Model 3 Uses 2170 Cell, Confirms Tesla – Puts End To 4416 Speculation

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t using some fancy new 4416 battery cell, as reports suggested.

Tesla Model 3

2170 Cells for the upcoming Tesla Model 3

Last evening, through its 2017 Second Quarter Update Letter, Tesla confirmed that the Model 3 used the 2170 cell that we’d been told would be employed in the car in the past. Tesla stated:

“Model 3 drive units as well as battery packs made with our proprietary 2170 form factor cells are being built on new lines at Gigafactory 1. We are now fine-tuning these manufacturing lines to significantly increase the production rate.”

That rules out the larger format 4416 cell for now, but the automaker could employ the more sizeable cell in future iterations of the Model S or X, as suggested in the past. Though Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied this by stating:

“No plans to change cell form factor for X and S.” 

Tesla commenced production of 2170 cells for the Model 3 more than one month ago and it began production of those same cells for its Powerpack and Powerwall units in early 2017.

Eventually one has to assume that all Tesla products will make use of the same cell format to ease production and increase profit. Perhaps that won’t happen until the changeover to the next cell type, maybe the previously reported 4416 cell?

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11 Comments on "Model 3 Uses 2170 Cell, Confirms Tesla – Puts End To 4416 Speculation"

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nice, create speculation 1 article, deny self created speculation 1 more article…

BTW in TMC some members think 4416 is number of cells in big pack, which actually makes sense 96s46p == 4416

So 96S = 96 x (3.7V?) = 355.2V.

Estimating per cell @ 4.5 Ah x 46 cells = 207 Ah.
207 Ah x 355.2V = 73,526.4 Wh (73.5 kWh).

So each Cell should be about 4.5-4.6 Ah, per Elon stating that 75 kWh was biggest Battery they could fit in the Model 3.

Yes this seems to me as a corect approach. Samsung already quietly introduced INR21700-48G cells with 4750mAh rated capacity more than 6 months ago. So it is sure that LG Chem and Panasonic have similar cells already too.

So the best available energy density for this new cell format is about 700Wh/l and it is still little bit less than actual 18650 cells with about 760Wh/l. So this is the reason why to stay with 18650 for a little bit longer even if the cost of the battery pack will be significantly higher than with 21700.

Dumbest speculation EVER! Thanks for nothing Ben Sullins.

There was never a 4416 battery cell. Ben Sullins simply misunderstood (and didn’t question) his Tesla source’s message, which probably read: “model 3 will have 4166 cells” and Ben didn’t understand that the source was referring to the number of cells and not some totally improbable new form factor that doesn’t make any sense for a multitude of reasons.

His “source”. Has any speculation by that guy turned out to be true?

Confirmation of fake news.

Tesla are quickly getting big enough, that cell economies could be reached using more than one form factor. It depends, I guess. If “15 minute” charging shows up in demand, they may limit energy density in, say, the SUVs.

I’ll speculate Model 3 will take the Performance crown away from Model S. It’s only logical that the radically lighter car conversely becomes the easier target for higher energy density, and all the performance that brings (on more than moronic drag strips). The point is you can define purpose for different cells, before getting into the storage side.

“Eventually one has to assume that all Tesla products will make use of the same cell format to ease production.”

Cells, plural. Not type of a cell.

4416 would also have been a much smaller cell than the 2170.

This was always one of the strangest rumors ever.

If the rumor at least would have been a larger 44160(0) cell and for a semi-truck…

Smaller? No…much bigger. It was rumored to be 44mm x 160mm.