Mitsubishi Unveils New Outlander PHEV

JUN 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 40

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

On June 18 in Japan Mitsubishi began sales of the new facelifted Outlander, unveiled back at the New York Auto Show.

At the same time, plug-in hybrid version was unveiled in Tokyo. In Japan, sales of the new Outlander PHEV will begin on July 9.

Design is similar to the conventional Outlander, adapting style from earlier concepts.

This is not the new generation, but rather a fresh-looking, improved version of the current Outlander PHEV.

“Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has given the front and rear designs of the Outlander PHEV and Outlander a facelift and in addition has made major improvements to the powertrain, body and chassis to deliver better quietness, acceleration, handling and stability, ride, and fuel economy.”

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Plug-In Car Sales in Japan – March 2015

Mitsubishi Plug-In Car Sales in Japan – March 2015

Price of this 5-seat SUV is in plug-in hybrid version is around 43% higher than ICE (compared on a trim-to-trim basis).

In Japan, Outlander PHEV starts at $29,300 (with tax, without incentive of over $2,300 ), while top trim costs $37,400.

“The manufacturer’s suggested sales price (including consumption tax) for the new Outlander PHEV and Outlander models will be from ¥3,596,400 to ¥4,590,000 and from ¥2,519,640 to ¥3,211,920 respectively.”

Very informative is the sales target of 1,000 Outlander PHEV a month in Japan.That’s 5 times more than 200 units for standard Outlander.

In other words, Mitsubishi expects over 83% sales for the PHEV version and less than 17% for ICE!

1,000 a month is also more than the average for the previous Outlander PHEV.

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is equipped with both AC and DC (CHadeMO) charging inlets, and 1500 W AC outlet. If the AC outlet is not powerful enough, in Japan you can always try to buy the CHAdeMO-V2H system to get a few kW.

We didn’t spot any major differences in the powertrain nor battery listed, although range went up so now you can go in all-electric mode one more block (0.6 km more to 60.8 km in JC08 test cycle).

