Montréal Prepares For Car Sharing Scheme

AUG 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Electric car2go

Electric car2go

The City of Montréal would like to establish an electric car sharing scheme.

The idea was presented in April with a goal of 250 cars by spring 2016, 500 cars by end of 2017, and 1,000 cars by 2020.

There is now a tender, open on August 24th, which requires EVs with at least four seats and a range of 150 km (93 miles).

The great news is however questioned by media reports about requirements, set specifically it seems for Bollore.

For example, Car2Go already has a car sharing business in Montréal (with ICE cars), but since those electric smart EDs have 109 km of range, the company will be unable to compete. smart is also two seater.

“Car2Go, for instance, has an existing business in Montreal, but fears it will be shut out because its vehicles simply can’t go the extra mile.

“They go 109 km. The 150 km rule is very surprising to us because the average user goes 6 km,” said Jérémi Lavoie, a spokesperson for Car2Go.

“For members it doesn’t make much of a difference if the range is 109 or 150.”

He said that if the 150 km rule stands, his business could be in trouble.

“If we are out of the call for interest and out of further proceedings it might be a problem, yes,” Lavoie told Global News.”

Well, maybe it would be good to enable different manufacturers and operators to join the project and users could decide which models they like to share the most.

Source: Global News, Automobile Propre

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Paris is full with those electric Bluecars,since a few years,”deja”…..Montreal finally wakes up….with 98% clean hydro-electricity.

150 km needs less charging sessions… That s the point. Those cars Will be on the street.

I hope for Montréal sake that they choose the 30kWh Nissan LEAF instead of the Bolore Bluecar.
For one the Nissan was designed to be a global car from the beginning whereas the Bolore was not intended for north america.
Nissan expertise in designing cars does not compare with Bolore and with roads such as the Canadian ones you would want a better handling and overall safer vehicle would be top priority (just ask anyone who has driven a blue car on the highway)
Finally the Bolore battery requires to be at 60 degrees celcius to operate needing to be plugged when not driving to maintain this temperature or it loses charge.
Not sure that this is the best technology for Montreal weather.


Which cars would qualify? What standard are they using to determine range? If using US EPA, it seems only the Kia Soul EV and Model S would qualify! Using NEDC, I guess a few more vehicles would be eligible.

I know the Parisien cars …and i agree what Jean is writing,butMontreal politics is tricky

This is a bad call for a good cause.
Keeping the battery at 60 c° in Montréal winter, sometime as low as -25c° to under -30c° would require a lot of energy, not to mention that the range in those condition would be far less than a conventional Leaf because all the energy needed to maintain such a high temperature.
And all those cars would have to be plugged even when fully charged!
Why they don’t let do the offering ans see what user’s like?
Politic? Yes indeed.
It seems Montréal mayor like this company very much.