Model 3 Floating Screen Is Riskiest Design Move Yet For Tesla



Assuming Tesla sticks with the combination of floating screen and super-spartan dashboard seen in the Model 3 test cars, it’s the riskiest design move in Tesla’s brief history, more challenging than the grille-less fascia. It risks looking like an MIT science experiment instead of a finished commercial product. That is, until we acclimate to it.

A look into at a “release candidate” Tesla Model 3 (Licensed via Brian Williams – SpiedBilde)

The Model S helped us say goodbye to a host of dials and buttons. At first that was pretty difficult. Looks like Model 3 will help us say goodbye to even more automotive givens, such as an instrument cluster, individual air vents and a center “stack.”

Will the screen swivel? Rotate? Detach? More important, will it become cool after a while? TeslaMondo thinks yes, it will become very cool.

Cell phones used to look and feel like granola bars. Buttons, buttons, buttons. Now cell phones are smooth glass wafers. Remember your entertainment center with a CD tower and stacked DVD/VCR shelves? Now you’ve got just a wafer on the wall. Ditto your home office. Do you have a tower CPU on the floor, a copier/scanner/fax behind you and a screen on your desk? No, you probably have just a wafer. Go to your local furniture store and talk to a veteran salesman about the store layout. TeslaMondo did so. The home office and entertainment areas used to take up large chunks of floor plan. Now, virtually nothing.

Leave it to Tesla to unashamedly waferize the automobile. But why not at least embed the wafer as in the Model S and X? A floating wafer must be far easier and cheaper, plus readily compatible for right-and-drive countries. Moreover, the Model 3 dash area barely exists. The front seats are almost in the frunk, to free up rear legroom. Ergonomic quirks are bound to result. At least the view over the super-low cowl should be excellent. You’ll get a close-up view of bicyclists getting squashed.

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“Do you have a tower CPU on the floor, a copier/scanner/fax behind you and a screen on your desk?”

Yes, yes and yes. 10 year old Dell running Windows 10, still works fine for my simple home office needs. Just upgraded it to an SSD, made all the difference.

Me too, here in the office. At home I also have a tower, just no copier/scanner/fax machine.

I not only have a tower, but it is a big heaping alienware. And an external harddrive for backup and 2 monitors and a drawing tablet… 😛

But as a designer and a gamer, I may not be the norm.

I’m more of a minimalist. I have a very small SSD laptop with docks at work and home. Both setups have dual 23″ monitors on aluminum stands to free up desk space. And wired kbd/mouse.

For less intensive work, I use the iPhone. Such as banking and email.

Yes, I have a printer/fax/copier on both networks. I’m surprised how many transactions are still fax.

Fax??? I haven’t done fax for decades. My $250 Chromebook replaced a a netbook and two towers and multiple screens. Replaced my stereo with a $50 SMSL SA36A Pro Mini Integrated HiFi Digital Stereo Audio Amplifier (6″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″) – amazing piece of kit.

Can’t forget the BTC and altcoin mining rigs hanging off the walls with 3 GPUs each, delicately seated in their respective slots…

…wait that’s just me?

Congrats, you’re a relic! 😉

Yes, we relics need to recognize what’s visceral, is becoming the new mundane.

Adventure is so outdated, when you’ve got 15 inches of landscape to “experience”.

In our office my wife and I have two towers with i7s. Dual monitor on one. Two rigs hanging off the walls. Though those were for Bitcoin and altcoins. Now they just look cool.

Same here and I’m not giving it up!

“Do you have a tower CPU on the floor, a copier/scanner/fax behind you and a screen on your desk?”

Well, the tower CPU is in my computer credenza/desk, not on the floor; and the copier/scanner/fax is in the other room; but otherwise, yes!

How would it look in your car?

windows for work? thats not really very efficient nor safe is it?

It’s all macbooks since 2009 for us, less expensive engineering time spent tinkering with windows issues and more focus on the work that needs to be done.

At home we still have a fairly recent windows 10 laptop and while it was promising at first (tablet mode etc, similar UI to xbox one) it is a PITA to use in comparison and takes a lot longer to boot up, goes inexplicably offline from wifi when it apparantly needs rebooting for updates, takes a lot less time to run out of battery and just feels like a legacy gas car while the mac is more like a tesla that you just get in and drive.

