Model S Fire In France Blamed On Bad Electrical Connection, According To Tesla


Tesla Model S On Fire In France

Tesla Model S On Fire In France

Approximately one month ago, a test drive Tesla Model S caught fire in France. At the time, the cause was unknown, but now we’ve learned the probable reason why the Model S went up in flames.

According to Tesla, the likely cause is a bad electrical connection.

As Fox News reports:

“After a weeks-long investigation, Tesla’s communication manager in France, Charles Delaville, told Fox News that it has been determined that “the fire was caused by a bolted electrical connection that had been improperly tightened.”

“Usually, these electrical connections are installed by a robot, but for this car this connection was installed manually. There has never been a similar incident in another one of our cars,” Delaville said.”

Interestingly, Nicholas Cano, one of the guests who was along for the test ride with a Tesla representative when the vehicle went up in flames, says that Tesla never reached out to him to see if he was okay.

All three occupants safely exited the car prior to the blaze, but Cano was “shocked” that Tesla didn’t contact him to see if everything was okay. Instead, he says, Tesla contacted him a few days later to see if he’d like another test drive…

Source: Fox News

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Why shouldn’t he be ok if they all got out before the fire?
Case of egocentric view of the world or what?

What I’d like to know is WHY that connection was done manually. How often does this happen?

Tesla should ask the “Five Whys.” What is wrong with their process that allows unsafe cars to be manufacturered? Why is the process wrong? Etc. It may well be that the answer is ultimately, “because we want EVs to be adopted as fast as possible” or “a few accidents are unavoidable and we’re okay with that.”. However, given the hubris and lack of introspection I see at Tesla, it would be a useful exercise.

I think you should ask yourself 4E, why do you always pile on and slam Tesla in virtually every thread?

What is your agenda here because it is clear you have one?

Tesla owned up to the problem and every manufacturer has problems which sometimes even kills customers and far to often they try and cover them up and hide them like GM with their deadly ignition switches or VW with their emissions defeat scandal.

Might want to ask the major automakers the same question 10 times over. See my post below.

Four Electrics said:

“Tesla should ask the ‘Five Whys’.”

We should always ask the “Five Whys” when reading posts from “Four Electrics”:

1. Why does 4E slam Tesla in response to every single Tesla-related article posted to InsideEVs?

2. Why does 4E think a “short” investment in Tesla stock is a good bet… and how much money has he lost?

3. Why does 4E think anyone wouldn’t realize he has a financial motive for his constant fact-free Tesla bashing?

4. Why doesn’t 4E realize that his repetitive, fraudulent FUD posts only annoy readers, and convince nobody?

5. Why does 4E think anyone would believe he actually bought a Tesla car, despite slamming Tesla Motors on an almost daily basis?

I got a Jaguar XF 2012 brand new and after a week the transmission was burned because they forgot remove a seal they allows oil to going through the transmission, guess what Jaguar still in business and so will Tesla, at least they didn’t neglected a faulty start key which killed people knowingly.

“All three occupants safely exited the car prior to the blaze, but Cano was ‘shocked’ that Tesla didn’t contact him to see if everything was okay.”

Gosh yes, because as we all know, gasmobile makers and/or dealerships typically contact the owners of the gasmobiles involved in the approx. 152,300 per year car fires in the USA alone, to make sure everyone got out safely.

Wait, what? They don’t do that at all?

Well then, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Tesla doesn’t, either.

It happened during a test drive with Tesla’s representative present. How many of “your” fires even happened in cars with anyone in them? How many during test drives with a sales rep on board?

You’re comparison shows how incredibly fair-minded and objective you are. Unlike you, I’m not going to jump to conclusions about your investment or otherwise in Tesla, because there’s no way for me to know.

If there was a representative present…

…Presumably the rep asked them if they were okay immediately.

Why would they ask again?

I would suspect that if a Chevy Corvette on a test drive spontaneously combusted, it would be a huge news story. I am sure GM would call the person test driving and apologize. Your comparison is apples to oranges and does not apply here.

