Most Expensive Tesla Model Y Is $74,500: Configurator

MAR 15 2019 BY C SMITH 8

That number could change since production models are still a year and a half away.

Tesla guru Elon Musk only just launched the new Model Y compact SUV, but the electric automaker already has a configurator up and running. The earliest versions won’t be available until late 2020, which gives us plenty of time to fuss over how we’d like to equip our own Model Y. And though it’s considerably less pricey than the larger Model X, a fully equipped rig will still set you back $74,500.

That’s not inexpensive by any means, especially for a small SUV. However, that price will give you the snazzy Performance edition finished in Red Multi-Coat (a $2,500 option) and outfitted with seven-passenger seating – a $3,000 option that actually won’t be available until 2021. Two-tone black/white interior trim adds another $1,000 to the price, and you can’t have a Tesla without Autopilot, right? For the Model Y, Autopilot with full self-driving capability adds $7,000 to the base price.

Forgo all the extras on the Performance model and you’ll start at $55,700, but that still gets you a five-passenger SUV with a 280-mile range and a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. Price-conscious shoppers will be able to get a Standard Range model with rear-wheel drive and 230 miles of range for $39,000, but it won’t be available until spring of 2021. Spending a few grand more can get you the Long Range model with rear-wheel drive in late 2020; that will set you back $42,700 without optional extras but you get 300 miles between charges and a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds.

It’s not common for automakers to go live with vehicle configurators so far ahead of production, but Tesla isn’t exactly a common automaker. Given the unquenchable thirst buyers have for crossover and SUVs, the Model Y is a tremendously important vehicle for Tesla. It will be interesting to see if – and by how much – this configurator changes in the year and a half until the first production models hit the street.

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Many will still probably order at almost $75k!

I think they’ll sell alot of the AWD versions. This will convert alot of people, including myself, who have a Tesla and ICE to go all Tesla and alot of people with Model 3’s to trade up to Model Y. I say if you are in the market for used Model 3, wait to late 2020.

The Ultimate Hot Hatch!

This will help households go to 2 Teslas, with the opportunity to drive both. Having the Y also helps with the oversaturation of Model 3s, because even in my new community of about 800 homes, I know of 3 Model 3s already here.

“For the Model Y, Autopilot with full self-driving capability adds $7,000 to the base price.”

It’s actually $8,000 to the base price if purchased initially because you have to buy Autopilot to get Full Self Driving. Buying full Self Driving after delivery with $3,000 Autopilot costs $7,000.

Let’s put things in perspective. A top of the line Tesla Model Y configures at $74,500 (+or-) is an expensive vehicle right? Expensive compared to what? A Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, MB?

What does a Jaguar IPace EV400, loaded pencil in at? $79- $92,892
What does a Porsche Macan S (ICE), loaded pencil in at? $88,820
What does a Porsche Macan Turbo (ICE), loaded pencil in at? $95K+
What does a BMW X3 M4 (ICE) loaded pencil in at? $65,670
What does a MB GLC 43 (ICE), loaded pencil in at? $73,450- $85,115

IMO, to be fair the two most comparable premium CUVs are the Porsche Macan Turbo and the Jaguar IPace EV400. Relatively speaking, as expensive as the loaded Model Y may seem it could be viewed as a very good value.

On the bottom end, a loaded Kia e-Niro in the mid-$40s just got a lot less attractive.

Question; When buying, even if you dont want AP, should you order it to keep resale value up because to add it later would cost even more? Or will there be enough second hand buyers who will be focussed on lower price and wont want to pay the extra for AP anyway?

AP and FSD can always be added later — so if someone is buying one used and wants that feature — well the math is easy. Id does eliminate the “buy as cheap as possible” buyer. Thus the AP + FSD will never be worth as much as the retail price of adding it later…..but could be worth maybe 75% of that.