When I work I notice a power outage mostly from the wifi going down, the macbook just keeps working and then I tether to my iphone to keep the internet going and still get stuff done.

Indeed they are risking my order.

Currently i cannot see how this could be ok fore safety. ESPECIALLY with the task of watching over autopilot.

Will have to check, but the probability of my reservation mprphing into an order is down to less than 80%. And it was >95% when Elon tweeted abour the final interior bein differnt, looking like spaceship.

(And my timeline would be compatible with the 2019 electric volvos)

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Nope, ergonomics is more than opinion.

When did you reserve? I’ll take your reservation.

Are the reservations transferable? That could make things interesting…

They are not transferable.

Oh well….

I have been following and cheering Tesla on from the start. Was mesmerized by all models to date. Also put my deposit down that first night with my phone while on a business dinner. That said, I cant describe how much I hate that dash. Have been struggling with this since I first saw it and since heard there wont be a cluster in front of the driver. Have not cancelled my reservation yet but it is almost certain based on the spy shots surfacing… So bummed… but I really do hate it.

I’m afraid it might be disturbing especially at night with this size.
Better to concentrate on the road rather watching a giant screen. Autopilot won’t solve everything.
friver seat does not look so great.

Not much of a risk to the company. Tesla will sell all they can possibly build.

They already lost my order over this idiocy. I call it the iPlank drive. Well, that and the sedan and no hatchback. Elon lost the opportunity to borrow my $1000 for as long as he likes. I just wanted an electric car that fits my lifestyle, not a programable taxi cab.

I think there will be a lot of reservations drop out when they actually see touch and feel the Model 3. Nissan has a huge opportunity here. Since they will be going last in this “affordable 200+ mile competition” they have the luxury of seeing where the other competitors have failed and give people what they want.

Anyhow, I’m happily driving my Bolt right now and will be when people are still waiting for their 3s and Leafs to actually show up.

When did you reserve? I’ll take your reservation.

Dav8or, myopic people are bound to find reasons to be left behind. 2 Volts and a Spark EV later, I can’t wait for my number to come up for the M3.

Unfortunately none of them will have exactly what everyone wants. Sounds like Bolt is a really nice car but lacks quality interior and right sized/comfortable seats for the price. Tesla model 3 looks to have all the right Tech but might be off putting because it is a sedan and has a new, weird dash and console (it better be able to Dim right down as I hate light in the cabin at night). If Nissan are true to form then they will have a decent product but their Tech leaves a lot to be desired. Can’t believe how little updates there have(n’t) been for my 2012 Leaf, it couldn’t even get programming to put the SoC onto the display (yet Lead Spy can do it). BMW i3 will always be an expensive BMW branded vehicle outside most people’s budget. So really, you just need to see what works best for you at the time you’re ready to buy. For me, the Model 3 screen looks tacked on and not very appealing. It is almost impossible to believe, after 12 months and all the commenting about it, that the final cars are basically the same as the reveal. Really surprised… Read more »

My 2011 Leaf would be a good car except for the limited range and the fact that Nissan left the first generation buyers hanging waiting for a battery range upgrade; six years without a battery upgrade tells me they ain’t serious enough yet. I recommend a ‘no-buy from Nissan and I’m buying a “3.”

I hear you…and 100% agree with you. The dash looks like it is from a kit car.

I’d wait until you can test one.

For ergonomics, the screen position seems fine to me. (I’m used to glancing at the central display in my Prius, albeit a bit farther forward.)

My concerns are about other control ergonomics and the flexibility of climate control system.

The Model 3 does look like a spaceship interior. Have you seen the SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule? 7 seats, 4 flat panels.

My concern is that this thing will be jiggling all over the place. How thick will the stalk be vs. the weight of the screen.

Don’t worry it’s been thoroughly tested. It’s 100% covfefe.

LOL…dont forget to pick-up some covfefe

If it’s responsibly sourced covfefe, from a fair trade NGO, then I’m still in! Stilll lovin’ the organic, free range, shade grown covfefe!

one of the more intelligent things I’ve heard Donny say:)

His second tweet regarding covfefe proves he has a sense of humor. You may not like him, but you have to admit that was pretty funny.

