Montreal To Install 100 Curbside Charging Stations

NOV 2 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

The Montreal Event Beat The Old Record By More Than 100 EVs

EVs in Montreal

Montreal, with help from Quebec, is launching a new charging infrastructure project for on-street parking spots.

Over 100 charging spots will be installed by next spring.

By 2020 number of charging spots in Montreal to hit 1,000

Montreal intends to install 25 double AC charging stations and three DC fast chargers. Quebec will match this, providing funds for another 25+3 stations under its five-year $420-million vehicle-electrification plan (hoping for 100,000 EVs by 2020).

In total, there will be 50 double charging points and 6 DC fast chargers (106 spots). First batch is scheduled to be operational by the end of November.

Montreal already has 46 off-street charging stations and 32 more to be installed by end of this year.

Mayor Denis Coderre said:

“We’re getting somewhere. Montreal is back.”

Charging stations will be supplied by AddÉnergie Technologies. Montreal will pay about $415,000 for 53 stations. Quebec intends to spend $500,000.

Prices for charging:

  • AC: $1 an hour + cost of the parking meter (if any),
  • DC: $10 an hour (charged by the minute) + cost of the parking meter (if any)

Source: Montreal Gazette

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“By 2020 number of charging spots in Montreal to hit 1,000”

Wow, that’s a lot.

Very good

This is a rehashed plan from 2013. Didn’t take off then (they installed like 4 curbside units)so I hope it’s better luck this time.

The current Liberal government made a big splashy announcement recently on their electrification plan that essentially cut the spending from last (PQ) government proposal by half but threw a few candies our way (free toll bridges and reserved lanes), so everyone got all excited. I’m still holding my breath…

Having that, I find the charging prices in QC are REALLY affordable. So there is that.

I’m curious. What are the QC prices in Montreal?

QC price?? you meant DC? 10$CAN/hrs, meaning 30 minutes = 5$

LOL! Damn acronyms! Yes, I meant DCQC or quick charge (fast charge). I was on the subway and my stop was fast approaching as I typed my comment. I speed reading the article, but don’t know how I missed/forgot that the the prices were given at the end of the story. 😀

Hmmm, #EVFillingStation’s Multliplying like Rabbits in Montreal, Canada, North America and Globally!

@PlugShare Says 63% FREE!

Merchant/Landlord, Customer/Tenant Perks.


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Thomas J. Thias



I find it amazing how the Quick Chargers are popping up every other week. The quick chargers are also popping up along far off roads leading away from the main cities that make them useful.

well it is a little sad that THey did not considered of using THE ALL IN ONE Docbornee



Martin, I love your energy, here, on the AVEQ and elsewhere.

I also admire DocBorné initiative.

That being said, did DocBorné try to win it by participating or it just waited to be invited? Were they even in a position to be part of the initial bid with Hydro-Québec? We both know the answer to that.

Did DocBorné meet basic qualification (Financial health, Technical Support and All)?

I whish the best to DocBorné here in Quebec and in the US. But the little “poor us we didn’t get invited” is getting a little old.

“Montreal will pay about $415,000 for 53 stations”

Wow. They could also put 0.25 hydrogen stations for that money 😉

While there are some drawbacks to curbside solutions, I think it’s nice. Seeing those things on a regular basis will rise customer awareness. Just mark that money as advertising campain for EV…

The city will install their charging station on budget, but the liberal government will install theirs at a cost overrun of 2 or 3 millions to pay their corrupted frends.

Sure wish that they’d had these 100+ in Montreal this past summer. My family and I drove up in our Volt, spending a week in Montreal and the only charging facilities I saw were located in parking lots. Since I was already paying an arm and a leg for hotel lot parking, I could not justify an extra $10-$15 per day to charge up. I really missed driving electric while there. Beautiful city though.