MKBHD Releases Tesla Factory Tour With Musk


The big moment is now right around the corner here.

MKBHD, AKA Marques Brownlee, of YouTube fame has just released video from his Tesla factory tour. This tour took place following the interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It was during that interview when Musk revealed potential plans for a future $25,000 Tesla.

Earlier, the tech reviewer released an initial teaser and yes, we were as geeked as you might have been:

Tours of the factory aren’t rare, but allowing such a high-profile figure in to film inside is extremely uncommon. Brownlee and Musk spend their time on the line where the Model S and  Model X are constructed and talk a lot about the robots — how they work together with humans or on their own.

At one point, Musk confronts one of the robots and dares it to run him over. Apparently, the revolution is not quite ready to begin, as the robot backs down within inches of its human master. Whew!

We have seen some footage of the Fremont facility in the past, but this time, we really get a good sense of the assembly process. We see workers doing their jobs in a completely unscripted way. It’s really an informative watch.

Along the way, we also learn that Tesla may, in the future, offer a matte finish on its vehicles. Musk points out that paint repairs to this type of finish is difficult to repair if the car gets a slight ding. He also lets slip that the factory’s paint shop is pretty much running at full capacity right now, so adding more complexity wouldn’t be a wise thing. Still, he leaves those of us who like a nice matte paint with hope it will be a future option.

If you’re interested in what went on behind the scenes to prepare and carry out the interview video and the tour footage, we’ve got that bonus video waiting for you below. Enjoy!

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Sorry, but this does not look like the machine that builds the machine to me. I hope these are images from another department.

Considering its a tour of the S/X GA line, then you’re right in that its not the machine that builds the machine.

Ya, that factory looks pretty cluttered in some areas, other areas lots of wasted space.

Just how many factories are you familiar with? – Because I’ve seen alot worse (hot glass manufacturing), and I’ve seen a lot cleaner (LCD clean room manufacturing), so it’s sort of relative..

Pretty familiar having been through GM and Toyota Factories.

Because you worked in the industry and are now carrying their water for them online in a pathetic and desperate attempt to stop or slow Tesla grom leapfrogging them.


Wow, really?

This factory doesn’t look special at all. I have been to Toyota and Honda factories 10+ years ago that were cleaner and more advanced back then.

David H said: “…this does not look like the machine that builds the machine to me…”

Correct… the video is a car production line… and not the production line that builds the machines on that production line.

Here is clarification:

“Tesla: Building the Machine that Builds the Machine”
source: (Harvard Business School)

+1 – Thx for the link!

Another Euro point of view

Very interesting to see a modern car factory functioning. I don’t think there are that many videos like this. Thanks.

Good Robots, making a large battery pack installation look effortless!

“high profile figure”

Please don’t make me laugh. Never heard of him.

He’s got 3M subscribers on yt and makes $2,000 to $10,000 per video upload, enough to be able to easily afford a roadster deposit.

Sure would be an interesting study to see the whole line start to finish with how long each area requires, etc., but this is a really nice 13 mins of overview with some close up looks. I enjoyed it.

Dang, the tour allowed people to cross the yellow line. Big no-no in all factories. Then again, it’s the CEO giving the tour, so I guess anything goes. 🙂

Nice and thank you, MKBHD.

Wish there were more views of the assembly line, maybe even a bit of the Model 3 GA lines. A lot of camera views were of the 2 people talking.

Actually, in our plants, you can cross the yellow lines, that’s just the line of demarcation, where PPE is required, or where forks trucks are not allowed to exit. So it depends on the factory. It’s not the same as a yellow line on the edge of a subway platform.

That said, I also appreciate the video, it’s nice to see the inside of a TSLA plan, and compare it to my own experiences in manufacturing facilities.

So much for the line moving so fast we have to worry about aerodynamic drag… haha! I think that was the quote in the earlier earnings call… < 1 MPH, not too much aerodynamic drag.

Yea, they really did get carried away with the hyperbole – They did say the M3 line goes faster, and they are working to improve the rates. But yea, I just cringed when I initially heard the “concerns about aero drag”, getting way, way ahead of themselves.

But, to be fair, given the line rates for individual cells in the GF, and given the volume, that may actually be something they need to consider – Still, I would have never publicly “advertised” such a thing, but then again, there is a reason that I’m not Elon Musk..

That was an aspirational goal, for way down the road: around version three. (Whereas the Model3 line was seen as version 0.5.) Not sure whether they still aspire to that at some point, after encountering the automation difficulties with Model 3…

Also, I understood the air drag remark as being about the speed the robot arms should move at, not the speed of the cars going down the line. The aspirational goal for the line speed was five metres per second IIRC — i.e. about an order of magnitude faster than now.

Where’s the PPE? At least require earplugs.

They do have safety glasses on, and likely a bump cap.. – So there’s that.

Hats off to both Elon Musk & MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) for this interview.

Elon kept it real… not your typical ivory tower automotive CEO interview. Elon often gets flack for literally being on the Tesla front lines but personally as a Tesla owner it means a lot to me knowing the CEO of Tesla is higly passionate about the company and product it makes.

Marques handled the interview respectfully including preparing in advance in a manner as should be for such a high level interview. Marques already had respect which got him this interview in the first place and he bumped his credibility up another notch with this interview.