Mitsubishi to Unveil 2 SUV PHEVs at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show


One of the three Mitsubishi concept cars for Tokyo Motor Show 2013

One of the three Mitsubishi concept cars for Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Mitsubishi Motors announced today that at the upcoming (late November) 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 it will unveil three world premier concepts.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, these concepts will incorporate a new design identity that symbolizes “the sense of security and functionality of an SUV, the three models highlight @earth TECHNOLOGY, MMC’s next-generation advanced technologies that embody the concepts of environmental responsibility, driving pleasure, and toughness & safety“.

What’s interesting to us is that two of these concepts are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi Concept Grand Cruiser (GC-PHEV):

“is a next-generation full-size SUV that uses a high output PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) system. The MITSUBISHI Concept GC-PHEV offers both dynamic drivability of an SUV and class-leading environmental performance. MMC’s S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) integrated vehicle dynamic control system delivers superior handling, stability as well as the all-terrain capability an SUV offers. The MITSUBISHI Concept GC-PHEV is a “connected car” that also offers next-generation preventive safety technology and driver support technology through wireless connectivity.”

Mitsubishi Concept X (cross) over Runner (XR-PHEV):

“is a next-generation compact SUV loaded with a lightweight and highly efficient PHEV system with dramatically enhanced environmental performance. The MITSUBISHI Concept XR-PHEV offers nimble drivability and a body style resembling a sport coupe.”

The third concept – Mitsubishi Concept Active Runabout (AR), which is “next-generation compact MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)” – will be burdened by its conventional ICE drivetrain and lack of a li-ion battery, so this one is a loser already.

The premier of two new SUV PHEVs indicates to us that Mitsubishi wants to build its future strategy on the Outlander PHEV’s success.

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full size SUV PHEV might sell well in the US. 😀


Mitsubishi may make a huge turnaround in the plug-in sector. The under-batteried kei-car will be replaced by PHEV SUVs that will likely get some traction in the USA and elsewhere.

Finally! Cant believe its taken them this long! I mean sure you have the Toyota Rav4EV but as far as I know its available in only 2 states – and not up here in CANADA.

Hopefully Mitsubishi goes full throttle on this one and dominates. Diamonds are forever.

We don’t need more SUV PHEV teasing, we need the product available for sale here in the US!!!!

PLEASE no more tiny clown cars. The Outlander PHEV is small enough!

First company that produces a FULL sized PHEV of the likes of a mini van or full sized pickup wins the world.

20-30 miles full EV and they will own the market(provided they can get enough batteries – eh?)

If toyota could lower the cost of the Highlander Hybrid and increase the EV mode, they would rule.

I have $30k set aside for buying a new PHEV.

Give me a Mits or (first come, first sold???)