Montgomery County Gets Fleet Of 16 Chevrolet Bolts


The first municipal fleet of Chevrolet Bolts is being deployed in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Called the Green Fleet, these Bolts will be put in use in the Department of General Services.

County officials say the Bolts will “save taxpayer dollars and protect the environment,” according to 4YourState.

Quoting Calvin Jones from the Department of General Services:

“We’ve had some other electric vehicles. The significant difference between the Chevy Bolt, and the existing electric vehicles is the Chevy Bolt has a 200-mile range compared to a 70-mile range.”

Montgomery County purchased a total of 16 Chevy Bolt for $600,000, which works out to $37,500 per Bolt. It seems the county paid basically full price for the Bolts, which is unusual given that its a fleet purchase, but at least the county will save on maintenance costs and “fuel” use over time.

Source: 4YourState

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17 responses to "Montgomery County Gets Fleet Of 16 Chevrolet Bolts"
  1. says:

    I would pay full price too if i was buying a car with someone else’s money. But seriously, how bad do you have to be at negotiations to buy 16 cars at full msrp? That’s too bad….

    1. MarkT says:

      Unless you’re getting kick back. Particularly for a vehicle that’s not selling well.

    2. Leptoquark says:

      Does a county pay federal income tax?

    3. sveno says:

      Perhaps the price includes service or extra options?

    4. Dan says:

      Oh, I get it. If the government gives you a $7500 “tax rebate”, they are being green, but if they give the same money as part of MSRP directly to GM, it’s government waste???

      It is surprising how many upper middle class Americans in the top 20% ignore the hundreds of billion of implicit capital gains subsidies from 401k, 529, and healthcare programs when none of these programs are relevant to an American who is relatively well off and earns even at the 75th percentile.

      As the Democrat party has quickly become a party of the top quintile, these kinds of tone-deaf ideas are quickly taking over unrelated areas like green tech.

      1. MarkT says:

        They’re not giving it to GM, they’re giving the profit directly to the dealer. GM gets the same amount of revenue whether the car sells at Invoice or full MSRP.

        I’ll give MD some benefit… maybe they included extended warranty and/or service plans

        1. ClarksonCote says:

          We know nothing of the package purchased, for all we know it they could all be loaded to the brim.

          $37.5k is the base price with no DCFC, etc.

    5. JeremyK says:

      There isn’t even an employee discount yet on the Bolt, so I wouldn’t expect anybody else to be getting discounts at this point either.

  2. FISHEV says:

    US made, saves $5,000 a year in oil, fuel, maintenance and doesn’t pollute and gets the County to build up a EV infrastructure to accommodate other EV’s in the future.

    1. menorman says:

      Hopefully, they make the EV infrastructure available to the public.

      1. FISHEV says:

        No more than municipal fuel pumps are available to the public which is not at all. Government vehicles are going to put a lot of miles on them and need to be able to recharge at night. It would be quite a lineup at 16 vehicle charging bank.

  3. menorman says:

    “The first municipal fleet of Chevrolet Bolts is being deployed in Montgomery County, Maryland.”

    Wait, wasn’t NYC buying a fleet of them too? Have they not been delivered yet or something?

  4. ModernMarvelFan says:

    “Montgomery County purchased a total of 16 Chevy Bolt for $600,000, which works out to $37,500 per Bolt. It seems the county paid basically full price for the Bolts”

    We don’t know how many of options it has on them. If they are fully loaded (MSRP around $43K), then it is a big discount.

    But they do seem to pay more than $33K per Bolt price that NYC paid…

  5. ssl92677 says:

    They should have LEASED them …

  6. Jim stack says:

    This is great. When big fleets go electric it lowers the prices for all of us. Imagine the big number of great used electrics that will be offered in a,few years.
    They also reduce oil use, reduce pollution and gain valuable information.

  7. devbolt says:

    Well, they all seem to have come with at least DC Fast charging.

    1. unlucky says:

      Yeah. Somehow the roof rails (or lack thereof) and rims stay just out of shot. But we can tell they have DCFC. So they aren’t base models. They got at least a small discount.