…Aside from a simple google search turning up dozens of results of ‘car catches fire test drive -tesla’?

So contrary to your assertion, it wouldn’t be national news.

Next time get the robot to tighten the nut!

My take away, too. The statement sends a “stupid human” message. If a connection was over-torqued, broke, arced and then started a fire, say that. The idea humans are inferior starts sounding like a message they are actually aiming for.

Let’s not forget that everything we have read here (aside from the alleged direct Tesla quote) are the words of the article writer ie a journalist. They are hardly renowned for their objectivity and attention to detail, so take everything this one (and any other for that matter) says with a pinch of salt!

(Yeah, I know ‘…but where’s the fun in that?’)

I hear that is standard policy for all major auto companies to call and apologize to people when their car catches on fire. In fact I assume each automaker has a Department of Fire Apologies where they sit and call people all day.

NFPA National Fire Protection Association: “On average, 17 automobile fires were reported per hour. These fires killed an average of four people every week. Mechanical or electrical failures or malfunctions were factors in roughly two-thirds of the automobile fires.”

To put it in even clearer perspective.

“According to the U.S Federal Highway Administration data, roughly 90 highway vehicle fires and 0.15 highway vehicle fire deaths were reported per billion miles driven.”

Last year Tesla vehicles passed the one billion miles traveled mark. The above stat is for only highway vehicle fires and doesn’t include fires while parked while pumping gas etc.

So if we exclude the handful of fires that happened with Teslas while sitting still and charging then you really only have less than 10 fires in well over 1 billion miles. Teslas are then about 10 times safer than traditional ICE vehicles to catch fire on the road.

Also there have been 0 deaths attributed to fire in a Tesla.

Always room for improvement though.

The only stat that matters is how many cars catch fire while test driving that aren’t involved in an accident? That’s probably a pretty low number.

theflew you missed “while driving down a country road during August in France.”, “with a couple and a company representative in the car.” and “blue sedans with all wheel drive.” That should make it an even lower number… who cares if it has no merit. The point is, only Tesla has had a fire like that. Such an irresponsible company, allowing test drives during August in France. I don’t understand how some people spew such rubbish.

Ha you beat me to it! The infinite unique subset of circumstances.

Really? Because a simple google search turns up others.

I mean, you did that before asserting there were no other fires, right?

Not when there are 17 car fires an hour nationwide on the highways. 30 an hour for mobile and stationary cars. I bet it happens but we don’t hear about it because it’s not a new fangled electric car. It’s just not news. Cars catch on fire all the time. My uncle in law recently had his new Camaro catch fire at a pump when his finger caused a spark when he accidentally touched the metal on the pump (no he doesn’t and has never smoked) He ran into the station and grabbed an extinguisher behind the counter and put it out. Burned the paint on the back but everything was ok. Point is, it’s pretty damn common enough that no one pays attention to car fires even ones that would happen with a test drive car with only 2-3K miles on it. And why does the circumstance of how it was driving matter? If a car caught on fire as it was driving in a parade would we say “yeah but how many cars catch on fire driving in a parade? Must be something dangerous about that car.” Or if a car caught on fire after you just got… Read more »

You can’t compare ICE car fires that include cars for several decades to a brand new not even purchased vehicle. It’s an apples to orange comparison.

Another cherry-picked, nonsensical statement by a serial Tesla-hater.

When the source is Fox News, describing the resulting article as ‘biased’ is pretty much redundant.

They could have told us a whole lot more, and a whole lot differently…if they wanted to present Tesla vehicles in a more objective fashion. I make it a point to NEVER follow the link on an article that tells me it’s from Fox News. I view all text from them as propaganda.

“All three occupants safely exited the car prior to the blaze, but Cano was “shocked” that Tesla didn’t contact him to see if everything was okay.”

This can’t be true. I do not believe any french gay would be so weak.

He wet his pant so he likes Tesla pay for his dry cleaning ?