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


I   Major Changes to Outlander and Outlander PHEV

1. Exterior design
  • Both models feature Mitsubishi Motors’ new “Dynamic Shield” front design concept. The black central section of the fascia, suggesting power and performance, is embraced by wrap-round bumper end styling to create a shape which gives expression in a dynamic and powerful way to the front end’s function of providing protection for both occupants and car.
  • The use of LED headlights, which also house LED front position lamps, and LED taillights generate a modern and advanced appearance.
  • The underside of the bumper is given skid plate styling, giving expression to the dynamism and stability associated with the SUV genre.
<Outlander PHEV>
  • Specifically-designed bumper extensions, side garnish and other decorative parts are keyed to the body color to create a high-quality, sporty and harmonious exterior design.
  • The Outlander PHEV also specifically-designed 18-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone machined and lustrous surface finish that add to the elegant yet sporty exterior (Factory option on the M trim level).
  • The Outlander PHEV is available in a range of seven body colors, including Ruby Black Pearl*1, which features ruby red specks that contrast a cool and subdued black to project a sense of dynamism, and the refined and composed Quartz Brown Metallic. These new colors join Black Mica, Titanium Red Metallic, Technical Silver Metallic, White Pearl*1 and Red Metallic.
  • A black finish to the underside of the bumpers, wheel arches and side garnish creates a two-tone effect which gives expression to the powerful exterior design associated with the SUV genre.
  • Outlander uses specifically-designed 18-inch alloy wheels that reflect power and sportiness with a two-tone machined and lustrous surface finish.
  • The Outlander is available in a range of seven body colors, including the new Quartz Brown Metallic. This joins White Pearl*1, Black Mica, Titanium Red Metallic, Cosmic Blue Mica, Red Metallic and Cool Silver Metallic.
*1: At an additional cost of ¥32,400 (consumption tax included)
2. Interior design
<Outlander PHEV>
The new-look Outlander PHEV features a premium interior design creating a high-quality and luxurious space.
  • As well as a new design and material for the seat upholstery, and in addition to the existing sporty black leather trim, Outlander PHEV is now available with new luxurious brown leather trim as standard on the G Premium Package (Factory option on G Navi Package and G Safety Package). The seats themselves use styled padding and trim lines which follow the shape of the occupant’s body to provide an outstanding fit. In addition, accent stitching is used both in the seats and door trim; the door trim inserts are now padded.
  • The Outlander PHEV uses a new four-spoke design steering wheel. The seamless fine quality leather cover gives a comfortable grip, while the silver steering wheel-mounted controls have a chrome finish.
  • The instrument cluster hood gets accent stitching, the newly-designed large center console uses a finish mirroring the elegance of Japanese black lacquer used in traditional Japanese craftwork, and black stream patterns as well as lustrous accents are used in the dashboard and door trim ornament panels.
The new-look Outlander features a high-quality and sporty interior design creating an elegant and composed interior space.
  • Fabric seats use a new cloth design and in addition the driver and passenger seat sides now use accent stitching and the firmness of the seat cushioning has been optimized.
  • The steering wheel uses a quality leather cover and the grip has been redesigned. The wheel boss features a chrome Mitsubishi Three Diamond logo in the center with piano black and chrome ornamentation below it.
  • The instrument cluster hood now features black accent stitching and on leather trim models the dashboard and door trim use an ebony wood grain-like effect ornamentation panels.
3. Improvements in handling, stability and ride
  • Body stiffness has been increased by reinforcing areas subject to inputs from the suspension.
  • Steering feel, response to and accuracy of steering inputs have been improved by increasing the stiffness of the suspension mounts and ensuring that suspension inputs are transmitted accurately to the body.
  • Driving feel quality, including the balance between road stability and ride, has been improved by using larger diameter shock absorbers at the rear.
4. Even quieter
  • Engine, tire and wind noise have been substantially reduced by making over 30 improvements, including the addition of extra sound absorbing and insulation material, anti-vibration material and dynamic dampers. Improving the noise insulation performance when moving or stationary has achieved a more comfortable cabin experience.
  • The door close sound has been improved by modifying the door sill structure. This improves the quality feel about the vehicle as well as a reassuring sense of toughness.
5. Better environmental performance
<Outlander PHEV>
  • Optimization of the plug-in hybrid EV system control and reduction in engine friction have improved fuel economy by 1.6 km/L to 20.2 km/L measured in the Japanese JC08 drive mode. In addition, improvements to electric motor efficiency have increased all-electric range by 0.6 km to 60.8 km, also based on JC08 mode.(Hybrid fuel economy and all-electric range for the G Premium Package are 20.2 km/L and 60.2 km respectively).
  • An all-new CVT transmission and optimization of the cooperative control system between engine and CVT have improved fuel economy by 0.8 km/L to 16.0 km/L in two-wheel drive models and by 0.2 km/L to 14.6 km/L in four-wheel drive models based on JC08 mode. This gives Outlander one of the best environmental performances in its class*2.
*2: Compared with other makes with the same engine displacement.
6. Other changes
<Outlander PHEV>
  • Acceleration and response from a full stop in urban environments as well as on the move has been improved after revising the plug-in hybrid EV and motor control systems.
  • All trim levels (except the M) come with an Unintentional Vehicle Move Off Control system available as a factory option. On both forward and reverse gears it operates to mitigate impact damage by controlling speed when the driver presses the accelerator by mistake and inadvertently moves off either forward or backward when there is another vehicle or obstacle in the way.
  • All trim levels (except the M) have available as a factory standard a Multi-around Monitor which assists the driver when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces by giving a bird’s eye view of the vehicle perimeter.
  • The G Premium Package top trim level is fitted with a 100V AC on-board socket as standard equipment which can be used to supply up to 1500W of electricity from the car’s drive battery to serve as a power source for electrical equipment when enjoying outdoor pursuits or for domestic appliances in an emergency (available as a factory option on other trim levels).
  • All trim levels come standard with a power adjust driver’s seat. Also standard on all trim levels (except the M) is a Steering Heater which warms up the steering wheel when temperatures are cold to make for more comfortable driving.
  • An all-new CVT and optimization of the cooperative control between engine and CVT have improved acceleration performance across the full rev range to deliver a more linear response as engine speed increases.
II. Sales Information
1. Targeted sales volume for FY2015 (Japan market)
1) Outlander PHEV:1,000 units/month
2) Outlander:200 units/month
2. Manufacturer’s suggested retail sales price
(consumption tax included, excluding recycling cost, insurance, and taxes other than consumption tax or registration cost):”
<Outlander PHEV>
Trim Level
Vehicle Price
(consumption tax incl.)
Eco-car Tax
(For reference)
Incentive for
Promotion of
Introduction of Clean
Energy Vehicles
Tax exempt
(100% tax reduction)
¥290,000 max.
G Safety Package
G Navi Package
G Premium Package
Trim Level
Vehicle Price
tax incl.)
Eco-car Tax
2.0L MIVEC SOHC 16-valve
inline 4-cylinder
with 6-speed
sport mode
Safety Package
2.4L MIVEC SOHC 16-valve
inline 4-cylinder
Safety Package
Navi Package


AC & DC charging:

1500 W power outlet:

V2H capability:

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Those wheels are not helping at all.
what is with these wheel designs lately?