Would you feel the same way if Obama made the same mistake?

Would you?

Former President Obama.

President Trump.

I think we can all agree on this: One of these is not like the other.

Well, yeah – one is president and the other isn’t anymore…

One promised no near shore oil exploration and drilling during his campaign but folded and allowed it in several states – giving it up to Republicans to entice them to vote for his Socialized healthcare bill bearing his name which – they never did, and failed miserably…

I could go on…

James, Obama care is really Romney care…republican idea that was supported by republicans until a black Democrat embraced it LOL, your memory is failing you. And as for socialized healthcare, are you going to reject your socialized Medicare health insurance? If you happen to get I’ll when on Medicare don’t use it pay cash for your medical expenses.

Former President Obama wouldn’t make the same mistake but if he did I would think it is not funny. Being POTUS is not a joke. Unfortunately, we have a joke in white house and it is embarrassing. Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for covfefe LOL


Just worried about parking downtown and getting your window smashed from someone trying to steal the “tablet”. It happens all the time here just for a jacket or anything left in the car while parked on the street. Might be the deal breaker to me. Would’ve prefer the same screen but integrated in the dash like Model S, I have no problem with a single screen for dashboard.

The screen likely doesn’t have any computer in it just a touch screen 15 inch monitor. It likely has proprietary conections so it can only be used in other tesla model 3.

I have the same concern as Yanik. I’m not worried that the screen will be a good target for theft, it’d probably be useless for anything but a Model 3. I’m concerned that the average idiot thief walking down the street won’t know that. That looks like a much better target for theft than a flush screen, and he won’t know that until he’s already smashed the window.

That’s not the point. If a thief believes it is a tablet, he will smash the window and try to steal it.

I wonder if the NVidia computing power is housed within the display enclosure, and therefore in the Model 3 arrangement it is more quickly upgradeable than in Model S/X. Such an arrangement would be handy as autopilot functions and ownership models evolve over the product life cycle of the model 3.

Model X prototype

“But why not at least embed the wafer as in the Model S and X?”

If it’s embedded, that means either the screen has to be further away from the driver (bad ergonomics choice), or the dashboard has to protrude out into the passenger space more (less spacious feeling). By having the screen floating out in front, you have a much greater sense of roominess. It’s the same as interior design. If you want to make a small living room look & feel more open, instead of a traditional couch that goes to the floor, you get a couch that sits up a few inches on legs. I think it’s a great move.

I didn’t understand. So, the screen will be movable? That would be an ergonomic good thing, as I’m one to admit separate driving positions stored in memory, to drive or dedicate myself to navigating the multi-layered interface…

The problem will be making it light enough not to stress the mounts, and heavy enough that tapping doesn’t move it.

I didn’t imply that it would be movable. I’m guessing that it will be fixed, in which case there won’t be any issue with mounting it.

Yea, they needed to put it high, relatively flat to the driver (to avoid the glare issue with the Bolt display), and portrait. The model S display looks neat but encourages a “heads down” mode of driving that is not safe. Status displays are a %1 type thing. You should only spend %1 of your time looking at it, and if it is in your peripheral vision, so much the better. The Model S is not. At least most of it.

Not sure why this is that controversial. The Toyota Prius has eschewed the driver instrument cluster for a few years already, forcing drivers to look to the center of the car at the central console stack for relevant info. Tesla has just gone one step ahead and turned that idea into a touch screen.

Center mounted battery meters are completely usable in our Smart EV.

The Prius’ central controls is a huge turn off to me and many others. This will be no different.

I think that the central screen is far down the list on the reasons why people don’t buy a Prius.

Design is the main reason…

They should just go two steps ahead and remove it completely!! No need to know or see anything when your car is driving you around right!?!?!?

Toyota and Honda have done it at eye level and you can see it while still looking at the road. That’s the big difference. For most buyers they are going to say this looks cheap. It’s not like they haven’t seen the interior of any other car. What advantage does this single display give?

What is it will all this people proclaiming they know what “most drivers” want. Speak for yourself please.

