Mitsubishi UK Notes Record Used Outlander PHEV Sales

MAR 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

The most popular plug-in electric vehicle sold in UK – the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, has now begun to drive up Mitsubishi’s used sales as older models are being turned back in to the automaker.

In January and February, more than 320 were sold (45% of all pre-owned Mitsubishi), increasing Mitsu’s used car sales by 43% year-over-year.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The latest offer from Japanese company is its “Approved Used Programme” and offers a 5.9% APR PCP* deal that allows drivers to own a previously-enjoyed 2016 Outlander PHEV GX4H for £299 (≈$364) per month, plus deposit and final payment

“Strong demand for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has seen Mitsubishi Motors in the UK notch up two consecutive months of record sales of pre-owned internal fleet vehicles.

Of the 717 pre-owned vehicles that Mitsubishi dealers have bought directly from the manufacturer’s UK division since the start of the year, nearly 45 per cent were the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, highlighting the unwavering popularity of the UK’s best-selling Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle.

Such is the demand for pre-owned examples of the versatile all-wheel drive SUV, that 2017 YTD sales figures of used internal fleet vehicles represent an increase of over 43 per cent compared to the same period in 2016.

In addition to more and more motorists appreciating the significant benefits of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the sales growth has been driven by Mitsubishi Motors in the UK’s focus on making its pre-owned vehicles even more appealing to retail customers, as well as the continued expansion of its dealer network.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi has recently introduced an enhanced, industry-leading Approved Used Programme and a strong 5.9% APR PCP* offer that allows drivers to own a pre-owned 2016 Outlander PHEV GX4H for £299 per month, plus deposit and final payment.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offers the best pure EV range of any of its direct competitors, has the lowest emissions of any all-wheel drive vehicle and remains amongst the lowest-emitting vehicles in the plug-in hybrid segment. It is also the only AWD vehicle to utilise electric power to drive both front and rear wheels for superior traction both on and off the road even in pure electric mode. It is also the only Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle to offer rapid charging (up to 80% in approximately 25 minutes) and five-mode adjustable regenerative braking, which is controlled via the steering wheel paddles to further enhance the driving experience.

*PCP finance offer is available until March 29 2017 at participating dealerships and is subject to eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. More details, including information on Mitsubishi Motors’ other finance offers, are available at”

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19 Comments on "Mitsubishi UK Notes Record Used Outlander PHEV Sales"

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No Outlander PHEV in the land of the SUV, but the first leases are ending in the UK.

You got to wonder about Mitsubishi Management.

Agree it is almost as crazy as GM not building a RHD Bolt.

What’s Mitsubishis’ reason for not bringing to US? Are they afraid it will sell too well?

At one point, there were logical, actual reasons for specific delays.

Now there isn’t even any point in attempting to look for logic or reason. That ship has sailed.

I can’t help but stick to my crazy conspiracy theory.

There is some conspiracy among the automakers not to bring PHEVs to the USA because all the automakers make such big profits on their ICE SUVs.

It’s just crazy. Especially when you realize that GM had a Saturn SUV PHEV ready to ship when they went bankrupt and closed down Saturn.

It is not crazy and nor is it a conspiracy theory. You have only to listen to what Marchione has (publicly, repeatedly and rather carelessly) said about the highly-regarded Fiat 500e to realise that mainstream auto-makers are still firmly entrenched in the idea of ‘business as usual’ and thus have absolutely no intrinsic desire, currently, to make and sell EVs. And why would they, as long as they continue to make adequate proffits from not doing so? They are, afterall, businesses, not eco-charities. So, either the car-buying public or legislation (or both) must force them to change.

BMW will happily sell you a PHEV X5 and sonn they will even sell you a X1 and X3 PHEV. Mercedes isn’t too proud of their GLE PHEV, but you can order it too. And it won’t take too long for the GLC PHEV to arrive, too.

Most family’s cannot afford a $60,000 X5 PHEV.

BMW currently does not have a PHEV X1 or X3 in their lineup.

My thought is that Mitsubishi didn’t release it in the USA because it meet criteria to get HOV lane access in California.

It moves quickly elsewhere so they weren’t in any rush.

Next year, next year, next year, next model.

This would have to be CEO bribery or extortion or both, by Big Oil. Because not increasing sales in the USA is a Strike against Shareholders of the Mitsu Corp.

That doesn’t make any sense at all. Are you saying that Mitsubishi intentionally holds the car back to allow their competitors to sell more cars? It can’t be that they are not making any money, they are selling them in the UK where there no CARB credits to be had. If they are not making enough profit they will just have to price them accordingly.

Mitsubishi introduced one of the earliest BEV’s available throughout much or maybe all of the U.S. It was 1 of only 2 BEV’s available in Honolulu when we bought our i-MiEV in 2012 if I recall correctly. If the i-MiEV is still available in the U.S., it is essentially unchanged since 2012 despite significant battery cell improvements being available. Mitsubishi has been struggling in the U.S. for years, and they seem able to sell all the Outlander PHEV’s that they can build in the rest of the world, so they have repeatedly postponed the U.S. introduction of the Outlander PHEV. I will be somewhat surprised if it is ever sold in the U.S., if the i-MiEV is updated, or if a new BEV is introduced in the U.S.

…and still no Mitsubishi PHEV for us Yanks. 😥

i would look at a Mitsubishi probably for the first time ever if they came to the us.

The Outlander PHEV is coming to America in June for sure!! Mitsu USA website says so… The wait is finally over & its one hell of a PHEV!!!!!!!!!!

The Outlander PHEV was announced to arrive at fall 2016 to the USA. It still isn’t, could not find more detailed info on an expected arrival for June 2017 .. ?

My guess is that Mitsu is getting out of the car business in the US. How else do you explain that a model with true demand is not available. A new model, especially one that is different form the current line-up, would be very expensive to support.

The fact that I havent seen a Trooper in the last 5 years makes it obvious that this aint happening in the US

For quite a while, the issue was simple: Mitsubishi could sell all they could make in Europe (battery production capacity constraint), so it was somewhat plausible not to invest in homologation, dealer training etc. (although that results in losing brand image for later on, as is happening here).

Now? No idea… Maybe they’re already focused on a successor vehicle (which has already been shown in concept form), so not worth it to sell in the US for just 1-2 years.

And I’m not familiar with a Mitsu vehicle called “Trooper”. Are you maybe thinking of the Isuzu Trooper (rebadged as many other vehicles)? It hasn’t been in production for well over a decade anywhere (although over here you can see well-used ones still going strong).

Battery constrained?
You mean, the battery maker is selling everything it can make, and therefore, has no plans for expansion, and more profit???

Funny how they do business in Japan.