Model 3 Tracker Now Available For Reservation Holders – Loads Of Early Data


The Model 3 Tracker is available at for anyone holding a Model 3 reservation or anyone curious about the geographic mix of reservations or likely options people will order.

Tesla Model 3 Tracker - Letting You Know You Are Not Alone

Tesla Model3Tracker – Letting You Know You Are Not Alone

Currently there are 1,400+ reservations in the tracker. It will benefit everyone to see a higher percentage of reservation accounted for so we have a good representation of the eventual orders.

The Model 3 tracker was derived from the Model X tracker and will provide even more value as we get to the launch phase as users can enter more information as they are invited to order and configure their cars.

Reservation holders will see what options and geography are being built and also get an idea of their possible delivery dates.


Adding a Reservation. (“Add Data” Menu Option)

This is the section where reservation holder enter the information about their reservation. Key required information is their general location and reservation date. Optionally reservation holders can enter the options they are likely to order.


Want To Know What Your Fellow Reservist Is Looking For In The Model 3? Wonder No More! (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

Want To Know What Your Fellow Reservist Is Looking For In The Model 3? Wonder No More! (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

Options to add include the following:

  • Battery Size (Base/Large)
  • Supercharging
  • Drive (RWD/AWD)
  • Drivetrain (Standard/Performance/Ludicrous)
  • Wheel size
  • Sub Zero Package
  • Premium Package
  • Auto Pilot
  • Air Suspension
  • Sound System
  • Roof (Glass/Panoramic/Steel)
  • Towing

To see the data reservation holders have entered, most reports are on the Dashboard page

Graphic (below): Configuration Popularity – Very interesting in the interest in the estimated configurations so far: Range ability, Supercharging, AWD, AutoPilot Convenience Features and all glass roof is proving to be very popular.

Configuration Popularity Of The Tesla Model 3 To Date

Configuration Popularity Of The Tesla Model 3 To Date (click to enlarge)

Graphic (below): Leaderboard showing the top cities.   Toronto was a surprise being #2 with reservations

Model 3 "City Leaderboard" (via Model3tracker)

Model 3 “City Leaderboard” (via Model3tracker)

A list of the reservations can be seen from the “View Activity.  The data can also be downloaded to sort and filter in a spread sheet.

We hope to see many more reservation holders add their reservation.    The more reservations that are added and tracked the more the information will benefit everyone.

Editor’s Note:  Our thanks to Tony (who is co-admin at Model3Tracker) for helping to get the word out, and also to Paul Carter who did a great job developing the site!  Look for more Model 3 reservation stats in the future here at InsideEVs as the data pool becomes deeper and deeper!

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Seems to me folks are building cheaper model S editions.

That’s the general idea. 😉

Interesting: Houston (oil town) has more reservations than ultra-green Vancouver?

I am one of those. There are tons of Teslas in Houston. Remember there is almost 10 million people in the metro area and a disproportionate amount of engineers and medical people who drive a ton of miles.

In Houston’s defense, there is a ton of electricity business here too. ~20 GW of wind energy is managed from Houston, for example.

What is the estimated range of the larger battery and what’s the price of this option?

The answer is: “more” and “more”

Pleased to help you. 😀

The only thing they have admitted so far, as far as I know, is that the AWD option will be “less than $5k”. It is $5k for the S (which is pretty much moot since the only currently-available RWD option is the S70).

No sure for any options other than *not* getting towing package and subzero. Possibly will skip all glass roof too.

Wonder how much the current preferred options trend will stay the same once the exact details and costs for each are known.

We’ll definitely know once people actually get to order their cars and then update their profiles accordingly.

Thanks for the info. Added my reservations to the list.

There have to be more than 6 people in Santa Monica that reserved a Model 3…

The more people who add their reservation info to the Tracker Site, the more useful the information is, that can be gleened from it.

Also, reservation holders aren’t the only ones looking at this site! Send a message to the Legacy Automakers, Corrupt Politicians and Fossil Fuel Industry– that you voted with your wallet for a better future.

Look at all those reservations in Germany! Mercedes, BMW, and Audi have to be a bit worried.

That Supercharging option interest should smack some reality in the GM Bolt designers. The need to increase their DC charging speed and build a charging network.

I have been stunned by GM’s incompetence in seeing and addressing this issue.

GM doesn’t subscribe to the same commitment to supporting their products like Tesla does.
Their argument is they don’t current run gas stations now do they?

BK is in their future again.

There are plenty of gas station out there already. But not enough charger stations and a competitor has a great nationwide network.

They just don’t get it. They could have licensed Supercharger access (which would greatly improve the Bolt) or they could have at least created a program to install sorely needed CCS chargers along major freeways. But they are doing NOTHING. Utter fail!

Yep – legacy thinking all the way…

I don’t see why Toronto being #2 is a surprise. As of this writing (and after I added my reservation), Toronto is tied with LA at #1 (23 reservations each). I actually would be surprised if Toronto does not stay at #1.

Keep in mind Toronto is a large city coupled with one of the most generous electric car rebates around: $14,000 + $500 for charger + $500 installation (all rebates CAD$)

I’m surprised at Orlando. Florida has no incentives for EVs. Can’t have tax credits if the state doesn’t have income tax. Of course they can give us 2-5 years of free driving on the toll roads…. We need a better Governor.

In fact, it looks like all of Florida is blued out.

Yeah, you got the governor who had the unofficial ban on using the phrases ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’.

Even worse . . . he was a major executive for the company that committed the worst CRIMINAL medicare fraud. This is Florida . . . home of zillions of medicare recipients. I’ll never understand that.

There is a lot of money near the major cities, and they would still get the Federal credit off of their Federal income tax.

But some of that would be eaten up by the, what, 7% or more State sales tax?

Done! Added my data and guestimates on what I’d order. I left the battery, performance, wheel options, air suspension and premium package as “undecided”. A lot will depend on the value – price vs. what is included.

Obviously, if you want the performance package, then you’ll need the larger battery (and probably AWD, as well), so that’s going to be a pricey, but probably very cool, configuration.

I definitely went for AWD, since there is more control, it is more efficient (particularly on the highway), and since they already said that it would be “less than $5k”.

It is a pretty cool website – I really like the polling on the options, in addition to the global distribution map.

The graphic just shows how incomplete the data is for now.

For Mexico they show (a?) reservation for Baja California South,the poorest Mexican State outside of the Mexican Deep South, but no reservations for the three wealthiest areas Mexico City(where there is a mobile pop up store),Guadalajara Jalisco and Monterrey Nuevo Leon.

How do you see total number and most popular city. You didn’t count all of them right?