Speed Academy Takes Modified Tesla Model 3 Out On Track


Check out Mountain Pass Performance’s modified Tesla Model 3 on the track.

Speed Academy is at the track with Sasha Anis of Mountain Pass Performance and On Point Dyno. We’ve shared Sasha’s modified Model 3 before. It features large brakes, coilovers, and upgraded wheels and tires.

How will it perform?

This is a very interesting video because Sasha and his team took all the mods off the Model 3 for the initial testing. They did, however, leave upgraded brake pads and fluid in place so that the stock pads (which aren’t designed for track use) wouldn’t simply melt. We get to see the impact of the car’s stability control and how much it wants to understeer.

Following the first track test, the Model 3 gets a wheel and tire upgrade, which the guys try out for a few laps. While it makes a huge difference, there’s still much more potential for improvement.

For the final phase of testing, Sasha has all of Mountain Pass Performance’s current mods installed on the Model 3. Check out the video to see how the upgrades fare.

Video Description via Speed Academy on YouTube:

We track test a modified Tesla Model 3 that Mountain Pass Performance has modified with coilovers, big brakes and upgraded wheels and tires.

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4 Comments on "Speed Academy Takes Modified Tesla Model 3 Out On Track"

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Fun video.

Can’t wait to see what these folks can do with a Model 3 Performance, with the extra power!

Steering angle induced stability control is depressing. Like valet mode, it cements under-performance and leaves grip on the table after apex. At least at the beginning, they mention a hack. But they didn’t use it?

I wouldn’t bet a P3D would beat AWD, with these mods. They’re for real. Eek

Very encouraging, but still understeering like crazy. Look at the video at 11:51; he’s got the wheel more than 180 degrees to the left, so much that his arms are all twisted up and he’s steering with his thumbs! Looks like maybe sway bar adjustments are needed as well as the other stuff.