Mitsubishi XR-PHEV At 2014 LA Auto Show – Images

NOV 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 20

As the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is still not available in the US, and will not be in near future, the Japanese manufacturer took some time in LA to present the XR-PHEV concept, which should indicate the design trends for future Mitsubishi models.

However, already a year has passed since the XR-PHEV debuted for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013.

The four-seat XR-PHEV is equipped with a 1.1 -liter direct-injection turbocharged MIVEC engine delivering 100 kW of power and 120 kW electric motor powering the front wheels. The battery pack stores 14 kWh of energy.

Range in all-electric mode is up to 85 km (53 miles).

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

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nice concept but 14 kw is not much ,50km is too little ,22 kw plus motor and the buyers will line up.with the first 100 km a day electric .

Talk about blind spots! I find the trend of teeny window slat odd.

I like the front end. The back… Not so much.

That bother me, as well.

No side mirrors either. They might be planning on a camera system like GM and Tesla have demoed in the past.

My leaf looks a thousand times better than this concept!

They could easily make that vehicle a pure EV and get any range they want from it. They claim it’s hard or impossible or something. Pull up the evtv website and order up as many KW of batteries you want. Mount them in the vehicle; wire them up. Too easy.

Study this chart for a real long time and see what you can gleam from it:

A perfect car to transport any vampires you happen to know in the back seat, as they won’t be hit by any stray rays of sunshine.

A perfectly ludicrous design flaw in an otherwise fine car.

Mitsubishi is selling bucket loads of PHEVs with the 50km AER, which it has to comply with Chinese ZEV car regulations and to keep costs down.

They have a massive sales success on their hands with that format, so why would they change back to BEV which did not work so well for them in the iMiEV?

They are building what they can do at a profit, and what people want to buy in droves, awful cosmetic design aside.

The Outlander is a huge success because it is the first commercially available electrified SUV and also the only available AWD EV.
Both SUVs and AWDs are wildly popular.

the MiEV sold poorly because it is a weird looking micro car and it is RWD.
RWD is unpopular
micro cars are unpopular
ugly cars are unpopular.

There are two consistent complaints with the Outlander PHEV
1. Poor AER especially in winter
2. Price

A higher AER Outlander would sell well also. Look no further than the i3 which is also a RWD city car, that some find ugly, that sells well.

A winning combo is AWD, SUV or CUV, reasonable price, and not hideous

Who knows, they may offer a larger pack at least in the US, perhaps as an option.

What they are doing is working spectacularly well though, so they must be getting something right in spite of what critics think.

No, they will stay with what has worked so far in large part because there is just no competition.
All manufacturers except GM, Tesla and BMW have set their sites on the minimum they can get away with regarding PHEVs.
Thus every one of them releases a car or SUV with a battery pack that will achieve 50km.

Next year’s offerings are no different. Audi A3 e tron. Bmw x5. Porsche Cayenne. All 50km.

Thus Outlander will be 50km.

We’ll have to wait until Gen II SUV EVs and PHEVs come on the market before we’ll even get Volt like EARs
and Gen III before we get the holy grail , an 80-120 mole AER AWD SUV or CUV.

Im hoping GM or BMW will surprise.
for instance an AWD i3. or a GM SUV with Voltec.
But not holding my breath

the main criticism of the Outlander PHEV is that it’s not even for sale in the US.
Colossal mistake give that there currently is literally NO competition for that product.

The more they delay the more they lose their lead.

It shows breathtaking stupidity.

It actually shows that they can’t produce enough batteries yet, as they have repeatedly said and which a bigger battery pack would make worse.

Do try reading up a little before seeking to brand whole companies as stupid, because they are not doing things according to your wishes.

I didn’t brand the entire company as stupid. I labeled their decision to not sell this in the US as stupid.

I know all about the battery supply issue.
Mitsubishi itself did not blame battery supply as the primary reason it isn’t selling this in the US
Regulatory issues surrounding CARB was the primary reason

Not selling a car in the #1 market in the US is wise?

No doubt there were a variety of factors in play, and since neither of us know all of them although they have stated that they intend to do a complete relaunch in the States, and no doubt that will be spearheaded it hardly seems good judgement to call that:

‘It shows breathtaking stupidity.’

People can disagree with you on any number of issues without that in itself being conclusive proof of their stupidity.

something had clearly been lost in translation.
I have never called all of Mitsubishi stupid. I have stated only that their decision to delay sales of the Outlander PHEV until late 20015-20 is stupid.

I obviously understand that companies won’t always cater to my wishes and I don’t often call them stupid when they don’t follow my master plan.

You see this right here today.

I want longer range BEVS and PHEVS

All the manufacturers are shooting for 50 km AER. I wish they wouldn’t shoot so low. But I understand why they make the decision. I do not call their decision stupid even though I disagree with their decision.

Mitsubishi is a dying brand on the US. The US is a massively important auto market. Mitsubishi has a hit. They should sell it here ASAP before there is competition. They do not.
I call this DECISION (and only this particular DECISION) stupid.

Anyway, no reason to bicker over this. The Outlander will eventually get here. I acknowledge that others think it is a wise idea to delay the US launch until a better refresh occurs.


No worries.

My own feeling is that on this forum in general, and not by you in particular, manufacturers are not always given the credit for the work they do.

I have a particular soft spot for Mitsubishi, as they are rarely mentioned or credited for their leading role in the electrification of transport, mainly because the iMiEV did not go down well in the US.

No contest though that it would have been good if they had felt they could have brought the Outlander PHEV to the US already though!

Finally we are agreed! 🙂

It is hard to build and create.
it is enormously difficult to mass produce a product while keeping satisfactory quality.

I agree with you that there is roo much negative sentiment like “why dont they make a 7 passenger AWD SUV with 500 mile AER for $11,999???” Sometimes I do it!

You will find few people who talk about Mitsubishi’s electrification program more than me. And I agree they don’t get the credit they deserve.

BMW and the VW group are two other firms that don’t get the love they deserve.

It’s one of the things that is most frustrating to me. They do everything right, and then make what I consider to be an unforced error. And so I gripe.

I will tell you what though… I’ll explode in a neutron bomb of melodrama if they only release the PHEV in California. It is made for the frozen north!

They stuffed up the software a bit and Finnish drivers are griping like crazy as it cuts in the ICE automatically in the cold, I forget the details, but presumably they will sort it out by the time it gets to the US.

Mitsubishi have had their share of problems, from the iMiEV not selling as well as they had hoped, to the battery issues they had with the Outlander PHEV and their non-launch in the US, but they have plugged (geddit?) bravely on, so I hope they get their US dealerships sorted and launch successfully.

They have never been as poorly regarded here in the UK as they seem to have been in the US, so one can hope.

That’s what i want, another mattel model built full scale!!

I’ll get swamped by kids who want to know what transformer movie I’m in….

hey thar Mits, you guys spending too much time drinking vodka!!