More And More Tesla Model 3 Reach Norway: Sales Imminent

FEB 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 32

Model 3 is coming! Sales to start imminently.

The first big batch of Tesla Model 3 (of roughly 1,400 cars) delivered to Europe spreads through to Tesla‘s biggest markets.

Yesterday, we noticed the first new Model 3 registrations in Norway, since late January when 17 were registered. Now, it seems that about 45 were registered within 1-2 days (64 total) and the number is growing.

With thousands of customers who placed orders in Norway, we expect that sales will reach a four-digit stream per month, although not necessarily right from the start in February, as Tesla first must build up a demo car fleet.

It’ll be interesting to see how Tesla spreads out Model 3 deliveries in Europe. In particular, which countries get the biggest batches of cars first. It would be in Tesla’s best interest to deliver closest to the arrival port(s) first, as though deliveries would occur more quickly than to countries far from where the ships roll in.

It’ll be an interesting month (and next month too) and we watch how all of this progresses along.

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Can’t build them fast enough – flying off the shelf like hot cakes.

Ev adoption is not about consumers, it’s about producers. Give us the cars we want, we’ll buy them all. In my country the only EVs available are Renault Zoe and BMWi3. For all the serious EVs they don’t even take deposits anymore and all we get is empty promises. 20 Konas, 50 Leafs… and that’s for the whole 2019. So, it makes me angry to hear ICE people saying it will take 10 years for EVs to go mainstream.

Which country?

Pretty much every Eastern-European country

What country? Maybe the gov’t is trying to poke your citizens to make EV made there?

Romania. And guess what. We have a 10000 euro (taxes included) incentive from the government

Same thing here in Croatia.

You guys can always buy your croatia made rimac

In the Netherlands around 175 delivered in February till the 14th

This is a long awaited time for us Norwegians!
Im a day one reserver, but still waiting for the hitch. Like a enormous of Norwegians do just that
So Elon, please introduce the hitch!

Over and over I see the hitch comment from Norwegians. Has Elon ever responded on this?

Sorry, cant answear your question.
I posted the hitch question last desember and Tesla called me back mid januar and they said Tesla will anounce news regarding the hitch sometime mid-end february
Hope is still strong!

Go rent a van.

Rent a van for all the times the Norwegians use the tow hitch? Then they could just buy the van… Not that there are many vans sold in Norway, I assume you are from the US?

A van could be a solution, if its a BEV😁
A main reason for Norwegians to keep their old ICE car is the lack of hitch option on their new BEVs. So the hitch option will help us get rid of a lot of old polluting and expansive to maintain ICE cars

I’m with the Europeans on this one. Elon, please introduce the hitch!

I believe a tow hitch is available from 3rd party aftermarket suppliers in USA. Maybe not the preferred option but surely there must be hitch companies in Norway willing to install their product on Tesla Model 3s?

That would be illegal… The car needs to have towing capability in it’s type approval where also max weight would be specified.

A lack of a hitch and a heated steering wheel are the biggest oversights for the Model3 and reasons why I, too, have held from turning my day 1 reservation to order.

And a wagon version of Model 3

Heated steering wheel hasn’t been a real problem. Start heating the car five minutes before you get in and it’s plenty warm when you get in.

Also, the car has been designed for the twenty years where it’s fully self driving, not the two winters where it’s not. Even now, you just have it on autopilot most of the time so you’re rarely touching the wheel.

Heated wipers seem like something that is much more necessary. I drove through a freezing rain storm for two hours last week. Ice was just constantly building up on the right wiper and kept making horrible noises running on the windshield.

Another Euro point of view
As always it is very interesting to go and have a look on the Norwegian which is extreemely active, Google Chrome translates all the comments very effectively. To me it is about the only really extensive and and above all “neutral” source of information I know regarding Tesla, for the good and the bad. There is in this forum in the last few days a very interesting thread about first test drive of Model 3 by Norwegians, some of them having never driven an EV before. The feed back is overly positive but not the repetitive WOW ! which is a bit of a standard US video/review of this car. We get a general impression of a car which is fun to drive & very good performances, does however not always gives a true “premium” feeling (inside & sound proofing), often the knee high seating position in the rear is mentioned. Very often the car is chosen for its range, efficiency and charging net work with at times some after thoughts about quality (closing the front doors produces the sound of an old Renault one mentions, another sees condensation in both headlights). A few decide that car is fine… Read more »

Im from Norway and went with a few of my colleges testing the three a couple of weeks back; we had high expectations but the weichle impressed us big time.. And we are all gonne buy the car…
But remember, there is a lot of people and a lot of funding going into negative press regarding Teslas. And the EV cars. its obvious, it is a lot of really scared industries soon to be obsolete.
So Elon; bring cheaper versions by the thousands, and the hitch option; ICE sales will crash in Norway

And Another Euro is a known serial anti-Tesla troll who is constantly shilling for diesel cars!

Is he a diesel cultist, a VW cultist or a Germanophile? I can’t be bothered to keep track of all the different factions of trolls anymore now that they’re all being disproven by actual facts on the road.
I guess if the VW-Audi and Mercedes electrics hit the road on schedule, Euro will expose himself one way or the other. If he’s unhappy, he’s a dieselist. If he blindly transfers his loyalty to just one company, that tells us something. If he’s a sycophant for both while continuing to smear other nations’ EVs, then he’s one of those German technophiles with creepy overtones of German historical revisionism, what one military history forum called a “Wehr-aboo.”

I don’t know which of these 3 is worst.

Another Euro point of view
OK Super390, I will help you a bit. I like the Rivian Pick-up Truck prototypes. I think that Audi perhaps made a mistake starting with a kW hungry SUV (eTron) and generally in my view Audi’s are a little too pompous for my taste. Tesla’s are OK as cars but too expensive with too little a service centers network + cult following around this brand & agressivity of many of its fans puts me off, VW could do a good job at making mass market EVs, Skoda too. Kia EVs, never tried but as I know from ICE Kias they are just not driver’s cars, however they do the job at a reasonable price which deserves respect, same with Hyundai. I am sure that when times come Toyota will do just fine EVs and do not think it is such an issue that they are late to this game. Jaguar I-pace looks good but charging speed is a bit low apparently, also, as Tesla and Audi, just too expensive. Generally I am excited by EVs as this technology has so many obvious positive sides but also think that right now the offer is too restrained as is the charging network… Read more »

Tesla sold 710 Model-3 in Canada, way ahead of # Leaf.

BYD alone sold 28,000 + plugins in China in 2019-01 which is 50% more than the whole US sales. BAIC is another big player and then JAC. Apart from these 3 there are many other companies who sell a lot of plugins.

So China has really picked up.

this week to my work from zeebrugge to gent, there was a convoy of 7 trucks with six tesla model 3. goose bumps momment.

Where Tesla will send the initial cars is actually up for debate.

Their typical strategy would be to prioritize deliveries furthest from the port early on, as later on they won’t have time to make the deliveries in the current quarter. When a shipment comes into port on March 29th, they’ll want a lot of pending orders near the port that they can rapidly deliver before the end of the quarter, because that’ll boost all their financial numbers rather than the “in-transit” (aka unsold inventory) number.

But for this quarter, it may be best to have as short a feedback loop as possible… the European models have stuff that’s different from the NA models, so they want associated kinks and bugs found and worked out as quickly as possible, thus the earlier they can make the delivery, the better.

My buddy in Germany received his Model 3 Performance last Tuesday

This is great news, we need all brands to sell thousands of EVs. If you use your Model 3 in the 20-80% charge range it might last a lifetime. Save those 100% charges for trips out of town. Enjoy.