Everyone seems to be moving toward directional designs for wheels, I’m not really a fan either.
Personally I much prefer the spoking symetrical.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those wheels were optional.

Bring it, the sooner the better. White and black colors tend to downplay the hideous grill. They’ll sell everything they can deliver if it gets here soon.

What is JC08 cycle and how it compare to EPA?

It’s a Japanese rating scale. The Leaf has a 228 km JC08 EV range, compared to a 83 mile EPA range.

So the Outlander would have an EPA EV range in the low 20s, roughly.

Around 24-25 miles EPA. If Leaf J08 -> EPA is the Basis.

I worry about the price. A 50% premium is a lot to pay for a limited range hybrid. If the price stays reasonable they’ll have a hit. Otherwise maybe not so much.

Also a bit puzzled by the ad pictures. Is showing a happy couple filling up at a gas station conveying the benefits of a PHEV?

I thought they were at a charging station?

Obviously it’s a CHAdeMO charger.

Gotta love that CHAdeMO charger input… makes the battery that much more likely to get fully utilized. No wonder these things are selling like hotcakes in Japan and Europe. High fuel economy, useful design and great features. So. iMiev for local trips to grocery stores and this one for the highways! Looks sharp and modern.

I guess the model, photographer, and ad agency don’t know that when you charge an EV you don’t have to stand there and hold the cord like you when you fill up an ICE at the gas pump and have stand there and hold the hose. LOL!

The most exciting thing about the outlander phev is that most places that it is sold the price is the same or less than any other phev. If the choice is c-max energi or this I can make a rough geuss which way most people would go.

The US market is clearly the most competitive but I could imagine sub $40k which would IMO be a game changer.

Not the most exciting spec sheet in the world but certainly one of the most exciting cars to enter the market.

A CMax Energi with nav is now 34,000. IF they match that price or beat it they might have a winner.

The wait for this thing is over-the-top. Even one decent manufacturer builds a 25 mile PHEV CUV from S. Korea, USA, Germany or Japan and this thing sits on dealer floors collecting cobwebs.

Mitsu may not have the battery supplier relationship to provide the number of units sales in N. America will need, or perhaps they know it’s not refined enough for Americans to pay the high MSRP it naturally will sell for. In either case, they’ve piddled around, diddled with the technology, fiddled and farted…and now, a grille and taillight refresh – Big deal!

Seemingly, by the time this tub-o’-lard CUV arrives on our shores, there will be somebody that has a 3-row CUV with a plug to rival it. Watching this thing meander around world markets without coming to the world’s number one CUV market is painful.

Have you noticed how many EVs has been discontinued since last year?
The RAV4, the Prius plug-in, the Volt 1.0, the Fit, the Accord plug-in, and others…

Volt 1.0?

Are you being serious? You do know that Volt2.0 is out right?

It is like saying that 2015 LEAF is being discontinued as well…


As I said above it is all about the price, if this cost roughly the same as the volt it is really exciting, cost more than $50k it’s release into the us market with be a massive disappointment. Time will tell.

And that someone with the 3rd row will be the Volvo XC90 Plug-in – but for nearly $30k more than this will be.

Whatever they do they should not offer this vehicle in the U.S. market. There is not pent up demand for a plug in SUV or CUV here.

L 🙂 L

Thanks for the laugh Realdb2, that was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while!

Americans are CUV-crazy. The demand for one that doesn’t get horrible gas mileage is huge.

I am like a racehorse waiting for the gate to drop – ALL I want is a plug-in SUV or crossover. Sadly, I can choose from the Kia Soul or the Kia Soul – and sadly, it just doesn’t work for us… Please, please, would someone just bring it already?! We are not buying a new car even though we really want one because we can’t find anything with great gas mileage and keep thinking – “Just one more year, surely” I want to avoid the gas station forEVER.

Reverse psychology FTW! LOL.

I can’t believe GM pioneered the Volt but then dropped the ball by never making a CUV or SUV. Actually I can believe it.

The Outlander PHEV will come to the USA. But just like Tesla, Mitsubishi can only build between 50,000 to 60,000 cars per year at the moment. Both companies are selling all they can make and some countries are down the list. The current Outlander PHEV is always good for 50+km of electric only motoring. The USA should receive about 2,000 Outlander PHEV per month.

