Mitsubishi Unveils Cargo Outlander PHEV

SEP 15 2014 BY MARK KANE 19

Outlander PHEV GX3h 4Work

Outlander PHEV GX3h 4Work

Mitsubishi Motors presented at the CENEX 2014 Low Carbon Vehicle Event in UK the new delivery version of Outlander PHEV, which was announced a few weeks ago.

Outlander PHEV GX3h 4Work could be an interesting proposition as, according to Mitsubishi, it will cost £23,373 ($38,000) after deducting the Government’s plug-in van grant and reclaiming the VAT.

Mike Thomas, General Manager of Product Planning for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, stated:

“The Outlander Gx3h 4Work represents a significant cost reduction for companies running fleets of vans and independent businesses that need a reliable all conditions, all weather work-horse.”

The main change is of course in the passenger compartment, which was turned from a 5-seater into a 2-seater with an enlarged trunk.

 Interior refinement – The Outlander GX3h 4Work has the driving environment of a high specification passenger vehicle, with dual zone climate control, keyless entry and operation, leather steering wheel, Bluetooth and quality audio.

Exterior style – The vehicle looks smart standing on 18” alloy wheels and is available in metallic, pearlescent and solid paint finishes.

Superior driving – Super all wheel control (S-AWC) delivers incredible traction and stability by automatically adjusting power output and braking. For improved traction on slippery services, four-wheel drive is available at the push of a button. Energy regeneration paddles allow selective recovery of energy from the motion of the vehicle to the battery.  Cruise control and speed limiter and rain sensitive wipers complete a formidable package.

For comparison, here is passenger version:

Passenger Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Passenger Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Passenger Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Passenger Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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Nice, you got more pictures?

I only saw the 2 images when I was looking. Think that’s it for now.

Small builders and so on should love them.
Tough enough for work, plush enough for the family.

It can’t hurt that you can run power tools from it without needing to carry a generator either.

I didn’t see any info about plugging in tools. Is that described in a different article?

Is it more than VIA’s 15kW?

Whew! That took a bit of tracking down!
I knew I had read it somewhere!

‘Aside from the usual going from Point A to B and rolling over small rodents, the Outlander PHEV also has additional uses. In the boot, which has no space for a spare tyre, you can find a 100 volt AC power supply plug. Fully charged and with the petrol engine recharging the battery, the SUV can produce up to 1,500 watts of 100 volt electricity to ordinary home appliances up to 10 days. It’s something you’d appreciate when out on a picnic or camping.’

Dead handy, especially for those living in areas prone to natural disasters.

Since the motor can be used to repower the battery, you can have 100watts of power as long as you have petrol, even after your battery would otherwise go flat.

Meh… 1.5kW, not much but better than nothing.

Pretty handy, I reckon.
You’d have to watch what you plugged in, but could run electric drills and so on.
Great for camping out too!

does not seem much different than a cargo mat on top of the folded down seats… maybe removing the sub and seat belts

1) I think it’s cheaper than the regular Outlander EV (don’t have to buy the seats)

2) the bed is FLAT. When you have an SUV and put the seats down there is a tiny angle. (you can see the angle in the pics above) this is important if you are hauling things.

I renovated a house using my SUV. You’d be surprised how irritating it is to slide drywall, plywood sheets, etc into and out of an SUV with the seats down.

Is it really £5,000 cheaper? It’s a huge discount!

In the UK we also have a system where work vehicles which you can also use for personal use are taxed as a percentage against your income.

This makes any PHEV much more economic than can be seen just by the sales price, as you pay less income tax than you would do if you drove an ICE.

“Energy regeneration paddles allow selective recovery of energy from the motion of the vehicle to the battery.”
So it has this in common with the Cadillac ELR.

Maybe they’d sell more if they offered it as a van for $38k?

Welcome to Land rover defender country, about the same price, about capable of doing the same job, very much more tax efficient but won’t take red diesel.

It will be interesting to see who, if any, buy it. Plenty of muddy fields in Britain plenty of work to be done in them. Do they have AC plugs in the back? Would be very useful if you van could double as your generator, all the hardware required for this is in the car, just depends if someone has thought a little further than the confines of the box.

doh, just read some of the other posts, so it looks like it has AC plugs but why 100 volts? I hope that it is 230V for the UK otherwise it is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

As for 1.5 kW I assume that is limited by the current (15 amps) so hopefully if they have upped the voltage for the UK it will be 3.5 kW which would replace the 2 kVA Honda gen set quite nicely. No more need for Jerry cans of petrol and an odd shaped generator that doesn’t really fit that neatly in the back with all the other tools.

Professional power tools in the UK have to be stepped down to 110v, so I would have thought that this would do, although I am not an electrician so can’t say for sure.

They haven’t designed this primarily to provide outdoor power, so it does not strike me as realistic to expect the meaty specs you are talking about.

Its a nice freebie, useful for occasional power, not a complete replacement for a portable generator.

i think think ac out is available for 240 v contries yet

You can probably find the UK specs on the Mitsubishi UK website.

I find it really irritating to use, so I can’t be bothered, but if you are up for the hassle it is likely there somewhere.

Might make a nice micro camper van with the flat floor.

And you can leave the air conditioner on all night if it’s hot outside.