Elon Musk Says Model 3 Reservations Can Be Extended If Desired Options Aren’t Available At Launch


Tesla Model 3

Fear not, option seekers. You won’t have to forfeit your Tesla Model 3 reservation if particular desired options aren’t available at launch.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Model 3 reservation holders will be able to extend their reservations if certain desired options aren’t available at launch.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, you’ll be able to extend a Model 3 reservation to wait for the arrival of certain options of packages you’d like to equip your 3 with.

We do know that initial Model 3s will be very basic with just a few choices. Those choices will likely be limited to wheel selection and exterior color. It’s believed that the only interior to be offered at launch will be black.

It seems as though those seeking highly optioned 3s will have quite the wait ahead of them, but at least your reservation will not be lost.

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This is good news. I want the quickest model 3 available with the longest range. And my final mortgage payment is 3/2018 so I can wait for the options.

I did that about 5 years ago, and it feels great.

I want my Model 3 with everything but the kitchen sink. I probably will have to wait till this time next year holding on to my Tesla “I want it all” reservation.

I will buy the first Model 3 I can get my hands on & will buy a 2nd fully loaded one when that becomes available. My Model S70 is my favorite thing in the world 😀

So you’ll have 3 Teslas then. Real environmentally friendly.

really rich

The real question is how will Tesla preserve the reservation priority for people that have to wait for their desired options to show up? For example, if all wheel drive performance shows up in the configurator on January 1 2018 will it show up for everyone or will it show up in waves based on reservation priority?

This has me very concerned as I spent the night in front of a Tesla store to be the first in the store to make a reservation. I really don’t like the idea of fighting with the masses to configure my options in a few months.

Should be easy: Everybody can select configuration, but then the orders are prioritised sorted by the reservationnumber/date.
Of course you you should then have tho option to opt out/reconfigure, if you do not OK the waiting time.

Software algorithms, they’re not even that difficult.

I couldn’t wait. Had to get the NEXT BEST Think, the i3.
So, I want to hold my reservation till this lease runs out.

But, it’s actually a really nice car, so their’s only a few tears in my eyes.

Maybe my wife can use my reservation.
( She’ll probably want the Model Y though )

Just a reminder on what we know about the first configuration at launch. “Very Basic” is in terms of number of choices, not to be confused with lowest cost configuration.

From all the rumors and hints, it seems Tesla is offering three main packages of Model 3 – Standard, Premium, and Performance. Each of those packages will have options in the future (i.e. Premium AWD, Performance Ludicrous, Standard with Glass Roof, etc.)

Best guess is the first configuration that will be going to the Tesla/SpaceX employees is a RWD Premium, Black Leather Interior, Glass Roof, with a larger battery pack (74/75 kWh). The only choice is exterior color and 18″ or 19″ wheels. AutoPilot and Full Self Driving are only software and the hardware will be installed on every car.

The only big options we know a timeframe on are AWD (Q4,17/Q1,18) and Performance (Summer 18).

My guess is base model (no leather, metal roof, small battery) will start production around October.

Just my thoughts, but we will know much more in a month.

I was about to say the same. Limited choices does not equate to no features. It remains to be seen what this standard launch configuration will be.

There was mention that the bare bones model will end up as a loss per vehicle sold, but the anticipated $43k transaction price would be cash positive for them.

They may opt to add enough features and ask a price which is profitable. It would be a good strategy to appease investors and to stop the financial bleeding.

Blue, white interior, more battery, glass roof.


More cowbell?

I will start looking for alternatives if i have to wait even longer (Netherlands)

I’m on the West Coast, stood in line to get an early reservation. The initial package sounds like what I want, but if I take delivery this year I won’t qualify for the federal tax incentive. I may have to order a different interior color just to delay delivery to next year.

Why won’t you qualify for federal tax incentive?

This really shouldn’t be news, if you read the model 3 reservation agreement (does anyone actually read those?) it said that if you were not ready at the time they offer you to configure, you could defer up to a year without losing your reservation.

But, I guess it’s news because… Elon tweet.

Only up to a year? Why would Tesla put any time limit on this? I would think they would be happy for you to extend your interest-free $1000 loan to them as long as you like!

Color me confused.

If you were counting on getting the Federal Credit and you defer your reservation for any option, I would be surprised if you still got the credit since Tesla will very quickly surpass their 200k production limit by the time your ride shows up.

Yup. Wait a year, and you certainly won’t be getting the full $7500 credit. You might still qualify for 1/2 or 1/4 credit… I forget how quickly it runs out after the full credit expires.

That’s not true. They are only at about 130K cars sold in the US to date. The credit expires at the end of the second quarter following the 200,000th car sold. He likely won’t hit the 200K mark until toward the end of 2017 (assuming he can produce the Model 3 as fast as he says) which means there will be the full credit for two quarters following that point. If you take delivery by the end of May 2018, you’ll probably be fine on the full credit.

Well of course. Just like Model X reservations. You can always choose to put off converting your reservation to an order.

I suppose people who don’t obsessively follow news about Tesla (like I do) need to be told this, but for us fans it’s old hat.

I don’t know why the author assumes that customers that want highly optioned cars will have to wait. I expect the first cars will have all available options, like the first signature Model S did.

So it will be the people that want a $35k Model 3, or want features not available at launch, like AWD, that will have to wait.


I doubt Elon would get up on stage and announce a US$35k vehicle that is going to make a loss, no business is going to do that.
It depends on what Tesla want to achieve. If it is numbers of vehicles out the door then the basic model, with the basic battery makes sense. Use the minimal amount of your resources to build the maximum number of vehicles.

There’s no way I’ll extend. As long as I can get the bigger battery pack I’m good. Here in CA, a delay only means I may not get the $2500 state rebate, or that my car pushed into 2018 and Trump kills the federal credit. If I can get the car in 2017, I’ll take it.