Realdb2, I believe you’re joking, because the Outlander PHEV will sell like hot cakes on a Sunday morning when they bring it to the US. I never fully understood why we Americans have such a fascination with these large SUVs, but we do.

It’s kind of fun listening to people debate the design of the Outlander PHEV. It is what it is. It’s like us discussing the design of semi tractor trailer rigs. Yes, semi trucks have improved in looks mostly due to their need to trim the barn door pushing through the air for efficiency, but the Outlander looks as it always has – a big, high, boring station wagon. I know – Americans really love big high station wagons. We used to call them SUVs. Today – due to a switch from truck chassis to unibodies, they’re now known as CUVs. No matter – Americans buy ’em like Germans buy beer and brats during Oktoberfest. Minivans would work much better for 80% of the families that buy CUVs, but that form of vehicle has gained a large stigma, where CUVs have that strange reputation of retaining “sportiness” due to all-wheel-drive. Tell that to the lemmings buying 2-wheel-drive versions to save cash! Wow! Like it or not, the CUV is here to stay, so we better make ones that go about their days more efficiently. It’s no news that Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and Cadillac love to paste sticker prices on them above… Read more »

Do the improved seats include adjustable lumbar support? I read a review of the regular Outlander that said it had no back support. Disappointing because the seats in my Leaf are what is making me want to move to an SUV with better back support.

You are right about being refined enough , it a question mark for us buyersthe strength of the Mitsubishi brand is not what it should be. And we know the asking price will be high

The car is so cool, i think when they bring it to US market battery production will run hot :-).
DAMN Mitsu, bring this car !!

I’m eager to lease one. Wife wants an SUV and this would be the most efficient one under $75k

It has been a tease for almost 5 years now..

Mitsubishi will just do what they did with iMiEV…

Finally wait until others are ready to compete and then brings the car just after others are about to launch their versions so it will be crushed in the market.

Stop teasing Mitsubishi! You better bring it out now or you will miss your chance again…

It’s out in Japan, Europe, and other countries. Mitsu said they’re bringing it to the states starting with the newly-facelifted version.

Just had a look online at the price of a leaf in japan, in 2013 it was about $30k if the outlander phev is starting at about $30k in Japan does that mean it could hit the us market at that sort of price?

I can’t believe it would but could you imagine the carnage if it did?

The Outlander PHEV is the #1 selling PHEV in Europe, and possibly the world… not sure how it compares to the Volt.

I wish it had an average all-electric range greater than an estimated 22-25 miles (on the EPA cycle), and I’m disappointed that this refresh didn’t include a larger battery pack.

But nonetheless, I’m sure that if Mitsubishi does finally start selling it in the USA, it will sell very well compared to most PEVs, at least over the next two year. After than, after EV makers start offering PEVs with significantly higher ranges, then hopefully sales of these low-mile electric range PEVs will wane.

Outlander 2.0 PHEV: DC charging: CHAdeMO
i3 + Rex + CCS
2016 Volt 2.0 DCFC, not yet… ;-(

The grill perimeter chrome appears black in some pix. Way better in black than chrome IMO. Maybe just lighting. Maybe different trim level.

There are VERY few products I’ve known about offered to the planet at large for 2-3 years and not in some form in the US. Mostly those have fallen to being toxic or hazardous.

I can appreciate Mits wanting to offer a great product, but let’s keep in mind they may well be missing the gold ring.
If this PHEV comes to market a few $k to the Tesla offering, I’m going Tesla.
Just saying, you snooze, you lose

Starting in April 2016, Tesla will offer no SUV/CUV for 40k$. The Model 3 should fall in the same price category, but it will be sold 1,5 years later.

The RAV4 and Fit weren’t “discontinued”. They were both limited production runs from the beginning. There were a fixed number of them that each manufacturer planned to build, and when they were done selling those units, the limited production run was done.

It is like when Jeep made a limited edition run of Tomb Raider wranglers. They didn’t “discontinue” it, the limited edition was over.

Mitsubishi, calling Mitsubishi….. Hello? I guess they’re both deaf and dumb. Dumb was proven with the marketing non-strategy of the i-MiEV (64,000 miles and counting on mine), and now they’re deaf to both current owners and those who want to be. Mitsu claims production constraints, but then shut down their (unionized) Normal, Illinois SUV factory. Do nothing or do something for the US market, but at least give us a clue as to why!