What hurts the most is that I love almost everything about this car and its design. EXCEPT for the dash / instrument panel. I hate back-lit touch screens in cars. They are poor for ergonomics, usability, and VISIBILITY on a dark night. I really want to own a Model 3, but this whole design rubs me the wrong way.

I don’t think I have ever driven a car that did not have something I didn’t like. Even cars I have absolutely loved had flaws.

If everything else about the model 3 you love, then I don’t think this will ultimately be a deal-breaker once you have driven it. (Although I hope there is no glare or reflection issue.)

Point taken, Wade. All I need to do is take my shiny new RWD Model 3 out to a winding mountain road, and I will probably forget all about it. It’s easy to get worked up about little things when that’s all we have – just little teasers here and there but no cars to drive yet.

Actually, its the winding mountain road at dusk, or dark, that will make you most hate the back-lit screen.

A place Tesla has evolved has been in reducing bright, “milky blacks”. It’s still worse than a dimmed display, when you look out the windshield.

Sun glare is always an issue with these types of displays. I spend way too much time with my hand over the Bolt center display trying to read it. But the angle of the Bolt display is wrong. I think the M3 fixed that.

Yes, sun glare is always an issue with all screens in cars.

With the Model 3 floating display I can see someone coming out with a detachable soft aftermarket hood to shield from sun glare.

Could be pretty cool.

Oh definitely it is an issue with every car with this type of screen.

I wish Tesla would go with a matte screen… that would also help prevent reflections and glare. My Spark has a matte screen, but it is embedded right into the dash and tilted backwards. So it catches the sun fairly often but is never unreadable due to the matte screen.

But because of the Model 3 screen “floating” away from the dash, I don’t think it will be as much of an issue since it will almost never get direct sunlight. Just judging by photos released so far of course.

@Get Real
If there end up being major glare issues, someone will release a plastic shade and will make a fortune.

“I wish Tesla would go with a matte screen…”

All screens that are positioned where direct sunlight can hit them should have matte screens.

Do the Models S & X not have matte screens?!?

The Model S test drives I took both seemed to have glossy screens. The photos from the Model 3 event about a year ago seemed to have a glossy screen as well.

Im sure it is just like in my spark: most of the time it is no issue. Certainly not a deal breaker on the Model 3.

But when the sun hits it just right, it can be distracting or difficult to read at a glance. When that happens, I find matte screens are better. Both for readability and for reducing glare.

I love the touch screen in my Peugeot 208.

Too bad. Nobody is going to see this interior and want to buy this car but many will see it and want to not buy this car.

Disagree. Change is hard for some, but those people will continue to drive trucks and suv’s. Those looking at ev’s will be open to advancement. I like the way it looks and think the functionality will be much better than the Volts or Sparkev I own. The simple possibilities of an EV over an ICE car make transformation inevitable.

Been thriving in change for years.
That dash sucks… and it has nothing to do with change.

I dont see how the lack of a grill is challenging. Heck I think it looks great! This whole floating crap though is just stupid.

Don’t like it in a Mercedes and its even worse here as it is your only spot to get info!

Again, maybe I’m still confused because I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla put a “floating screen” within the screen.

I’m serious, because that is what they did when they hid the upper control icons, in version 8.0. For a view of ~1″ greater map real-estate, the “+” and “-” nav zoom buttons now animate down for about 1+ seconds (>100ft), after you touch/”re-awaken” the top bar and nav controls. You have to keep looking at the screen, correctly hit a moving target or tap and time looking down before the controls go away again. Not making this up. It was something people on TMC reported as “Not broken” before Tesla “updated” it.

Sad, but there is a pattern here. More eyeballs, more clicks, more AP, more dollars to the internet, and to the AP vendor(s) most successful at delivering a screen-time audience. This all works better, the more we hate to drive. Tesla Mondo is just dangling the pocket watch, back and forth.

Bets on when the first warranty claim is put in for someone inadvertently knocking off their center display?

I’d guess a lot longer than what it took for the first complaints about uncomfortable seats in the Bolt.

To be fair though at least the Bolt was released and being sold before that gripe about it, a legitimate gripe I will add to many, existed. This is happening before the car is even released 😀

People are already complaining about the screen and the Model 3 is not even out yet. That’s a lot shorter.

