More Details on Tesla’s Future in China


Tesla Model S Priced at  $121,000 USD in China

Tesla Model S Priced at $121,000 USD in China

With Tesla pricing its Model S at $121,000 in China and word that there’s a possibility that Tesla will open a factory in China in the not-too-distant future, we wondered if there was more to present on Tesla’s Chinese affairs.

Base Price in China for 85 kWh Version

Base Price in China for 85 kWh Version

Turns out, there is all sorts of Tesla/China info out there.

  • Tesla expects China to contribute one-third (30 to 35% to word it as Tesla does) of its global sales growth in 2014
  • 10 to 12 Tesla stores are expected to be open in China by the end of 2014
  • Tesla Model S does not qualify for China’s zero-emissions purchase subsidies for buyers, as only domestically built EVs can qualify for what amounts to ~$17,000 off MSRP.
  • Tesla is in the process of hiring hundreds of employees in China right now
  • Tesla plans to install a Supercharger network in China

We’re sure there will be more info on the Tesla goes to China story as time goes by, but as has become clearly obvious to us, Tesla is serious when it comes to selling its EVs in China.

Source: Reuters

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I whant to do a stockholm to hongkong roadtripp, come on now tesla role out those SC 😉

Like you would ever do that… why don’t you wish for something you actually want instead?

Take the pendel tag to soedertelia insted

Tesla is quickly jumping on China, because they must cover poor sales in Europe.

You’re right. I am very glad that Tesla expects big things from China but very dissapointed that things here in Europe aren’t looking good. I am pretty sure that Germany will be a complete failure because of high electricity prices, no tax breaks, Germans not really willing to buy anything else but German + few other issues. So will be the rest of Europe besides Norway and perhaps a few others. I do have hopes for UK however, I think a lot of people there are tired of the German rule and will be willing to try something new. I was always kind of glad that Lexus never really made it here as I view it as a fake luxury car, my reasoning was that we Europeans understand cars, but that’s not it, we’re just conservative, not willing to try new things overall. Hopfully Tesla will get huge in the US so it will trickle down here too…

I’m sure not if Tesla has given any thought to the fact that unlike America and Europe, both developed economies, Tesla Superchargers are bound to get stolen/vandalized or damaged. After all, only in China will you find village grandmothers smelting junk printed circuit board to recover precious metals.