More Of The BMW i3 Spied In Germany Ahead Of Reveal This Month (photos)

JUL 5 2013 BY JAY COLE 21

BMW i3 - Practically Unveiled Before The Uh...Unveiling

BMW i3 – Practically Unveiled Before The Uh…Unveiling

With BMW “officially” unveiling the i3 on July 29th and “officially” debuting the car at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, is the German company intentionally giving us “unofficial” near-full looks at the car intentionally?

A Better Look At The BMW i3

A Better Look At The BMW i3

You bet.

The jury is also “officially” out on whether or not consumers actually dig the unique look of the vehicle.  The early reaction to the BMW has seemingly been either one of love – or hate, no in-between…not unlike the reaction to Nissan’s LEAF.

Regardless, of your opinion, we are pretty sure everyone interested in EVs wants to get an eyeful of the 90-95 mile electric car that will arrive in Europe in mid November, and here in the US by year’s end.

Pricing is expected to start in the mid-$40,000 range for the all-electric version, with a extended range (or REx) option giving the vehicle 200 total miles of driving for about $4,000-$5,000 more.

BMW i3 Shows Of What Figures To Be Production Wheels

BMW i3 Shows Of What Figures To Be Production Wheels

Of note:  All US inventory initially will see the i3 come equipped with the range extender option.  BMW expects ultimately that more than 80% will choose this option when both are available.

BMW i3 Gallery (double click to enlarge):

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I’m just going to say it, but BMW really doesn’t give a toss when it comes to concealing a new car or project. Look at the 2015 Prius mule, it’s really hard to see anything new and distinctive enough to be expected on the new generation, even the interior is borrowed from a Lexus CT200h (I think). To go even further, the i3 used to be lightly covered in this blue rap, now it’s just the rear hatch, nose and some of the sides, especially a few weeks from its official release. Hell, these pics of the i3 look like an official release! The i3 looks smart and fascinating, it has the styling of a VW without it being horrendously boring and conservative, but at least until the 29th leave something for the imagination, BMW.

I think the point is for them to pull more free press and try to get a bit more buzz. I’m getting some zzz from it but its more of the type when I fall asleep..zzzzzz

The small back doors are cutting hard into the design.

Yeah, it does have that “Stretched Coup” cheap feeling to it, from the sides.

Kind of looks like a clothes iron with wheels. I wouldn’t say it is ugly like the LEAF, just a bit quirky. It’s lucky to have the BMW badge on the hood, though.

The Rex capability is the big story for me – seeing how well the market responds to it. It bridges the gap between the Volt and BEVs and just might help push public adoption to electrics.

Yes, I like the technology and engineering. The REX option is a big plus as well. I am NOT overly impressed with the exterior, but remain hopeful that in some OTHER color that silver or copper it might be more appealing.

The rims look a bit large diameter wise. Is that a weight reduction technique? Less rubber more alloy? = stiffer ride?


Tall, skinny wheels = efficient. See bicycles, Bonneville, Model T, early Saabs, Vw’s, 2CV, etc.

I’m sorry, this looks like the i-MIEV from Bavaria.

With a price that is encroaching on Model S 60kw territory.

They’d better sell all they can before the Tesla Bluestar arrives.

You can love or hate the styling, but at least get the facts correct. A base Model S is over $70,000US with prep and delivery. The i3 is rumored to be around $40,000 and just this week there have been reports that it may actually be as low as $36,000US. You it’s possible that you may be able to buy two i3’s for what a Model S costs. In other words, it’s not “encroaching on Model S 60kW(h) territory”. The Model S is a fantastic EV, and the i3 may as well be also, but they are very different cars.

LOL at your “facts.” In this very article it says the i3’s price is “expected to *start* in the mid-$40,000 range” and with the mandatory REx (all US i3’s initially will come with it whether you want it or not) that takes it up to about $50,000. Getting pretty close to a base Model S at $70,000, that blows the i3 away.

And whatever the i3 looks like, I wouldn’t call it “styling” 🙂

The Bluestar Tesla will eat BMW’s lunch in a few years when it debuts, so yeah, BMW, sell all you can while you can.

The difference between 50k and 70k is still a 40% price increase. NOT a small margin in my book.

The REX will not cost 10000$.

same old tired, cynical, criticisms…it’s a wander anything gets created. If people hate this BMW as much as it seems to appear here, then I ‘ll be able to get one easily. Hope someone designs the perfect car for you all someday!

I don’t even want to think about the lower price rumor. I have been disappointed too many time in EV land.

If it really gets 90 miles EPA, and sells for $45K, or less, with the ICE generator, I’m in. Not the 100 mile range for $30K that Nissan promised and didn’t deliver. But as close as we are likely to see, until someone builds an aero, two seater, EV1 clone.

I’m afraid this is one of those cases where “The concept looked better” theme applies.

I’m amazed at all the hate towards EVs spewed on this site. If you’re closet ICE’ers, do yourself a favor and go to a site more focused on ICE vehicles. If you’re a true EV’er, you won’t care about what the car looks like, and care more about how efficient the vehicle is. As far as the price, let the market choose which car “wins”.

Good Lord, Aaron, where does it say that EV drivers have to drive stupid-looking, ugly cars?

Nowhere, that’s why there are good looking EVs like the Model S and the Zoe 😀

I’m guessing what you would find to be a good looking car I would probably think it’s stupid and ugly. Get a grip dude.

I swear I saw one drove right by my apartment in San Francisco. I wish I’d been able to take a picture. It had the same camo stripe around it. Exciting!