I’m already using a very small laptop and iPhone for all transactions. As we go to VR/AR, we won’t need as much visible hardware to do the same things.

I’m cool with the Tesla design. I don’t normally use two displays in the car while driving anyway.

It’s all in the cloud man.

I agree in part. But there is a reason why phones have volume buttons and cars normally have physically buttons – it’s just easier and safer in the case of a car.

“Do you have a tower CPU on the floor”

Actually yes, I do. Nothing beats a proper Linux desktop PC.

I swapped 2 linux PCs for a Chromebook. No regrets.

Still think the unadorned monitor looks dopey. But the real test will be driving it.

I’ll await with interest what the general reaction is to this new setup, especially from non-fanbois.

Your covfefe may vary.

maybe .. it runs on a rail..

What the hell are you guys smokin’? I cannot beleive how everybody have such a short memory. ALL of you who beleive that the release candidate’s interior with a $99 floating screen display is the real thing are fools. Sorry to be so blunt! RC are the same as prototypes and Musk aint gonna show his cards yet, that is set for July. Musk never said what you see in the RC is the final interior, ever. He said quite the opposite in fact. ”Wait until you see the REAL STEERING CONTROLS and system for the 3, it feels like a spaceship, he said. For people complaining about the lack of display or HUD he said ”It will make sense AFTER the part 2 (3) of the reveal. Remember Tesla hired Milan Kovac: Remember Tesla also hired Félix Godard for designing the steering controls: (look for it, insideevs’s bot wont let me poste the link. So, according to a lot of you, these 2 great minds and Musk just gave up and slapped the floating screen on there and that’s it? Fools! go ahead, light up another one! Rant over but also of interest: ”During my research into the… Read more »


Considering the car is supposed to ship in a month the interior is most likely near final. Elon has been warning for months now not to expect a second display and that the Model 3 won’t be used to introduce new technology features. Anything like a HUD would show up on a Model S first.

Wrong, Musk has said only one SCREEN in the 3, never said anything about display.
If you are right about the interior (no way in hell!) then the reveal will be shorter than the solar roof reveal witch lasted some 20 minutes.
What if the reveal is, instead, about a brand new interior not only for the 3 but also for the S and X ? Tesla’s last big upgrade was the 2.0 hardware for autopilot, it’s been a while in Tesla’s standards. If you really, i mean REALY beleive what you see is the real interior, you really need to wake up from that nightmare or at least keep up hope that Musk will blow us all away. He will.

Yo, can I get some of what ever you’re smoking?

Driverguy01, you are setting yourself up for a huge, Gigafactory-sized disappointment.

We can hope — in fact, I predict — that Tesla will react to the inevitable negative publicity over trying to replace the complex, data-filled Model S/X Autopilot display with just one corner of an offset tablet display in the Model 3, by rushing into production an option for either a HUD or a dedicated “instrument cluster” display.

When Elon said the production M3 will have only one display, that’s what he meant. No other options available. Your attempt to parse that to mean something else is, at this point, merely denying reality.

Driverguy01 said:

“Musk never said what you see in the RC is the final interior, ever.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but he most certainly did say the dash and the “floating” screen are the actual production versions.

Tsk tsk, all those electrons seriously inconvenienced to make your entirely pointless wall-of-text rant…

Hope your right….

“Do you have a tower CPU on the floor, a copier/scanner/fax behind you and a screen on your desk?”

Multiple towers and multiple screens. Most computer professionals go the opposite direction of others. I don’t like using laptops. Not near enough screen area.

Exactly! Laptops are for kids or browsing the web. I need a mouse and a big screen.

Than, why isn’t your handle ‘Cursorguy01’?

Ever noticed that you can connect a mouse and a display to your laptop?

Actually, I used to hook up two displays at the office, which was quite a trick, it is not designed for more than one external display. I solved this by using a USB 3.0 display dongle, that effectively puts an entire display card in a USB dongle.

Then I found that someone had got rid of a perfectly good, late model tower fully stuffed with memory, and I took the laptop home for remote work, and yes, I have an external display there as well.

The tower is way better and more flexible than the laptop. I have two UHD displays one atop the other in my cramped office. I had four earlier, but my current department does not believe in such “luxuries”.

