More Than 3,500 CCS Combo Fast Chargers Now Available In Europe

OCT 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

3,500 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: CCS Charge Map) – October 2017

Since the beginning of 2017 (into October), the number of CCS Combo DC fast chargers has increased in Europe by around 750 units, to more than 3,500 in operation today.

Opel Ampera-e with CCS Combo 2 in Europe

The pace of growth, as compared to October 2016, is over 40% when CCS had just reached a milestone of 2,500 charge points.

The growth and locations of the Combo chargers can be noted by the CCS Charge Map.

A significant characteristic of CCS Combo locations are that they are also multi-standard chargers, with both CHAdeMO and/or 3-phase AC type 2 along for the ride.

Typical power output is between 20 to 50 kW.

Total number of CHAdeMO in Europe hit 5,000.

According to the map, less than 60% of the CCS chargers (over 2,000) were confirmed as available 24/7, which we suppose is not-so-good when you need charge in the middle of the night, or in some cases on the the weekend.

Germany has also finally managed to overtake the UK as country with the highest number of CCS stations:

  • Germany – 754
  • UK – 654
  • France – 391
  • Norway – 364
  • Sweden – 280

3,500 CCS chargers installed in Europe (data source: CCS Charge Map) – October 2017

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That second picture makes me laugh. That person may want to open that orange door if they hope to actually plug in their car!

CCS is growing strong in the Northeast US too. I am highly encouraged. And the more it grows, the better my Bolt gets!

Haha! I had exactly the same thought. 😀

Stock photography can be hilarious.

Let say that person was unplugging it and shut the orange cap before the main door.

The charging infrastructure is coming along nicely, without every car manufacturer inventing their own “standard” and making their own network.

Actually, we have at least three separate DC fast charging standards here in the US:

1) CHAdeMO (same plug worldwide)

Oct 2017
16609 worldwide
5016 EU
2260 USA
2018 Asia
7133 Japan
182 Other

2) CCS-Combo1 (not interchangeable with EU CCS)-Combo2

3) Tesla Supercharger

Actually, Tony, you just supported his point. Only Tesla has invented their own standard and is rolling their own proprietary network (the SAE is not a “car manufacturer”). All other manufacturers use a commonly agreed upon standard.

I know you are a strong advocate of CHAdeMO. I’m not entirely sure why. But I really am impartial between that and CCS for my own use. Almost every DCFC location has both. I am satisfied with the CCS experience on my Bolt, and look forward to the coming growth in infrastructure.

The people installing CCS chargers in the United States seem to have been on siesta the last few months. I hope that changes soon. I’m still locked into city EV driving because there aren’t any CCS chargers along highways in the central United States.

Another Euro point of view

Now, a little focus on converting to and putting new 150kwh charging stations online instead of 50kwh charging stations, et voila…
Deploying a good charging network has always been the smallest challenge facing EV adoption.

The european CCS is not the same as in the US. The upper part is a Type2 connector.

I’ll keep that in mind the next time I drive over to Europe. 😉

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“According to the map, less than 60% of the CCS chargers (over 2,000) were confirmed as available 24/7”

I would like to see those stats for the US.
Anyone know what that is?

I live in Denmark, and I can see a lot CCS chargers on the map for Denmark that not are available 24/7.
That it false. Nearly all CCS chargers are available 24/7.
If this is a general fault on the map, I would guess that over 90% are available 24/7.

The same in the Latvia. All 4 CCS stations around Riga is 24/7, but in map only 1 of them shows 24/7.

Not available 24/7, not above 150kW power output means a charger should not be counted.

I want to see a list with the 100 or so actually fast CCS DCFC that people can use.