More Than A Half Million EVs Sold In China In 2016, 100K Public Chargers Installed

FEB 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China - 2016

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – 2016



China is the first country in the world to exceed 500,000 sales of plug-in vehicles annually, reaching about one million in total!

Official data for 2016 stands at 517,000 plug-ins produced and 507,000 soldmore than 350,000 of those were all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars, while apparently 115,000 were buses.

Last year, China added also some 100,000 new public charging stations!

As it stands, China is by far the largest plug-in market in the world, and hopefully in the near term will reach million sales annually.

source: Gasgoo

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So China alone has nearly 1 million EVs on the road by now if not more. That will reduce the need for buying oil. Once the total EVs on the roads of the planet reaches 10 million that will affect Saudi and Russia badly.

That is only counting buses, trucks and highway capable cars.

If you also add EV cars that go less than 100 km/h, EV mopeds, motorcycles and electric bicycles we are talking a few hundred million plugins.

There are a billion ICE vehicles on the world’s roads, 10 million EVs will probably not bankrupt the middle east.

If you count on 4 litters of consumption per day per car, then by 2020 if we continue at the rate we have been going with we will have about 10 million EVs. These EV’s will replace about 1 million bpd of oil. That is if you count that each barrel gives about 14 gallons of gasoline. Of course the daily production of say Saudi is more that 10 million bpd, so that 1 million bpd of saving will not affect them. You are right, but think about it. Can Saudi afford that? I don’t think so. 2020 is only 3 years away or less. We might increase the rate of purchasing electric cars. Thus we might reach these numbers by 2019. At any rate we will reach these numbers sooner than later. I did not count the current consumption of buses. That will make us reach the 1 million bpd sooner. Then we will have the same thing that happened 2014. But this time the rate of decreasing usage of oil will be even higher.

Especially the buses. They use a barrel of
Oil each day.

So much for OPEC’s estimate of 1.7 million EVs by 2020. Already at 2.5 million.

Well, they need it…

Finally something good that China has a lead on.

115000 buses!! Wow, that is incredibly amaizing! I don’t think you understand how huge of a number that is!

The total amount of buses sold in Europe, including all the fossil busses, were 25000 busses. In China 115000 EV busses were sold ­čś«

In total, on the roads in China, there were a little over 500000 busses. 2016 115k electric busses were sold.

In Sweden there are 2 million cars on the road. In order to correspond to the same percentage as in the bus China example there should have been 400000 electric cars sold in Sweden last year. 400k equalls to all the car sales in the country including fossil cars. In Sweden around 10000 plug ins were sold 2016…

You are right, still a long road ahead, but we are in the right path and accelerating…