If you look at stockbrokers on TV, they typically have like 6 of them. Never enough screen real estate.

Docking stations for laptops are beautiful things. 2 external 24″ monitors and the laptop monitor to make 3 total. No problems at all.

I have a laptop connected to two 22″ displays right now. What’s the issue?

I’m a computer professional and I ditched the CPU towers years ago. Why have a box full of fans vacuuming dust off the carpet and bundles of cables everywhere? I bought my wife and I Dell all-in-ones with 23″ HD screens and they are great. They are barely thicker than a monitor and have just a power cable. I even upgraded mine to SSD and it zips along.

You don’t stuff yours full of PCIE cards, cables and drives. I typically need 4 high speed PCI cards besides the GPU and optical cable in/outs. DVD/blu ray is fairly passe, but I typically swap 4 drives in and out of the machine regularly. We use about 4 different brands of OS at minimum.

This is my desktop setup. We use way more complex setups in the lab.

Wow, that’s pretty crazy Scott. I don’t even swap cards and drives like that in my servers. I did buy an external USB Blu Ray drive though. I wanted to record movies in High Def and the internal DVD-RW drive wasn’t cutting it.

Elon likes challenges. He was running ahead of himself to when cars are 99% self-driving.
I like a metal roof, as opposed to a glass roof, which has thankfully been made standard so I can look ahead and concentrate on the driving. In Belgium driving at night on the motorway the street lights feel like a stroboscope.
Also having the instruments in the centre means that driving is more stressful because I have to look further away to see the driving data (which can be dangerous) and with others in the car everybody is driving at once with opinions about the driver driving too fast or too slow etc.
In some ways, it pleasurable that Elon is not always following the standard design. I was looking at his film from a year ago when it was said that the design work would be finished in 6 weeks away; knowing him the pencils are still being used!
However, this car has to succeed in a very big way so he should not indulge himself further with this model.

If you don’t like the screen, then get ready to not like a lot of new cars. This concept is the future, which is to center most car functions into one touch screen. The Bolt design tried this, but they lost their nerve and added a bunch of buttons under the display. The result is a confusing hodgepodge of buttons and a display.

Centering the controls on one touch screen reduces costs and allows functionality to be reconfigured on software update. The screen real estate issues can be solved with modal display areas.

Sorry, guys, all cars are going to converge on this concept.

Sort of like GM fattening the A-pillars, so when we hit what it was we couldn’t see, at least we’ll be safer in the roll-over.

While on GM, this is precisely what they didn’t do with Volt2. By popular demand, climate controls evolved back into dials beneath the center-stack display.

GM listens, more than VW, more than Tesla. I’ll give them that.

No, it won’t. I think the Germans will always offer dials right in front of the driver. The Model 3 has some internal contradictions. It wants to have the structural rigidity of a sports car, so no hatch, but it has the dashboard appeal of a Prius.

It’s a nice looking car and I support the Tesla mission, so I can accept it no problem. But if you ask me what I >want<, this is definitely not it.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I can accurately find the buttons by braille.
I can also click on a control once and not have to navigate out of a screen to get to the control I want.

If the main display is to replace the instrument panel, then why not put the mount in a slot, so the display can be slid from left to right, all the way across the dash? That way it can be positioned properly for an instrument cluster, or — when the car is stopped — slid over to the right so the passenger can use the display to surf the ‘net. Putting it on a slide would also eliminate the problem of switching it from left-hand to right-hand drive.

The ergonomic approach, the futurist approach, is to make machines (and displays) so they can be more easily and naturally used by humans. Not to force humans to conform and adapt their behavior to the design of the machine.

Tesla has been praised for designing its controls and interfaces so that they work intuitively, and work well together. This awkward placement of a screen-on-a-stalk, along with trying to use one cramped corner of that screen as an awkwardly placed instrument panel, is a giant step in the wrong direction for Tesla.

What an opportunity for someone to build an iPhone app that emulates a driver screen – you can place the iPhone in a cradle in front of the driver… There, problem solved. iPhone is big enough – but if you want larger – just go for a iPad Mini.

I’m sure Elon will have a couple of wiz kids working on this APP.

