Most Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In US Come From US, Germany, Japan and Korea


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Nissan LEAF Assembled In Smyrna, TN

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Tesla Model S Production

Year 2015 is moving through second quarter so it’s time to refresh our exclusive list of percentage of U.S./Canadian equipment (parts) content, based on NHTSA data in American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) for different model years.

Not all models are included and not all data is available, although 2015 brings us a clearer view that plug-in electric cars production is becoming more and more diverse.

In 2015, Germany for good joins the list and Korea is increasing its presence. Japan seems to be quieter, but we must remember that the nation still produces batteries for Tesla. Sadly, battery origin is not included in the AALA data.

US/Canada content is highest in cars like Tesla Model S, Cadillac ELR, Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF and Ford C-Max Energi – typically between 40-50%. Batteries typically come from Japan and Korea, but in some cases from the US (LG Chem).

The Percentage U.S./Canadian Equipment (parts) content

The Percentage U.S./Canadian Equipment (parts) content

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Euro to USD exchange rate has fallen ~20% last 12 months. Why german carmaker doesn’t make their cars cheaper in US?

The Euro has fallen against the dollar, but adjusting pricing in step with Forex changes puts too much volatility in pricing. Most international companies only repatriate funds (exchange currency) a few times per year.

Ford Fusion Energi is assembled in Mexico, not the United States.

No 2015 Ford Focus electric/energi?

We still had to pay import duty on our Model S in 2013. How come when 55 pct of the car is from the US?!?

What country do you live in?

If you live in the USA… are you sure you’re not talking about a shipping charge?

We are in canada.

I’m confused by this headline.

Were we expecting most of them to come from Poland or Mauritania or something?