More Cadillac ELR Teaser Pics + Interior Shots

JAN 14 2013 BY JAY COLE 9

Do we need teaser pics just hours before the official release of the Cadillac ELR?  I guess we do, so here you go!

These new shots attest to the fact that GM has done a pretty thorough and nice job of differentiating the ELR from the Chevrolet Volt.  Without knowing the two were so closely related, it would be hard to come to that conclusion on one’s own.

The ELR will make its official debut tomorrow (Tuesday, January 15th) at 10 am.

Some ELR Badging


Cadillac Front Air Dam


ELR Headlight Assembly Decided Not "Volt-Like"



A Look At The ELR's Upgraded Dash Materials


Cadillac ELR LEather Seats



ELR Passenger Door Panelling


Cadillac ELR From Rear

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9 Comments on "More Cadillac ELR Teaser Pics + Interior Shots"

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I’m still hoping for another Voltec surprise at the NAIAS in addition to the ELR. One can dream I suppose. 😉

Chevy is chewing the fat at the press conference now…I’ll let you know, (=

(EDIT/UPDATE: All Corvette, all the time from the Chevrolet press conference, sorry no MPV5)

The corvette is nice looking, and I’m sure it’s a dream to drive. But that kind of car will drive our society to collapse. Very sad there’s no MPV5.

Collapse – WOW
Brian that is the kind of statement that drives the normal folk away from sites like these. Buy what you want for your reasons but let others do the same.
I have owned a Volt for more than 2 years and I love it and might buy a ELR but I might also buy a new Cayman.

“All Corvette, all the time from the Chevrolet press conference”

Looking so far like they should re-name the show to the “Corvette Auto Show” this year.

If I remember correctly MPV5 = “CrossVolt”. Sad not to see it drop at this show. I am fighting tooth and nail to hold back the wife’s cries for an X3…

Any news from Nissan on their new CUV concept (forget the name), hoping for a Murano with a plug.

Lots of journos at NAIAS, here is a shot via Melanie Borelli at CTV:

Not to Hijack, but that Stingray is one sweet ICE car.

Can’t wait to see the ELR and learn what engine is under the hood.

I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.