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This isn’t Marques Brownlee’s first time behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3, but it is his most comprehensive video review of the electric car thus far.

As we’ve come to expect from MKBHD, the video quality is absolutely superb, but let’s not overlook how comprehensive he is when reviewing a vehicle.

If you recall, Brownlee was among the first few people to ever post a video drive in a Model 3. However, that video was produced in a rush on Model 3 reveal night.

This new video is properly done and executed at a level only MKBHD is capable of.

MKBHD Gets Behind The Wheel Of The Tesla Model 3 For His Second Time

Video description:

Hands-on with the newest, least expensive Tesla electric car!

Auto Focus || Episode 1 || Tesla Model 3!

Let’s hope MKBHD’s new video series, titled Auto Focus, continues to present plug-in vehicles. His draw and following could surely boost the electric vehicle scene.

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Has anyone driving a Model 3 down a steep driveway yet and filmed it? I’d like to know what kind of clearance to expect, and any scraping.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’ve never mentioned this before but that’s one of the thing’s I worry about. I hate hitting the front on a curb or those parking blocks.

My Volt has a low hanging brush guard, that scrapes in a few places I drive. It’s not a big deal because it’s just flexible plastic. I’m worried I’ll do damage in a Model 3.

My model 3 has way more clearance than the ever scraping Volt

That is a beautiful car, I can see why people are excited about the Model 3.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It would look a hellofalot more sexy with Aero wheel covers.

Another Euro point of view

This review has the density of styrofoam.

SIGH** Another ________ point of view. Yeah it’s full of facts. But if you must….here’s a mace and some cat-o-nine tails. Have at it.

I’m personally a fan of the trebuchet loaded with a rotting livestock carcass

Oh c’mon, this review actually was pretty good. We got to hear what the interior noise is at 82 mph. Not bad at all. And yet another reviewer who would rather have the dedicated control stalk for autopilot. If enough reviewers join the Greek Chorus of complaints, can we possibly hope or imagine that Elon will realize the error of his ways and add controls back in for wipers and autopilot? Pretty please, Elon, with sugar on top . . . . we promise to continue to be amazed by your creation and not be bored. Just give us these two things back, if you’re listening.

But if you want to be annoyed by a video review, check out the crap posted by JR Garage, or the ne plus ultra of annoying tripe: Logan Paul Vlogging Again. Being forced to view that would qualify as medieval torture. You’ve been warned.

Separate autopilot stalk not needed. One tap down on right stalk for autopilot on. One tap up for off. Right stalk has no other function while moving.
Wipers are auto sensimg for rain or press emd of stalk and get quick wipe and screen auyomatically brings up wiper controls

Jim it’s one tap down for cruise control and two taps down for auto steer.
Bigger issue is the phone key and cases of the car simply not turning off and kicking after exit. Overall an amazing car equivalent to iPhone 1.

as you said autopilot cameras and sensors are on every Tesla. So buy NVDA stock and it pays for your new Tesla 3.