Mobileye To Provide Autonomous Vehicle Technology For Lucid EVs


Lucid Motors has announced a collaboration on autonomous driving tech with Mobileye N.V.

Lucid Air to feature Mobileye tech

Lucid Air to feature Mobileye tech

Lucid intends to equip its 1,000+ hp, 400 mile all-electric Air luxury supercar cars with a complete sensor suite for full autonomous driving from day one, including cameras, radar and lidar sensors.

For its part, the Israeli autonomous tech company will be responsible for the data processing to make autonomous driving in the Lucid possible.

Apparently, a dual set of Mobileye EyeQ4 system-on-chips should do the job.

“Mobileye was chosen to provide the primary compute platform, full 8-camera surround view processing, sensor fusion software, Road Experience Management (REM™) crowd-based localization capability, and reinforcement learning algorithms for Driving Policy.  These technologies will enable a full Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) suite at launch, and then enable a logical and safe transition to autonomous driving functionality through over-the-air software updates.

Lucid Air revealed in December (0-60 mph claimed in ~2.5 seconds)

Lucid Air revealed in December (0-60 mph claimed in ~2.5 seconds)

Mobileye is expected to provide a dual set of EyeQ®4 system-on-chips.  The chipset will process a full 8-camera surround view system, providing full 360-degree visual perception.  Consistent with other Mobileye programs, the camera set includes a forward-facing trifocal-lensed camera and an additional five cameras surrounding the vehicle.

In addition, Mobileye will offer sensor fusion software that incorporates data from radar and lidar sensors, along with the camera set, in order to build the critical environmental model necessary to facilitate autonomous driving.

To complete and strengthen the environmental model, Mobileye’s REM™ system is intended to provide the vehicle with highly accurate localization capability.  Lucid vehicles will benefit from the near real-time updating of the collaborative, dynamic global Roadbook™ high-definition mapping system.  Data generated from Lucid vehicles can be used to enhance the autonomous driving software and will also contribute to the aggregation of Mobileye’s Global Roadbook™.”

Lucid Motors Air - Arrives in 2018 (we hope)

Lucid Motors Air – Arrives in 2018 (we hope)

Peter Rawlinson, CTO of Lucid said:

“Mobileye’s suite of automated driving technologies represent key elements in the development of automated driving systems in the Lucid Air. Lucid is striving to take a leading position in safety and intuitive usability. We look forward to working with Mobileye on important aspects of achieving these goals.”

Professor Amnon Shashua, Chairman and CTO of Mobileye said:

“We are looking forward to bringing our full suite of product offerings to enable ADAS and eventually Autonomous Driving on Lucid Motors vehicles. The choice of Mobileye is further evidence of the unique capabilities and value we can add to a variety of automaker customers, both established and emerging.”

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Okay. Lucid didn’t learn from Tesla’s experience of working with them…

… as didn’t BMW, Subaru, Volvo, GM, Opel, and other automakers who have used and continue using Mobileye systems. Do we really know why Tesla discontinued its relationship with Mobileye? Maybe Mobileye and Tesla disagreed about the current capabilities of autonomous driving technologies with Tesla being more aggressive than Mobileye was comfortable with.

“Do we really know why Tesla discontinued it’s relationship with Mobileye?”

God yes, we most certainly do:

The fact that most of the legacy automakers aren’t interested in custom chip dev, is of no surprise. It also makes them less technologically innovative and puts them under their supplier’s thumb. Which is exactly what Mobileye wants.

Tesla most likely will NOT do in house chip development, NVidea has cores for graphics and worked with LOTS of designers on theirs.

You do know more people have died from self-driving technology at the hands of Tesla, right? Wasn’t Mobileyes fault. Just like all faults with the ridiculous falcon wing doors aren’t due to supplier design deficiencies. Just another perspective that can’t be disregarded.

One guy willfully ignores usage guidelines, system warnings, and dies as a direct result of his choices. True.

But the same technology is still actively saving many many more people (including property), so you’re intentionally being an Agnotologist.

Statements created to spread ignorance and influence the weak-minded, are an exercise in Agnotology. It’s a fancy way of saying, stop being a FUDster.