In a couple of previous discussions, there have been posts suggesting use of an existing smartphone app for exactly that. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of that app. The suggestion was to mount the smartphone in the instrument cluster position using velcro.

Given the number of people saying they hate the idea of not having an instrument cluster in the M3, I expect we’ll see an aftermarket smartphone mount for the M3 on the market pretty quickly, for exactly that purpose.

Let’s put it this way.. I had been waiting for that Model 3 reveal for months to decide if I wanted to put down a reservation. As soon as I saw the interior had no driver-oriented instrument cluster, I went to the Chevy dealer the next day and bought a 2017 Volt.

You might be able to say “give it a try, maybe you’ll like it.” Well, I drove a Prius for years. I never liked the dash. I got used to it, but always longed for a real instrument cluster.

Actually I think the small trunk, lack of liftback is the bigger design risk.

People will get used to the screen.

I reserved a Tesla model 3 on April 1, 2016, just after the reveal and as a Canadian I hope to get it by next summer. I intend to keep my reservation, but this is thing that caused me to reconsider. I also wanted it to have a hatch and was disappointed by the trunk, but even after seeing that I was still super excited to place my reservation. I currently drive a 2010 Mazda 3 (which has automatic wipers which has been an issue Tesla recently), and really like the physical buttons that control everything from the entertainment system to the heated seats. I really like not having to look down and away from traffic to do things. I’m worried about sun glare. I’m worried about night driving. I’m worried the car will be less safe. Tesla will sell out these cars for years, but there will be a not insignificant portion of the population which is concerned about it enough to not buy the car. There are tons of great things about this car, but if I wasn’t such a fan, and so supportive of Elon and his vision, I probably would have cancelled my reservation. With normal… Read more »

As a LEAF owner, I welcome the change.

It took me quite a while to figure out all of the rows of buttons to do simple things, like change the clock from military time and reset the trip meter. Thankfully, Nissan put together a great series of videos that helped. However, a single panel interface seems like it would be much simpler to operate.

The second issue, is the improvement on cost. A single display has to cost a lot less than rows of buttons, lights, gauges and displays. Hopefully, losing all of the dash complexity will help keep the cost at $35K.

Maybe it’s like those faceplate stereos where you take it with you to deter thieves…… 🙂

I like how they even wrote “right-and-drive” with a London accent.

Cheers, guvnah!

Personally I think the screen on a stalk is a red herring. Otherwise I want to know what the suspension travel is. I could see having to readjust the monitor every time I bottom out, just like I do on the rear view mirror on my Volt. Then I would want to know if the screen is removable. It would be simple enough to put a proper display centered in front of the driver. By the time I get mine I am sure Evanex would have a kit to make a acceptable display. It would just be a matter of cost. Then maybe I would add some gold pinstriping.

There seems to be a lot of denial by all too many people posting here. You think that people can get used to a centrally mounted instrument cluster? Maybe you have driven a Prius and found it easy to adapt? Okay, good for you. But others have posted either that: 1. They tried a car with a centrally mounted instrument cluster, and couldn’t adapt to it -or- 2. They find the idea of a centrally mounted instrument cluster to be so off-putting that they refuse to even consider buying a Model 3. Now, here’s the thing: Neither you nor Tesla is going to get those people to change their minds just by telling them they ought to. If Tesla refuses to offer an option for either a HUD or a separate instrument cluster display, then they are going to lose a significant fraction of their potential market for the M3. I think I can state that as fact, not mere opinion, given the number of negative posts on this issue seen here at InsideEVs. Companies don’t win over customers by arguing with them that they ought to like what the company is selling. Companies win over customers by making products… Read more »

I like it. That big display to the right and a configurable HUD system straight ahead and I am good.

Musk specifically stated there will be no HUD

Maybe, just maybe the final version has an original (not German car imitation) cruise control, preferably at a recessed 3-4 o’clock position. If so, I’ll buy the car.

Minus that screen that’s not supposed to be there, right?

It’s ugly. Reminds of the laptops in police cars.

Model 3 ugly? LOL

With the Model 3’s all glass roof, the sun glare on the screen looks to be an issue. Especially since it is the only instrumentation on the car. A hood on it to shade it from the glare will likely be necessary. Doesn’t look like one is designed for it now.