t expect to see Nissan significantly alter the LEAF for Model Year 2014.

Now, our beliefs have been confirmed thanks to Nissan’s latest press release “The 2014 Nissan Lineup: Charting the Changes.”

UPDATE:  Nissan did a “stealth” update on their 2014 Nissan LEAF release date announcement by altering their press release to now read “Available December 2013,” which makes sense to us as we had always heard 2014 model year production in Smyrna was not scheduled to begin until at least October.

2013 LEAF Launch

2013 LEAF Launch

Here’s what to expect of the Model Year 2014 LEAF:

Nissan LEAF

The highly innovative, industry leading Nissan LEAF 100-percent electric vehicle received a number of important enhancements in 2013, including the addition of a new lower priced LEAF S grade, an array of new features for the LEAF SL grade, new option packages with available Around View® Monitor and an available 6.6 kW onboard charger that reduces 220V charging time nearly in half to approximately four hours for a full charge.

LEAF’s CARWINGS telematics system includes remote charge and climate control management, the ability to view charging station availability in vehicle from an expanding list of networks, and POIs powered by Google®.

For 2014, additional enhancements include:

RearView Monitor becomes standard on all grades (previously part of the Charge Package)

Updated EV-IT functionality with voice destination entry and SMS readout

Offered in S, SV and SL models

Available October 2013

And that’s all folks, though a pending pricing announcement could still show a reduction in the 2014 LEAF’s MSRP and some fresh color options are certainly a possibility.  We’ll still have to wait some time though for word on that.


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Nissan offered so much for 2013 that there is not much left to do for 2014. Which puts the focus on the next gen Leaf and what that could bring.

Needs a power boost from an 80KW motor to something like 100KW to provide as much acceleration as a Volt, Fit or Spark EV.
I hope users can completely shut off the climate control resistive heater now rather than having to install and modded computer.

Don’t the new models have a heat pump? I hope they bring regen braking to the S model.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant “B” mode for higher regen braking. The 2013 SL and SV have it; the S doesn’t.

A Leaf is just as fast (actually faster 1-20mph) than a Volt. 80kW is fine.

Separate heating and cooling controls are already standard on the 2013.
(plus, as Aaron said, the 2013 SV/SL are equipped with a heat pump, which is more efficient than just a resistive heater).

I thought we were expecting a battery capacity increase (~15%) for 2014?

The speculation over at the forums is that any significant battery change will arrive with the 2015 year model.

Bummer. Our Leaf lease is till August 2014. I was hoping to cash in on a second range bump. Well, let’s wait see what other EVs are on offer then… We’re not welded to Nissan at the hip.

My lease ends June ’14, so I am in pretty much the same boat. The heat is rough on the LEAF pack, so as much as I love the car I really don’t want to get into another one without their next gen battery.

I am thinking about a used Volt to hold me over until Tesla Gen III. The i3 looks tempting also, but not sure about the real out the door price. If all my CHAdeMO stations added SAE Combo, I could be tempted to try a Spark EV.

It’s most unfortunate that Nissan is not giving the Leaf a range boost and a some kind of temperature management for the batteries, which are too susceptible to hot climates.

Oh NO… too much grumbling here in comments. Maybe we need more positive charge for change? It appears 2014 “available” date has now slipped from October to December!

For 2014, Nissan LEAF
“Available December 2013”

Yes, we have been looking at that. Thanks Brian.

We will probably put up a new post on it, just so no one misses it if they have already read this story.

EDIT: …and here it is

Will the Nissan Leaf ever become available im Canada?
I visited my Nissan dealership in March 2013 and was told that it wasn’t available yet in Canada but that they would contact me when it became available. Finally showed up in Canada in July 2013 and I ordered a SL model the week it became available. When I contacted my salesperson today to ask when I could expect delivery (a week has become a month), i was informed that they wouldn’t be able to obtain a 2013 model but would I be interested in a 2014? Really? When? December 2013? May 2014? I’ve signed a contract and have now been told that they don’t know when I will get a vehicle or at what price. This is completely insane!

So why the slip of multiple months if the changes were relatively minimal?
Seems mighty peculiar to me.